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Valorant Coaching Service

Coaching services exist to let you improve your player skills in Valorant as quickly and efficiently as possible. CakeBoost offers a versatile service that is tailored to your needs and abilities. You can choose the length of your training session in hours and specify what parts of your skillset you wish to improve. Our professional coaches can share valuable insights on maps, modes, characters, weapons, and more, giving you the understanding you need to excel.

Valorant Coaching Service

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Valorant is a competitive game whose mechanics are quite unique and need some getting used to. Each agent also has special skills that need to be used wisely according to the situation. When you just start getting acquainted with the game or after some time decide that you need some guidance because your performance is not as good as you want it to be, you might want to consider getting some coaching. CakeBoost can offer several different services that can help you out in this situation. Here is a short description of the services connected to coaching, for more detailed information visit individual service pages.

If you are in need of proper guidance and explanation of game mechanics and other specifics you might want to consider viewing our Coaching Services. There is an option of a 5-hour Bundle if you need a big session with an explanation of every detail. In case you do not need so much, you can get the regular coaching service that will provide you with 1-3 hours of professional coaching. Our coaches are reliable and professional players that know everything about Valorant, its gameplay, and minor but important details. During the lessons, you will be trained for playing any agent you want, learn how to act in difficult and stressful situations, understand how different tactics work, and, substantially, become much better in the game overall.  

Agent Contracts are another important aspect of Valorant in the early stages as they allow you to unlock new playable characters and get special cosmetics that are tied to them. To complete a contract you need to earn XP and the main way to do that is through matches. Each contract has 10 levels and gaining enough experience to pass to higher Contact levels can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. To cut down the work, CakeBoost offers you a service that gets you an agent’s contact completed.

Our boosters will make sure you get what you want in the shortest possible period of time. You will get your coaching or agent contract completed along with any rewards that were acquired during the service completion.