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WoW Black Market Services

The Black Market is a unique auction house in WoW. It allows players to acquire popular items from outdated or discontinued content, including mounts and skins. Some of those goods cannot be obtained in any other way, while others require would-be owners to invest many hours grinding for a shot at getting them from different sources. This exotic venue lets players purchase such rare items with Gold instead. However, they would need to be lucky and move quickly to track down the right item while it is on sale and outbid their rivals. Alternatively, they could use a boost to outsource this task to paid professionals. CakeBoost’s Black Market boost service guarantees the timely acquisition of the desired item with minimal effort on the buyer’s part.


How does the Black Market work?

Every day, NPCs put up rare or otherwise unobtainable items for sale on the Black Market. Players bid on the items with Gold, with the highest bidder taking home the prize. It will be sent to them by in-game mail. Unlike in the regular auction house, there is no buyout price. Instead, bidding continues until the timer runs out. Each realm has different items showing up on each day. They are the same on connected realms and for adventurers in both main factions.

How long does each Black Market auction last?

There are four starting bid lengths:

  • Short: Under 30 minutes;
  • Medium: 30 minutes-2 hours;
  • Long: 2-12 hours
  • Very Long: 12-24 hours.

However, bids made within the last 30 minutes extend the bidding period. As a result, each individual auction can potentially last for 24 hours, though no longer than that. This gives the advantage to players who camp the Black Market and to those who use a boosting Black Market service like ours. 

How much do items on the Black Market cost?

Initial bid prices range from 1 to 20,000 Gold, though most items start out at 1,000 or more and rare items usually cost 20,000. After bidding begins, prices can go all the way up to the Gold cap (9,999,999), especially on heavily-populated servers. For this reason, our service involves trying to retrieve items from less crowded realms whenever possible.

How do I access the Black Market?

Black Market access requires reaching the maximum level, which has been raised to 70 in Dragonflight. Our service can cover powerleveling if it is necessary. Also, physical access is usually required. In Dragonflight, the principal vendor for this auction house has been moved to the Petitioner’s Concourse in Valdrakken. Some other locations may be available too, in older hubs. Adventurers could sidestep this requirement with the Encrypted Black Market Radio consumable that can be crafted in Mechagon.

Why should I use a professional Black Market service?

Players seeking to upgrade their wardrobes or otherwise spice up their gameplay experience often find no way to obtain the specific item they want except for purchasing it on the Black Market. For other collectibles, it is the sole alternative to grinding for unlikely drops. However, bidding on the Black Market is often inconvenient and frustrating. Experienced professionals with knowledge of Black Market operations and sufficient in-game currency reserves allow their service users to skip this process and still get the item they want. This approach to collecting rare items is faster and more reliable than any alternatives, and it allows players to concentrate on in-game progress instead of auction camping.

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About Black Market Service Offers

Some among these items simply cannot be obtained in any other way. Usually that is because their original content has been removed from the MMORPG. Others could be acquired through exhaustive grinding. If they wish, our customers can get a boost to get items of the latter type without using the Black Market. Such a service is even less predictable and likely to take much longer. On the other hand, carries of that sort could deliver various incidental benefits acquired during grinding. We seek to accommodate our customers’ preferences with each service we provide. If the specific item you are after cannot be found in this service catalog, we could arrange a custom service to obtain it nonetheless.

What Can Buyers Get With Our Black Market Service?

Our BMAH service allows customers to obtain any item on offer at the Black Market Auction House without wasting their energy and playtime on hunting it down themselves. There are dozens of items that can be obtained in this way, chiefly belonging to one of the following categories:

  • Flying or ground epic mounts;
  • Pets and battle pet companions;
  • Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing crafting recipes from the Mists of Pandaria expansion;
  • Decorative clothes and tabards;
  • Toys and other vanity items;
  • Vintage weapons and armor for transmogrification;
  • Illusions to be placed on weaponry for special effects;
  • Containers with Darkmoon Prize tickets or a random Black Market item currently on sale.

How Does Our Black Market Service Work?

Anyone wishing to use our Black Market carry service should proceed according to these instructions:

  • Pick the desired item from our Black Market service catalog or request it from our support staff;
  • Click the “buy” button to add the service to your cart, then confirm the order;
  • Share contact details, including the preferred messaging platform (like Skype or Discord) for use in communications regarding this service;
  • Pay for the service using any of our supported methods;
  • For those who never used this service before: create a new WoW account on and buy the Heroic edition of Dragonflight for it. We will level up your first adventurer on that account from 60 to 70 for free. This account will be used by our booster to obtain the target item with maximum convenience and safety, letting the customer keep playing during the service;
  • Place money on to pay for character transfers between realms;
  • We will track Black Market auctions in multiple realms until we find the requested item. Once that happens, your adventurer will be transferred to the realm in question and receive the necessary amount of Gold to get the item. We will bid on the item using legitimate methods that nearly guarantee success. In case of failure, we will refund the transfer cost and try again until we succeed;
  • Once the item is obtained, we will transfer it from the boosted account to any adventurer on your main account;
  • Leave a review on Trustpilot to assist in the continued refinement of our Black Market boosting services.