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Premium WoW Boost Services by Cakeboost

WoW boost services on Cakeboost are a great choice if you want to achieve desired in-game goals, especially when professional gamers come to the rescue. Just think how beneficial it is! Instead of worrying about grinding, seasonal deadlines, and low-skilled teammates, you can enjoy the game. Contact our customer care team to buy a World of Warcraft boost and forget about in-game problems forever!

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How does WoW boosting work?

There are three simple steps:

  1. To buy a WoW Boost from us you should find the desired PvE or PvP service, select the options you are interested in, and add the selected item to your shopping cart.
  2. Contact our 24/7 support via chat, skype, or discord to clarify all your order details.
  3. Complete the payment and wait for the boost to start. You can check the estimated start and end time with support or read the product description. The minimum waiting time is about 5-10 minutes, the maximum can be up to 2 days if the service you ordered is specific / scheduled (for example, raids).

Enjoy the result!

What services are we boost in WoW?

We provide WoW boost for sale to cover all your desires:

  • Leveling and Various WoW Character Boosts;
  • Mythic+ Keys clears and Raids runs;
  • Rated Battlegrounds Rating and wins;
  • Arena Carries 2v2, 3v3. Solo Shuffle;
  • Mounts, TMOGs, and other collectibles.

Feel free to ask the customer care team any questions you have.

Is WoW boost safe for your account?

Boosting in WoW can be risky if you don't follow the safety rules.

Firstly, paid boosting services in WoW remains against Blizzard Entertainment policies. While boosters are more likely to be banned for it if caught, there is a small chance of client accounts being suspended as well.

Secondly, some people offering WoW boosting services are scammers or otherwise dishonest and unreliable. Their customers risk losing their money or data.

There is 1 solution to both problems. By ordering WoW carry services on Cakeboost you can be calm. We do our best to minimize the risks:

  • We hire only proven and experienced wow boosters;
  • We use payment security protocols;
  • Our performers always turn on VPN before logging into your account;
  • We offer many selfplay services that are safe.
How fast is boosting in WoW?

Much depends on two factors: the specific order and options selected. Simple orders like Mythic carry take up to 30 minutes on average. But getting the Gladiator Title can take a whole season if you start from scratch in the Arena. Estimated completion time is also affected by in-game restrictions such as weekly cooldowns.

You can check the ETA with the customer care team at any time.

How can I get some discount?

We provide several discount options:

  • You can use our free “Sweetcake” Coupon and get a 5% OFF on any order;
  • If you complete the registration, you will be able to use CakeCoins and pay with them up to 50% of the order value;
  • After subscribing to the newsletter, you will receive a 10% discount. A coupon will be sent to your email. You can use it once;
  • In addition, you can view products with limited discounts on the Sales Page.
How do coaching services work?

We provide different types of coaching services, but the most popular of them is, of course, arena coaching. We provide training both by chat and by voice. Voice chat is preferred if you wish to get really high scores.

Most often our coaches speak English. But we do not rule out the possibility of trying to find a coach for you who knows any other language, if necessary.

During the coaching session, you will be taught the basic mechanics, and given knowledge about your class and specializations. You will be able to study all the features, strengths, and weaknesses of your character. The training takes place in the game in real PvP matches/instances, so you can immediately learn to apply knowledge in practice and ask questions that concern you.

Still have questions left? Ask straight and we will reply to you!

We Care About Your Safety

Secure Payment
Secure Payment
  • We do not store your payment details on our servers
  • Our website complies with all security standards and SSL protocol
  • Only verified payment methods are used on our website
Account Safety
Account Safety
  • 01 Are there any risks?

    In order to secure your account we ALWAYS use VPN accurately within your city and country. Secondly, since we use the most reliable ways of security you may be sure that your gold and miscellaneous achievements are properly stored. Thirdly, we never ask our client’s secret question for the account. And finally we do not pay our coaches until your order has been completed.

  • 02 Does my account need to be unlocked?

    Depends on the option of service you choose. If you choose the selfplayed option for order completion then your account shouldn’t be unlocked.

  • 03 Do I lose the access to my account during the order process?

    We guarantee the security for your personal account information. That means that all information we have from you couldn’t be shared to anybody else except our company. However, once our player is on your account you don’t have the opportunity to play simultaneously, that's why we ask our clients before order start to make a schedule for convenient playing for both sides.


Our goal is to earn the trust of our clients that is why we always warn about all possible risks and look for a solution to each client's question.

Personal approach

Our company policy is taking care of our clients. Our customer care team is always available to help you with any issue at any time.

Money-Back Guarantee
Money-Back Guarantee

You can request a full refund if the service has not yet started. Otherwise, you may receive a partial refund, depending on current order fulfillment, service replacement, or Cakeboost store credit (your choice).

High Trust Score
High Trust Score

The high level of trust is based on the many reviews from our clients over the years. You can see our rating on Trustpilot.

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Save and Secure Delivery
The vast majority of our services are selfplayed and always handmade. Your personal information will not be provided to anybody but our coaches to deliver the services.
Easy to order
Easy navigation on the website. Assistance during all steps of order placement.
High Discounts & Bundles
The lowest prices are only for our customers. Hot offers, good discounts, bundles - all that you can find on Cakeboost!
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World of Warcraft: To Boost or Not To Boost?

In recent years, WoW boost services have become an essential part of World of Warcraft. Why? Because any online game is not perfect. Not all activities bring pleasure to wow players. For example, do you like multiple wipes in raids? Or maybe you like to lose arena battles? Oh no, not likely. Our WoW boosting services are created with a mission to solve all your pressing issues and help you spend in-game time with pleasure! Therefore, if you are still thinking about buying a WoW boost, our answer is unequivocal - you should try it! We guarantee you will be delighted.

WoW Boosting as the Best Way to Play Easy and Fun

So, there are not many reasons why the game ceases to be enjoyable. We will start with the most common - your teammates. Not obvious? Let's remember how often other players cause you to fail. Whether it's PvP, raids, mythic+ or even leveling in normal and HC dungeons. Have you encountered inadequate, unskilled, toxic wow players? Oh yeah! We know that this is familiar to anyone who has ever played World of Warcraft.

Benefits of Playing with PRO Players

Unlike regular players, our boosters are professionals in WoW. They can complete tasks of any complexity. They will not spoil your mood or be rude. Our performers are always reliable and punctual. You will enjoy playing games with our PROs if you:

  • Do not like to waste time in vain and want to spend it usefully (for example, do not wipe in a raid for 3 hours in a row, and just kill the boss);
  • Want to play with true PROs;
  • Tired of inadequate and toxic teammates;
  • Want to enjoy the game and do what you want;
  • Dream to improve your gaming skills.

We maintain high-quality standards of services provided to ensure that nothing mars your gaming experience. Namely:

  • All your orders will be started and finished at exactly the allotted time;
  • You will receive all the loot that was ordered, and, if possible, additional;
  • You will be guaranteed support and assistance from our qualified team at any stage of the process.

Our WoW Boosting services will give you confidence, and the opportunity to complete the most exciting and difficult challenges, such as mythic raids or the highest rating in PvP. Whether you are a beginner player or a World Warcraft veteran, you will find something you like. Also, you can save time by spending on more exciting parts of the game.

However, our WoW Boosts are not limited to this.

Simple World of Warcraft Carry

Another way that we offer is the simplest solution to achieve the desired goals in the World of Warcraft. Many services purchased by our customers do not require the participation of a whole team of boosters, as they are quite simple. But such retail WoW services are usually labor-intensive and take a huge amount of playing time (especially farming). Solo WoW Carries are very popular, they are ideal for you if:

  • You don’t have enough time for playing WoW, but you want to get seasonal rewards;
  • You are not confident in your skills and do not want to spend time learning (in particular in PvP);
  • You are tired of simple and boring grinds like leveling up alt characters to farming currencies and resources;
  • You want beautiful TMOGs and mounts, but don't want to farm week after week;
  • You dream of becoming the owner of titles and other rewards that require significant effort.

Why Should You Buy Our WoW Boosting Services?

Quite a burning question, given the level of competition between the world of warcraft boosting shops. Every company wants to appear reliable and proven, however, in reality, it often turns out differently.

Many clients come to us, deceived by other boosting companies. And we reap that such situations still happen. Therefore, we want to warn you against rash purchases. Always check the company before making a purchase. After all, in addition to money, you can also lose your account or get banned if the store does not follow security protocols.

What you should pay attention to?

  • Company age;
  • Customer Trust Score (the number of reviews);
  • Payment security;
  • Compliance with safety requirements when fulfilling orders.

So, why us?

  • Our company was founded in 2015, therefore, we have been providing WoW Boost services for more than 8 years. Throughout all these years we have been trying to maintain a high level of service so that you come back to us again :)
  • Over the years, we have received many positive reviews. You can find them on
  • We use the safest boosting methods because we sincerely do not want our clients' accounts to suffer. Our employees always use VPN before logging into your wow account. We also make a schedule so that you can play at the usual time, and our booster will complete the order at the appointed time. This allows you to avoid the risk of being seen sharing your account and make World of Warcraft Boost as comfortable and safe as possible.
  • We have perfect 24/7 online support for any issues related to our services and current orders.
  • We strive to provide the best prices. If for some reason they seem high or irrelevant to you (for example, if you already have progressed), we are always ready to meet you and provide a more profitable offer. Need to say a little more about the price. Cheap WoW Services are certainly good, but this does not always guarantee high quality. We try to keep a balance and regularly update the prices of our products.
  • The bonus system is designed to make your purchases truly profitable and receive our WoW Carry services with a 50% discount. Thanks to it, you get cashback from each order, which you can then spend on new purchases.

It's no secret that Warcraft Boosts are not 100% secure, as Blizzard Entertainment actively monitors wow players and their gaming activities. If you want to be sure about the security of the purchased services and your account, we recommend that you use only trusted stores, such as ours. In addition, with us, you can always use Selfplay Option for WoW Boosting Services, which are safe.

Our Guarantees and Advantages

Type Advantages
Company age✅ 8 years
Trust Score✅ 4,9 Based on Trustpilot Reviews
Secure Payments✅ We use only secure payment methods and the HTTPS protocol
Account Security✅ VPN, Selfplay Offers
Employee experience✅ Only proven boosters
Customer Support✅ 24/7 Support
Bonuses✅ Loyalty system for Regular Customers
Regional Availability✅ WoW EU Boosting Services
✅ WoW US Boosting Services

More Information About Our World of Warcraft Boosting Services

Our rich WoW boosting experience allows us to say with certainty that Warcraft players are very different.

First, there are fans of PvE content who are happy to attend weekly raids and close mythic dungeons. Secondly, of course, PvP lovers spend many hours on the rated battlegrounds or arenas. Thirdly, do not forget about casual players who just want to have a good time in the game without burdening themselves with unnecessary complexity. All three groups have one thing in common - sooner or later each player has to pay attention to the part of the WoW content that he does not like...

In the Azeroth, everything is interconnected. Casual players somehow have to get better gear so that battles with mobs do not become painful and long. PvE players are forced to farm quests and reputation to get important recipes. And PvP gamers sometimes have to run raids and keys to improve equipment.

Our WoW Boost services will not leave anyone indifferent, because they are designed to help every player. We constantly monitor game updates so that you can receive timely and necessary boosts. We hope that you will be satisfied with the presented number of goods and find among our services what you need.


Powerleveling in any game is a long and interesting process. Reaching the max level in WoW as the first character is a special treat. Completing questlines, discovering new zones, unlocking flights and new reputations - all this brings joy, as a rule, only the first 1 or 2 times. And then leveling alts becomes a boring task.

Our leveling services in WoW Dragonflight will save you from worries. You will get a level 70 character ready for endgame content in a few hours because our Warcraft boosters have a lot of experience and know the best ways to level up quickly :)

World of Warcraft Raids

Raids are one of the most popular activities in WoW. Our raiding guilds are among the first to clear raids on all difficulties. This allows us to be the first to unlock unique boss-killing options for you on any difficulty, including Mythic. Smooth WoW Raid runs, a convenient schedule, and many loot options - we are ready to provide all this at cheap prices.

Getting mount and achievements from the last mythic boss with our services is easy and simple! Check the schedule, buy a wow boosting service, and enjoy Cutting Edge achievement in your collection.

PvP Activities and Coaching

Do you prefer arena or RBG? It doesn't matter since our boosters are perfect in both modes of PvP carry. TOP PvP players and RBG teams are ready to provide a variety of services - it all depends on your desire:

  • Arena rating boost in 2v2, 3v3 modes and solo shuffle;
  • Coaching services;
  • RBG rating and wins;
  • Seasonal vicious saddle;
  • Gladiator title;
  • Various currencies;
  • PvP gear.

Do you want to play with multi-R1 gladiators and bend your opponent in the arena? Then these wow boost services are the best for you!

Mythic Dungeons Services

Can't beat M+15 in time? We have many professional teams that can help you with this goal and more!! Here you can buy world of warcraft carry services from simply completing heroic dungeons to get initial gear to incredibly complex achievements like Keystone Hero.


Do you collect mounts? We know how hard it is! Sometimes it can take several weeks, or even a couple of years, to try to get the desired mount... The chance of dropping some unique ones is only 0.01%. Tired? We can help with that too. Rumor has it that boosters are incredibly lucky :)


Sometimes we want to go back in time. If you understand what we mean. We just wanted to point out that if you don't want to suffer in the Mage Tower by going through all 7 challenges... Well, you get the idea :)

World of Warcraft Custom Services

Are you looking for specific wow boosting services to buy but can't find them on our website? We are always ready to create a custom offer for you. Contact our customer service and get an individual offer. By the way, this is a great way to get the specific service at a cheap price.

WoW Dragonfligth Carry and Future Expansions

We offer cheap WoW boosting services available to the US and EU regions. We are not limited to providing standard wow boost services. With the Dragonflight release, the World of Warcraft has been expanded with many new activities that we are happy to help you with (check out our WoW Dragonflight Services).

We guarantee account security, high-quality WoW Carry service, and rapid speed of service execution, as well as a friendly attitude from our customer support. Still not sure if you can trust us? Just check out reviews about Cakeboost services or contact our manager. Trust us, it's worth a try once. Although our WoW Boost has a downside - most likely you will not be able to stop :)