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One of the main and most crucial aspects of Valorant is its exclusive Agents. Every agent has a contract that provides you with specific cosmetics that are fully bonded to that character. Each contract has 10 levels to show the points at which you will get your rewards for the progress you make through by XP earning and completing various missions. Upgrading the contract takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there is a way to minimize the mundane and boring work and get what you want fast. Buy Valorant Agent Contract Service by CakeBoost to get as many exp as you want at the lowest price on the market. 


  • The chosen amount of EXP for the chosen Agent Contact
  • Contract rewards such as weapons skins, new Agents, cosmetics and titles


  • up to 1 week

Why Should You Choose Us? 

One of the main positive traits of Valorant is the variety of playable characters. Each of them has its own skills and abilities that can significantly affect the battle and change its results. Each of the agents is worked out in detail not only in the plot but also in the gameplay plan. Playable characters take a lot of time to master and learn. Moreover, each of them can be individually leveled, which also requires a waste of free time and a lot of effort. That is why many players buy Valorant Agent boosting services - an effective method of completing contracts of any character. And Cakeboost is ready to help you, thanks to the team of professional Valorant gamers who are ready to perform any type of task.

Cakeboost has a list of significant advantages in comparison to other boosting sites. We have created an international community of gamers who have become regular customers of our shop. 

100% Safety Guaranteed

Some gamers think that boosting can be risky. It is not true. Each service that we offer is totally safe thanks to the special VPN services that are used during the boost. More than that, our boosters never use any type of illegal software that can lead to the ban of your account. No cheats, no bots, the only real skill of our players. 

24/7 Support 

We are especially proud of our online support. The support team is on a constant alert and is ready to answer any of your questions at any time of day and night. You can get a detailed consultation on any of the Valorant Agent Boost services we offer. More than that, if you were not able to find a suitable carry service, you can even set up a special one with help of our online support. Just contact us to get more information.

High-quality premium service 

Our Valorant Agent Carry is performed by high-skilled professionals. As we employ only pro-gamers with vast gaming experience, we can guarantee that each service your order will be done with maximum efficiency. However, our services are not only high-quality but also one of the cheapest on the boosting market. Additionally, you can get a special discount by using discount codes or buying boosting bundles that are more profitable than single services. 

What Can I Get With Valorant Agent Boost? 

Currently, players can choose between 11 different characters to play with. Each one has its own lists of advantages and disadvantages, skills and abilities. To be as effective as possible during matches, you have to know everything about your character. Additionally, you are required to complete contracts. Contracts are, basically, a leveling system for each character. The maximum contract tier is 10. You need to farm XP points that can be obtained during matches. For wins you get more XP, so be sure to check out our Valorant Wins Boost to get as many wins as possible. 

Each tier brings you various rewards, most of them are cosmetic rewards, such as titles, sprays, player cards, weapons skins and other items. In Valorant this is the only way to be unique and stand out among others, so Valorant Agent Contract Boost services are very popular. XP points for the contracts are earned in both rated and unrated games. Also, with our Valorant unrated games boosting you will be able to earn as many wins in unrated matches as you want.

Yet, Agent Contracts is not the only thing to level in the game. Valorant Rank Boost will help you to reach any rank you need as quickly as possible. If you have not completed placement matches yet, we can do that too, just order Valorant placement matches boost.  

To learn more about our boosts, check out our full list of Valorant Carry Services

How Does Cakeboost Work?

Purchasing a Valorant Agent Carry service from Cakeboost is as easy as possible. 

  • Choose a required boosting service and additional options to make it more suitable for your tasks;
  • Select a desired character to boost contracts for;
  • Visit your shopping cart and confirm your order. You can use Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase or Fondy for paying for your order;
  • Our online support will contact you after payment is confirmed to discuss all the details about the service and schedule the boosting hours;
  • Wait until the powerleveling is completed. Online support will notify you about the results immediately after the end of the boost;
  • To make Cakeboost even better, leave a review about your experience on TrustPilot. 

FAQ about Valorant Agent Contract Boosting Carry Services

Q: How long does it take to complete a Valorant Agent Contract Boost?
A: Completion time depends on the chosen agent, a starting tier and a necessary tier. However, we can guarantee that the process will be done as quickly as possible. 

Q: Do I need a high rank to unlock contracts? 
A: No, contracts can be unlocked on any rank. Yet, in order to unlock all possible rewards in the game, check out our  Valorant Coaching Service

Q: Can you farm XP for contracts in unrated games? 
A: Yes, we can. More than that, we can boost unrated games wins if necessary. 

Q: Do you offer Valorant coaching? 
A: Sure. You can find a necessary service here