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BFA Mounts Boost

The Battle for Azeroth expansion introduced nearly a hundred new mounts, and most of them can still be acquired in WoW today. Their unique and varied appearances are key to their enduring popularity. Adventurers who take on this era of content could travel on seemingly anything, from fresh versions of relatively conventional riding beasts to weird monsters and mechanical contraptions. Yet unlocking the desired mount typically requires players to invest many hours into completing quests, killing monsters, or other repetitive activities. CakeBoost’s BFA Mounts boost service lets customers entrust this task to our boosters instead. If they get a boost from this catalog, the mount they want will be theirs quickly, assuredly, and without effort on their part.


Which Mythic Battle for Azeroth dungeons allow players or boosters to obtain a mount?

There are five very distinctive mounts that can earned in specific BFA Mythic dungeons:

It should be noted that they all have low drop rates. We provide carries that run their respective dungeons repeatedly until the desired mount drops, acquiring various other exclusive spoils along the way.

Can every mount from Battle for Azeroth be obtained with our boost services?

Except for Gladiator mounts from previous seasons and pre-expansion questline awards, we can offer boost services for any BFA mount. That includes even the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, although it is solely available through the Black Market now. See our Black Market boost page for more details on acquiring such items.

Would a mount acquired with those boost services be available to every adventurer on the boosted account?

Each mount in WoW is account-wide, but some among them have riding restrictions, usually tied to class or reputation. For example, only Horde adventurers could ride the Cobalt Pterrordax provided by the Horde-aligned Zandalari Empire, though all heroes on the same account would have it in their collection. Keep that in mind when ordering boost services.

What is the hardest to get mount in this expansion?

There are several strong contenders, but the Silent Glider is usually accepted as the least accessible BFA mount due to its extremely low drop rate. Honorable mention must go to the Risen Mare (an unlikely drop from an Island Expedition) and the Crimson Tidestallion (only occasionally available from its vendor and purchased using a complicated bartering system instead of a single currency).

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About BFA Mounts Boost Offers

Customers can use a boost from our BFA Mounts boost catalog to obtain a mount from any source. That is done by granting control over the customer’s adventurer to our booster. As a professional gamer, the booster is paid to play, letting them concentrate fully on the necessary tasks, such as farming particular drops or currencies. They can draw on prior experience and knowledge of optimal strategies and farming methods to achieve much quicker progress than the client would enjoy otherwise. Once the boost is done, the client would be free to enjoy their new mount and the in-game activities they like. They would also receive any other benefits obtained by our employee while boosting BFA mounts, such as vintage equipment or pets.

How Do BFA Mounts Carry Services Work?

Purchasing BFA Mounts boosting services from CakeBoost is easy:

  • Select the intended boost from the BFA mount category in our catalog;
  • Check whether the adventurer chosen for the boost satisfies individual boost requirements. We can help clients skip leveling to prepare for the boost with our powerleveling boost services;
  • Select the intended boost options, then press the “buy” button;
  • Validate boost order through the shopping cart interface;
  • Share contact information and preferences, including the messaging platform (Skype, Discord, etc.) where we will set up the individual communications channel for this boost;
  • Pay the price for this boost using any of the payment methods listed on our checkout page;
  • Once our support team makes contact, work out a mutually-satisfactory boost schedule and let them know about any special requests that you may have;
  • Allow our employee to control your adventurer during prescheduled intervals until the boost is finished. Frequent status updates will help you track the progress of this boost. Upon request, streaming can be arranged at no additional charge;
  • After the boost is finished, think about leaving a review on Trustpilot to assist in the continued improvement of our BFA Mounts carry services.