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Battle For Azeroth

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Battle for Azeroth

Next World or Warcraft seventh expansion coming after the“Legion” this year. Newextensionwill bring many changes and will open the new side of the game for you. This extension consists of Warfronts,the Allied Races, Island Expeditions, andthe Heart of Azeroth and others. Maximum level in the Kul Tiras/Zandalar zone = 120.

The announced date of the release is 14.08.2018.Beta testing has already started on April.


The whole gaming system will has undergone significant changes.Do not miss your chance to become one of the first to see the Brave New World. Find out about new abilities and skills, locations, feel the changes of the gaming system yourself.

Developers surprised us this time, so there is a lot of rethinking innovative changes we got to get used to:

Many artifact traits disappeared, so are all artifact weapons;

Talent system for all classesupdated:

New Prestige/Honor talent UI calculation;

No more Instead of Strand/Ashran – Battleground Queueing instead;

Only Personal loot system;

New dimension of entangled and mysterious storylines, scenarios, quests.

The «BFA» pre-patch will last during 07.2018. What’s inside? Read our article to find out.

Allied Races

Different custom appearance and special sets of Heritage Armorinfor Allied races. Gain required achievements and reputation level requirementand unlock four Allied races: Void Elf, Nightborne, LightforgedDraenei, HighmountainTauren.

After the “BFA”, more Allied Races will come: Zandalari Trolls, Dark Iron Dwarf, Mag’har Orcs, Kul Tiran Human. You unlock Mag’har and Dark Irons first.

There are also some unexpected changes, in which there is an incredible attention to details: Dark Iron Shaman Anvil Totems, Kul Tiran Druid Bear Form, Dark Iron Face Tattoos…

Behold the formation of a powerful race of a new world, claiming for the title of the future of the Allied Races– the intensely customized Vulperas,an answer to Alliance’s High Elfs. Participate and see it all with your own eyes.

Class related Changes

Explore new artifact and Azerite traits, talents…

New formula for damage ability calculation, which takes the balance between Weapon

Druid Travel Form will now appear as splited spell book’s options, so you can use several forms together.

Damage/Attack Power into account.

If you are a Hunter, your pet will undergo specialization that provides equal damage but various skills.

Whole PvP system was deeply renewed, and now you only have one PvP talents set to choose from (instead of current three sets in a row).

Class Buffs return, and some classes will get Legendaries and Artifact Traits as a possible talent.

Ferals will enjoy the Bleeds and Poisons scaled with Haste.

A few classes now look a bit different:

Holy Paladin | Affliction & Destruction | Demonology | New Talents

GCD got many new skills (this choice was discussed at the Q&A on April).

Order Reputation boost services to unlock all new races right now! Here are other services available: «Battle for Azeroth» character leveling (110-120), Necklace Heart of Azeroth leveling, «Battle for Azeroth» Island Expeditions Boost and others.

Equipment Systems

Equipment system has undergone several updates, too:

A“stat squish” and an ilvl system update is coming.

On April’s O&A developers revealed:there is no more Azerite armor/Weapons Titanforging, but Weapons still can beWarforged (+5/10 iLvl).

Using the Azerite reinforcement, the Heart of Azerothcanreinforcesuppressedpowers of your equipment pieces’.

Personal loot system is the last remained to simplifyappearance farming.

Island Expeditions

A tremblingadventure for three gamers revealed in the “BFA”, unparalleled in the history of WOW. You must collect Azerite and follow the Island’s scenarios fighting Computer’s AI or other real gamers. Rewards you can get there will allow you to modify your class role. For example, you can turn into a healer-mage. The Island Expeditions become available after the “War Campaign” full completion. A great opportunity to level up.


Obviously strongly inspired with RTS games. Battle for the control over Stromgarde and expand the base of the fraction. One fraction claims victory weekly, and it’s followers can take special quests (away from this zone) and face unique World Bosses. Yu can conquerexclusiveAlliance/HordeArmor sets for as a reward.

Warfronts wasn’t universally available, was only opened for a short testing, but our team saw enough to create an observing guide, so you can get first-hand news.

New Zones overview + Maps

This time the ever-changing world brought two new two new continents: Kul Tiras and Zandalar, most favorable for Alliance’s maritime or Horde’s trolls empire evolving. We now have the initial general picture of the situation and environment on all these continents’ areas.

Zuldazar. Homeland of dinosaurs, pyramids stretching towards the sky, and a noisy harbor. There are a fewseveral city parts’ previews available: Zuldazar Harbor / Royal Chambers / Terrace of the Speakers / Zocalo / Terrace of the Chosen. There is also an official Blizzard’s preview.

Tiragarde Sound is a part of Kul Tiraswherethe biggest city Boralus is located.

Here,you willenjoy the stunning views, explore unknownfarmlands, Hunt Festival,Norwington Equestrian. Bolarus gets significant visual content updates constantly, day by day, and begins to look as an interesting place to live!

Drustvar, creepy woods, a homeland of witches the Drusts,ancient dark magic related race.

Nazmir, with colossal sinister Blood temple in the middle, surrounded by wild bushes and hiding a lot of wildlife, the homeland of the Blood trolls.

The tidesages, several priests, who reinforced the Kul Tiran navy, glorified the Stormsong Valley. The coast seems tranquill, but then the Horde attacks.

Vol’dun is empty, deserted homeland of the Sethrak and the Vulpera.

Few “Easter Eggs”explored onNazmir territory (even with an unexpectedreference to Stranger Things).

Expansion Folklore

BlizzCon revealedfront details about the upcoming expansion. The initial story is about the Horde destroying the World Tree with fire, and the Alliance regaining control over Lordaeron. The novel called “Before the Storm” tells us about how events developed until the Teldrassilfalls in a flame. Blizzard introduced the book’s artwork and few fans could familiarize with the Prologue.

In the very beginning, both fractions are weak and need support, exhausted of struggling. You have to go through a special scenario. If you are a follower of the Alliance, it will lead you to the Kul Tiras, and if you are from Horde, you will travel to the Stormwind Prison and rescue mighty Zandalari Trolls…

In accordance with book’s updated description, Anduin is facing the necessity of right decision with the Horde state. Other fractions take enormous risk of using Azerite for their own purposes, despite the danger. After the Teldrassilis burnt down, the line brings us to the Battle for Lordaeron. We are watching the struggle between the fractions evolving. Spectacular, shocking, fascinating. But there are still references to Old Gold, and Vol’jin’s storyline will keep going!

Participate in the Burning of Teldrassil and then Battle for Lordaeronin the 8.0 Pre-patch. Explore freshplots and new quests before others. Start now and be the one to get the TeldrassilHippogryph Mount as for your efforts.

Each fractions owns a continent to evolve separately.

Alliance followers, inhabitants of Kul Tiras,are still unaware of what they will find exploring dark magic-filled woods in Drustvar, the blessed but yet perverted insideStormsong Valley and Tiragarde with enemy’s raiders and the hidden world of political conspiracy,

Horde followers control theZandalar area, explore Zuldazar, the territory filled with the smog ofdipsy doodles andmachinations of mighty ones, and Vol’dun, where the Faithful Sethrak and the Vulperasunite their efforts to stop the resurgence of a C’thraxxi, and Blood Trolls rbitrariness must be stopped.

The life of two continents intertwines and has many references to each other. Fractions are shattering of exhaustion in need of support of the navy, facing the corrupted force, betrayals, and clashes for the power…

However, the most trembling story moments are:

The main strategic point, Bolarus, attacked;

Zandalarican’t become a Palladin;

After you complete the Zandalar questline, you will discover an extra scenario. Once you gain maximum Alliance reputation level, you can help to rescue Jaina.

We discover new details about Vol’jin, Garona, Lilian Voss, and the Falling of Teldrassil.

Evidences of Queen Azshara’smanipulatingZandalari found;

Quite possible that Zuldazarwill become 8.1 new raid.

In addition, gamers can participate in “the War Campaign”trying to conquer enemy’s continent. After you will complete it, two Allied races will unlock.


Some of TEN new dungeons reveal to one fraction only. Possible mounts for Mythic difficulty:

UnderrotCrawg Harness (Underrot)

Sharkbait’s Favorite Crackers (Freehold)

Mummified Raptor Skull (King’s Rest)

Mecha Mogul Mk2 (MOTHERLODE)

You can also pick up some Zandalari/Kul Tiran Troll culture stylized retro armour sets in dungeons.


This system has proved its effectiveness and popularity among gamers, despite the passage of time, so it’sexpanding.

On 25.03.2018, during the Q&A, it became clear: Tyrannical and Fortified are 2nd level additions now. There are allusion on the new MDI that can be seen in 2018, so it’s possible that «BFA» tournaments won’t make us wait too long.


Inside one of new raids, Uldir, there is the final boss inside, Blood God G’Huun. You can get the “Famed Slayer of G’huun” title as a reward of Hall of Fame. Please notice that traditional armour or weapon sets are no longer quoted in newexpansion.

Unfortunately, not every class gets special bonuses and themed sets, but all the armour is themed assuming the zone’s atmosphere.

Queen Azsharais forthcoming final boss in Gul’dan’s role in the further expansion’s evolving. Try your strength, but beware…


“BFA”, there is no more blacklist. It was finally replaced with the Common Battlegrounds queue. Ashran and Strand of the Ancientswon’t appear in the “BFA”, that was confirmed by Blizzardduring the Q&A. Perhaps, that measure is temporary.


Innovative crafting system is integrated. You can now dismantle gear into separate materials.

First Aid turns into the “First Aid” achievements.

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