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World of Warcraft™ and Blizzard Entertainment™ are registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment inc. in the United States and/or other countries. These terms and all related materials, logos, and images are copyright © Blizzard Entertainment. is in no way associated with or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment™. is not selling wow ingame items, only offers for you different services and also it increases your ingame skill and gifting you ingame items. is a website containing information about the Goods and the Seller that allows choosing, ordering and (or) purchasing the Goods.

The rights of the Parties:

1. The Seller - undertakes to:

  • Change the rules of using the website and the website content. (Changes come into force since the moment of publishing a new revision of the Agree-ment at the Website).
  • Keep the Customer and his data confidential.
  • Avoid changing prices during order fulfilment.
  • Provide information during order fulfilment (service status) and inform about any changes in service fulfilment or about unforeseen circumstances.
  • Offer a customer to read the website rules to avoid any problems in the future.
  • Refund money in strict compliance with the website rules (Refund Policy)

2. The Client (Customer) undertakes to:

  • Provide full payment of the services ordered at website, for their ful-filment.
  • Avoid preventing the performers from fulfilling an ordered service. (Avoid entering a game beforehand, without warning or agreement upon the time).
  • Provide complete information requested by operators for order fulfillment (Character name, server, current rating, etc.), and payment information (full name, data of the credit card used for payment) as well.
  • Settle all conflict situations by referring to the rules of this website. (In case of a dis-pute, a customer is obliged to apply to the support service; you can find its contact data at a website that provides consultations prior to effecting payment).

3. The Client has the right to:

  • Follow order fulfilment (for example, via Twich translation).
  • Request money refund in strict compliance with the website rules.

4. Return due to incorrect or accidental payment.

If you paid a wrong service (not the one you wanted), or payment was duplicated (payment of the same service was effected several times).

4.1. Cancellation of a service.

If you paid a service but, for some reason, you do not need this very service any more, or you simply changed your mind – refund will be possible before the start of implementation of this service.

You can also contact the support service to find an alternative or refund your money:

4.2. Not completed service or emergency.

If we did not complete a service for any reason, we can offer an alternative solution of the problem:

– You have the right to cancel your order after the start of the service and ask for a partial refund. In this case, the amount of the refund will be proportional to the volume of the unfinished services.

– Replacement of a service with the other one the cost of which does not exceed the cost of the service already paid (or multiple services).

– In addition, we can complete the service later, if you agree.

– If the service is replaced with a cheaper one, we will refund the difference between the service cost.

– Full refund of the amount if service wasn’t started.

– The Customer has the right to initiate a dispute within 30 days from the date of payment.

– Disagreements and misunderstanding.


If  a service has been already started, we refund only part of the amount paid.

If  a service was delayed and completed we do offer some kind of free service but no refund is possible.

If the service is completed for 100% any kind of compensation is impossible.