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PVE Boosting

Argus farm
Raider Glories
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PvE Full 360-410 Gearing
Buy World of Warcraft (WoW) 360-410 Fast Full Gear Boost: Buy PvE Full 360-410 Gearing, get fast 360-410 gear farm, +Azerite for your Heart of Azeroth, Piloted/Selfplayed format. Discount Code 7% OFF – SWEETCAKE. 360-410 gear farm for your character; Tons of Azerite to increase the power...
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BFA Island Expeditions
BFA Island Expeditions boost service includes: Buy BFA Island Expeditions boost, get BFA Island Expeditions clear (Normal/Heroic/Mythic/PVP mode), Piloted/Selfplayed format. Discount Code 7% OFF – SWEETCAKE. BFA Island Expeditions clear (Normal/Heroic/Mythic/PVP mode); Piloted boost (In case...
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Buy Warfront Victory
Buy Warfront Victory service includes:  Warfront victory; You’ll get   War is Hell /  War is Hell achievement depending on your faction Access to outdoor content in the Warfront area like World Bosses and Rare Spawns. (These will drop you mounts, pets, toys and gear). You will get a...
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Rent a Booster
Rent a Booster service includes: You can rent one or few boosters; This service is the perfect way to increase your skill by playing with world top players; We cooperate with the world top PVE guild with overall 8 years experience so you can be sure it’s 100% safe; You can do everything u...
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WoW: PvE Boosting

WoW: PvE Boosting – We offer a wide range of WoW PvE services such as old raids and reputation grinds and also the most up-to-date PvE content, for example: Battle of Dazar’alor. Cakeboost.com will get you through any challenge without wasting your precious time.

We offer a variety of:

  1. WoW PvE boosting services: WoW Raids: Battle of Dazar’alor (BoD)
  2. WoW dungeons: Heroic dungeons, Mythic dungeons, Mythic+ dungeons, Gearing, Glory of the Raider.

Choosing Cakeboost.com is the right thing to do – satisfaction guaranteed!


As you all know, an average character can’t succeed much without efficient armor. The higher level your item is, the easier it is for you to join raids, step into mythic dungeons or solve any quests. But it is certainly not an easy task to obtain such a good piece. You will have to participate in all the raids for that, which is really time-consuming, not to mention the necessary amount of efforts and resources. Moreover, lacking a good tactics won’t help you out of this.

If you buy 370-410 item boost, it will magically give you powers to solve numerous world quests or step bravely into dungeons. This will give your hero the necessary starting strength to get ready for much more serious meetings and battles. Also you will easily deal with every world quest, or heartily welcomed to any raids.

We promise that the service ordered by you will be fulfilled within the declared time. Regarding the level of the boost you would like to buy, the average time to complete the task will differ from a day to a couple of weeks. It’s pretty logical that the higher the boost level, the more time our specialists will spend on gaining you the necessary item level. Shortly after that the pro players that form very high-level guilds take on carrying out your choice. All of them are greatly experienced, so that their skills and abilities will positively affect your hero’s characteristics.

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