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WoW Allied Races

WoW Allied Races Boost is the fastest and easiest way to unlock additional character appearances. Each Allied Race has its own history and aesthetic, as well as unique skills. However, in order to be able to create an allied character, you will need to complete a few questlines to learn the backstory. Purchasing an allied race carry can definitely spice up your World of Warcraft experience, and our team of experts will help speed up the unlock process!


How to unlock allied races in WoW?

To unlock an allied race, you will need to complete the corresponding quest chain, as well as belong to a specific faction - the Alliance or Horde (depending on the desired race). Questlines are available for characters above level 45 (added in legion), level 50 (added in BfA).

How long would it take me to unlock an Allied Race in WoW?

Unlock plotlines of most Allied Races may be completed within ten hours of focused gameplay. The precise duration is affected by several factors:

  • Tasks involved. For example, accessing Nightborne calls for a couple of days at a minimum because of their local repeatable quest farming mission;
  • Whether flight has been activated in relevant zones;
  • Individual gaming skills and questing speed.

The above estimate does not cover the time necessary for leveling, which may expand it considerably. CakeBoost’s specialists could execute powerleveling carries before unlocking boosts on request.

Do you still need exalted for Allied Races?

The requirement to be Exalted with the relevant factions has been removed since the 9.0.1 Patch.

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Allied Races Unlock in WoW Dragonflight

Ten Allied Races are available to players in Dragonflight. Five belong to each major faction. Although the majority of Allied Races represent alternative branches of existing races, they are far bigger than simple reskins. Each group possesses exclusive abilities, bonuses, and class permissions. As for cosmetics, their visuals may be further enhanced by Heritage gear skins provided freely after advancing to 50 using an appropriate Allied Race character. Additional content is doubtless coming in the future, with some exclusive plotlines and extra cosmetics already in the game.

Unlocking any Allied Race involves exploring the questlines associated with it. Some are simply legacy plotlines that grant certain achievements in the end. Characters who have fulfilled those prerequisites can embark upon recruitment plotlines for Allied Races aligned with their chosen factions. Previously, sufficient reputation was necessary too. Since that condition is now waived, all that remains is leveling up to meet questing prerequisites. When the concluding mission is completed, you may roll an Allied Race character.

Requirements for unlocking Allied Races are examined below:

Allied RaceFactionCharacter LevelAchievements & Questlines
Void ElvesAlliance45+You Are Now Prepared!
Allied Races: Void Elf
Allied Races: Nightborne
Lightforged DraeneiAlliance45+You Are Now Prepared!
Allied Races: Lightforged Draenei
Highmountain TaurenHorde45+Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Allied Races: Highmountain Tauren
Dark Iron DwarvesAlliance50+Ready for War
Allied Races: Dark Iron Dwarf
Zandalori TrollsHorde50+Zandalar Forever!
Tides of Vengeance
Allied Races: Zandalari Troll
Mag’har OrcsHorde50+Ready for War
Allied Races: Mag'har Orc
Kul Tiran HumansAlliance50+Tides of Vengeance
A Nation United
VulperaHorde50+Secrets in the Sands
Allied Races: Vulpera
MechagnomesAlliance50+The Mechagonian Threat
Allied Races: Mechagnome

Allied Races Boost - The Simplest Way to Unlock Your Desired Race

No matter which Allied Race one intends to unlock, ordering a boost represents the most effective approach. You could relax and never worry about wasting hours on lengthy plotlines. Instead, our piloting booster will execute each required task. They shall proceed along optimal routes to meet every objective swiftly, letting you enjoy your new hero without delays. Each member of our team is an expert gamer who plays full-time. Boosters’ experience and commitment let them reach goals with greater speed and efficiency than most customers could achieve themselves.

How to Choose Which Allied Race to Buy

There are many criteria you can follow when choosing which Allied Race to order in your carry:

  • Appearance. Each group enjoys highly original aesthetics and vast possibilities for customization. Those are further enhanced by exclusive cosmetics. There is certainly no shame in focusing on looks when designing a character you will play with for hours;
  • Abilities. Unique active powers and always-on traits help differentiate the groups. Some prove very interesting and/or effective, like the swappable Zandalori blessings;
  • Classes. Not every choice is available to any group. Furthermore, some racials have particularly effective synergies with specific classes or roles. For example, Highmountain Tauren make for outstanding tanks, while Void Elves are natural spellcasters;
  • Professions. Some racial traits augment professions with straightforward skill bonuses and other advantages. If gathering or crafting is your focus, you should definitely look for such advantages;
  • Gameplay. Certain racial go particularly well with specific playstyles or game modes. Fans of PvP should not overlook Kul Tirans, while solitary exploration enthusiasts might like Vulpera.

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