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WoW Boost

WoW boost services help players achieve their goals in World of Warcraft. CakeBoost provides cheap boosting in WoW for every side of gameplay, from raids and Arena to resource farming and mount collecting. Instead of worrying about grinding, seasonal deadlines, and unreliable teammates, our clients can simply enjoy the game. Reach out now to buy a World of Warcraft boost tailored to your needs!

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Can you buy boost in WoW?

Yes. Numerous teams of professionals offer WoW boosting services for sale to cover all conceivable player needs.

How does WoW boosting work?

Customers can purchase a WoW boosting service from CakeBoost’s website. They need to pick the carry from the catalog, select appropriate options, and pay using any of our accepted platforms. What happens next depends on the specific order. By default, most Warcraft boosts use piloting. That means our Warcraft booster will use the buyer’s submitted log-in details to access their account. The employee will pilot the purchaser’s chosen adventurer over one or multiple prescheduled gameplay sessions until the objective is complete. By contrast, selfplay or coaching WoW services do not involve account-sharing. Instead, the customer plays their adventurer with in-game assistance and guidance from professionals at scheduled intervals.

Is boosting safe in WoW?

Boosting in WoW carries some risks for clients. Firstly, paid third-party services in WoW remain against Blizzard policies. While boosters are more likely to be banned for it if caught, there is a small chance of client accounts being suspended as well. Secondly, some people offering WoW boosting services are scammers or otherwise dishonest and unreliable. Their customers risk losing their money or data. There is one solution to both problems. By ordering WoW carry services from trustworthy, well-established World of Warcraft boosting shops like CakeBoost, buyers can ensure they will get their money’s worth. We do everything possible to minimize risks of detection during work. Furthermore, we take great pains to ensure the safety of client data and accounts.

How much is a WoW boost?

The answer to this question likewise depends on order details. The USD price for a single boss kill might be in the single digits. Meanwhile, ensuring the capture of hard-to-get mounts can cost hundreds of dollars. The highest prices for WoW carries go into thousands. However, keep in mind that such pricey services provide numerous additional benefits, such loot from multiple instance runs. Check product pages to see what we charge for specific carries and options. EU & US WoW boosting service prices are given in different currencies.

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News & guides

Buy WoW Boosting: Best Way to Play Easy and Fun

People play games to relax and enjoy themselves. Naturally, not all activities in a MMORPG are equally enjoyable for everyone. Yet many activities offer uniquely valuable rewards that may be used in other parts of the title. That can include gear, cosmetics, and special powers. As a result, players often end up spending a lot of playtime and effort on tasks they do not enjoy for their own sake. Even well-liked activities can become stale with too much repetition. As an alternative, users can buy World of Warcraft carry services. Securing professional assistance lets buyers play the game their way without giving up on high-end prizes.

Boosters tend to execute World of Warcraft carry orders in one of two ways. They either control the buyer’s chosen adventurer directly by playing from their account or fight alongside the buyer in-game. The latter metod is marginally safer. It also allows the customer to sharpen their skills in a safe scenario. Meanwhile, the former approach is often more efficient. The professional can devote more hours and effort to in-game tasks than most buyers. On top of that, in-depth familiarity with gameplay and optimal strategies enables much faster progress than most customers could achieve by themselves. Either way, boosters get the boring bits out of the way, letting buyers enjoy the spoils of their purchase.

To provide the best WoW boost service possible, we make sure to recruit the finest boosters around. We seek out professionals with extensive playing experience. Each must pass rigorous background checks and tests before being added to our roster. In addition to proven gameplay skills, we seek to confirm their trustworthiness and teamwork ability. Their specializations in different activities or classes are noted to help us assign the best person to each job. As a result of these policies, users who buy WoW boost services from CakeBoost can count on the fast and smooth completion of each relevant tasks.

How World of Warcraft Carry Can Help WoW Players?

Players in WoW encounter many problems that can be solved by buying a WoW boost:

  • Many in-game pursuits involve grinding. Leveling or gearing up, bolstering one’s reputation with a faction, collecting useful resources, and obtaining rare cosmetics are just some examples. The grind is always discouraging because it eats up energy and playtime with repetitive tasks. Outsourcing it might be just the thing to rekindle one’s interest in the game;
  • Some of the best rewards in the MMORPG are time-sensitive. They may only be acquired during a season or an event. That can be annoying for people with limited available playtime. Buying WoW boosting lets fans avoid missing out on such prizes;
  • Rated PvP and PvE endgame activities can be legitimately challenging. That tends to make them inaccessible for new or casual users. Buying boosting in WoW lets clients receive their rewards without dealing with the challenges. Alternatively, they could combine guaranteed success with learning by purchasing selfplay WoW boosting services. Playing alongside experienced players is an excellent way to improve one’s skills. Coaching is another option where the focus is on improvement;
  • PvP matches and PvE instances both require forming parties. Finding teammates can be difficult, however. Many realms have low populations of regularly active users. Players tend to look for high performance stats and meta builds when choosing their teammates. Even if willing allies are found, they may prove incompetent or otherwise unreliable. WoW boost users will always have a dependable team in boosters, whether they fight alongside them or just leave them to complete their tasks.

Our WoW Carry Service Will Satisfy All Your Needs

CakeBoost’s catalog contains a wide range of World of Warcraft boosts divided into several categories:

  • Powerleveling: Attaining any target character level at top speed. This section also includes gearing and adventurer customization unlocks;
  • Character services: Other means of adventurer progression, such as farming reputations with factions or mastering professions;
  • PvP Carry: Ranking up or scoring wins in Arena or Battlegrounds. We can also work on collecting special prizes and resources associated with those modes. Coaching is available for those who wish to improve their PvP skills;
  • Mythic Plus Services: Obtaining and using Mythic Keystones to claim unique rewards from endgame dungeons at all levels. Lower dungeon difficulties are also covered in this section; 
  • Raid Boosting: Beating any or all encounters in raiding instances that are still relevant for gearing;
  • Timewalking: Farming updated legacy content to seize unique cosmetics and other prizes;
  • Collectibles: Acquiring mounts, transmog skins, and other decorative items. There are hundreds of such prizes. Many of them have steep unlock conditions, making it impractical for most players to seek them;
  • Miscellaneous offerings including Gold selling and repeatable activity farming.

Not sure which WoW boosting services to buy? Unable to find the options or services that would help with your situation? Simply contact our support team via email or website live chat. Our specialists will consider your request and recommend the most suitable options. If the desired service is not in our catalog, they will help put together a custom order. For greater security and control, our WoW boosts are always done manually by professional World of Warcraft players. Customers can pass on additional instructions to them with the help of support. They could rest assured that we will do everything possible to accommodate their needs.

We pride ourselves on the versatility of our services. Any task that can be done inside the MMORPG is potentially on the table. Our roster includes professional boosters who specialize in every activity, mode, and class spec. Coaching experts are drawn from a similarly diverse pool. Thanks to international recruitment, we can deliver WoW EU boosting services and WoW US boosting services with equal ease. Adventurers belonging to either faction and residing in any realm are in position to benefit from our assistance. Finally, our offerings are not limited to retail WoW. Interested visitors may also buy a WoW boost for the MMORPG’s Classic versions or explore sections dedicated to other titles on our website.


Wrathion persuades a tired Alexstrasza to consider purchasing a boosting service :)​​​​​​​

WoW Dragonflight Carry Novelties

Our WoW DF Boost offerings cover all noteworthy features from the Dragonflight expansion. Players can buy WoW carry services for:

  • Powerleveling to the expansion’s maximum level of 70 to unlock the new endgame. This WoW boosting service also lets buyers start using expanded class features. That includes the brand-new Dracthyr Evoker hero class and the reworked nonlinear talent trees;
  • Playing through the campaign to quickly access assorted content and activities unlocked over its course;
  • Collecting Dragon Glyphs and cosmetic customization options for the innovative Dragonriding mounts. Their complex flight mechanics that incorporate momentum and altitude. The Glyphs are tokens that may be spent on talents, enhancing control over these creatures’ movements;
  • Leveling up revamped professions. They now incorporate a quality system, granular specializations, professional stats, and stat-raising equipment. That includes farming Knowledge Points to advance through specialization trees for primary professions;
  • Earning Renown or Reputation with the Dragon Isles factions to access exclusive prizes, activities, and events;
  • Ranking up through the novel Solo Shuffle queue in PvP Arena;
  • Completing repeatable quests to acquire local currencies and other benefits;
  • Performing monthly tasks to collect Trader’s Tender, which may then be exchanged for rare cosmetics at the Trading Post;
  • Farming the current season’s latest raid, Mythic Plus dungeons, and Rated Arena for time-limited rewards and cutting-edge gear.

As updates continue to arrive, fans can expect us to place new types of boost in WoW on sale.