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WoW Timewalking Boost

Timewalking services are the ideal choice if you want to ensure that you can benefit from this unique event. You stand to earn unique achievements, mounts, and more. Rather than try to coordinate a difficult raids and dungeons that is only available at certain times, you will be able to leave everything to CakeBoost’s professional teams – whether you want a fast completion or support in your own runs.


How does Timewalking work in WoW?

During a time walk event, players can queue to run old instances. Instances are picked randomly from a list including several dungeons and a raid from a previous expansion. Each event is tied to a specific expansion. Character and gear levels are scaled down to match the instance. Participants receive unique rewards including instance gear with up-to-date ilevels, a special currency used to buy Timewalking goods, and several exclusive collectibles.

How often is the Timewalking event in WoW?

Time walks normally occur every three weeks and last for a week. 2023 saw a consecutive six-week event, which might repeat in the future.

How do I access Timewalking?

Open the Groupfinder screen and pick the random Timewalking instance option from the dungeons tab.  Your character must have average ilevel 180+ and level 60+ to unlock the time walk queue. Newly-created Evokers and characters that recently received an official Blizzard boost must wait 24 hours before they become eligible.

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Timewalking services allow you to benefit from World of Warcraft Timewalk content without any unwanted effort. Timewalking events repeat every three weeks, allowing players to revisit old instances and acquire unique rewards. Potential spoils include vintage loot and a great variety of cosmetics. However, collecting those treasures requires considerable grinding in a limited time window. Buy our TW boost services to farm any Timewalk content you want with professional assistance.

Timewalking Boosting Services in Dragonflight

In the current era, you can buy several types of Timewalking boost services from CakeBoost:
Timewalking dungeons boost: We can clear TW dungeons in the current rotation as often as requested, delivering their unique loot and general Time Walk rewards;

  • Timewalking raids boost: Similarly, we could beat whichever one of the raids is in rotation and complete quests to claim extra rewards;
  • Timewarped Badges farming carry: Rather than focus on beating a certain number of instances, our boosters would concentrate on collecting this TW currency. This is a simple way to afford any Timewalk vendor goods you have in mind;
  • Mage Tower challenge boost: Although Mage Tower is now separate from Timewalking events, it remains similar in spirit. Beating those solo challenges is necessary to collect exclusive cosmetic sets and certain other prizes. Our booster could complete any or all of them on your behalf;
  • Special Timewalking rewards farming: Several especially prized cosmetics are tied to particular Time Walk accomplishments or require large amounts of Badges. We can obtain those rewards for you.

Apart from the piloted-only Mage Tower boost, we offer both piloted and selfplayed boost options for Timewalking content. In the former, our booster will log in to your account and complete all necessary Timewalking tasks while letting you relax. The latter means you will run Timewalking instances yourself, accompanied by our elite team. That way, success and efficient progress will be guaranteed while still letting you experience the Timewalk nostalgia trip directly.

Timewalking content is constantly evolving. As new instances and rewards are added, our offerings will expand as well.

Timewalking Collectibles: Achievements, Cosmetics, and Mounts

You can claim a variety of Timewalking rewards in several ways:

  • Each instance grants its usual loot, including prized vintage mounts and updated versions of unique gear. You could use the latter for transmogs as well;
  • Timewarped Badges earned through runs and quests may be exchanged for goods sold by TW vendors. Things you can buy include all kinds of toys, mounts, and cosmetics, as well as some useful items;
  • Several original Timewalking mounts may be obtained from Mage Tower or any other Timewalking instance;
  • Timewalking achievements are currently limited to Mage Tower challenge progress.

Difficulties of Farming Timewalking Events

Several obstacles make Timewalk farming a tricky proposition for many players:

  • Many instances are less familiar to modern-day players than cutting-edge content. That can lead to unpleasant and frustrating surprises during runs. Even if you know those instances, difficulty scaling makes them much tougher;
  • You only have a limited time to claim unique rewards. If you happen to be busy while specific content is available, you will have to wait for months until another chance appears;
  • Raids require premade teams, while dungeons have random groups. In both cases, bad luck with would-be partners could prevent or derail a run;
  • Repeated runs are major timesinks and tend to become monotonous. However, they are practically necessary to unlock the best rewards.

Buy our boost services to avoid those problems. With selfplayed carry services, you will have trustworthy and knowledgeable allies accompanying you on each run. Meanwhile, piloted runs let you avoid the grind entirely.

Timewalking WoW Schedule

There are currently six recurring week-long Timewalking events. Normally, one of them would occur on every third week. Each is tied to a different expansion, which rotate in chronological order as shown in this table:

Time Walk Expansion
Available Instances
Burning Crusade
Magister’s Terrace
The Blood Furnace
The Botanica
The Shattered Halls
The Underbog
Black Temple (raid)
Wrath of the Lich King
Azjol Nerub
Halls of Lightning
The Forge of Souls
The Nexus
Utgarde Keep
Ulduar (raid)
The Stonecore
Lost City of the Tol’vir
The Vortex Pinnacle
Throne of the Tides
End Time
Blackrock Caverns
Firelands (raid)
Mists of Pandaria
Temple of the Jade Serpent
Stormstout Brewery
Shado-Pan Monastery
Mogu’shan Palace
Gate of the Setting Sun
Warlords of Draenor
The Bloodmaul Slag Mines
The Everbloom
Grimrail Depot
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
Black Rook Hold
Court of Stars
Darkheart Thicket
Heart of Azshara
Neltharion’s Lair
Vault of the Wardens

So when a Cataclysm TW event is live, Mists of Pandaria TW should show up two weeks later. This sequence is also maintained during consecutive weekly TW events.