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WoW Legion Mounts Boost

The Legion expansion is famous for its mounts. It introduced dozens of rideable beasts of every description. Many among them remain very popular to this day, thanks to their unique appearances and appealing themes. Most of these collectibles had its own unlock requirements, such as completing quests or farming specific monsters, some of which could be very demanding. Today, farming Legion mounts has become easier in some ways. However, collectors still must invest many hours of their valuable playtime to acquire them. Alternatively, they can use a boost from CakeBoost to obtain the mounts they want quickly, easily, and at reasonable prices. Our Legion Mounts boost service can reliably obtain any mount from Legion content!


How do I obtain my Legion Class mount?

After patch 9.1.5, obtaining basic Legion Class mounts has become much easier. Only one adventurer must earn the Breaching the Tomb Achievement by playing through the Legionfall campaign. Afterwards, all subsequent adventurers on that account will only need to access the Broken Shore zone and play through the Class Hall campaign to unlock their unique class mount quest. Additional mount options for some classes are unlocked after completing this sequence and earning Power Ascended by unlocking every Artifact Trait for one artifact weapon. Our boost prices reflect the change in difficulty.

Are there any special mount restrictions for this expansion’s collection?

 Although every mount is account-wide, many have special conditions. Most notably, only an adventurer of the correct class can ride a class mount. For example, the Archmage’s Prismatic Disc Mage Class Mount could be seen by every hero on the boosted account after we obtain it in a obost, but only Mages would be able to use it.

What is the hardest mount to obtain from this expansion?

The Arcadian War Turtle is among the rarest mount collectibles in the MMORPG for a reason. It can be randomly put on offer from Xur’ios, a vendor in Dalaran who sells rare items for Curious Coins. Those coins have a very low chance to drop while doing various Legion activities. It can take months if not longer to obtain the 150 coins necessary to purchase this mount, but our boost can ensure the amount is farmed as quickly as possible.

Is every mount from this expansion usable in modern content?

Yes, every mount that clients can get with those boost services can be used throughout the MMORPG. However, old style flying mounts like the Long-Forgotten Hyppogryph cannot fly in the Dragon Isles.

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About Legion Mounts Boost Offers

Apart from some old seasonal rewards, the majority of Legion mount collectibles can still be obtained, whether through personal effort or with our boost services. Our services for boosting Legion Mounts can be used to obtain collectibles from any of the above sources, along with other spoils they provide. When clients get a boost from this category, they agree to let our boosters control their adventurer. Being professional gamers, those boosters are paid to play and so can focus entirely on farming reputations, repeating boss battles, or any other necessary tasks. Together with their knowledge of the content and familiarity with optimal farming tactics, that ensures rapid and efficient completion. As a result, our carries both deliver the desired mount swiftly and allow customers to skip considerable grind, leaving them free to enjoy the content they like.

How Do Legion Mounts Boost Services Work?

Purchasing Legion Mounts boosting services from CakeBoost is very straightforward:

  • Pick the boost you want from the Legion Mounts section of our catalog;
  • Make sure that the adventurer chosen for this boost meets the boost requirements. If not, we can level them up to prepare with our powerleveling boost services;
  • Select the desired boost options, then click the “buy” button;
  • Verify the boost order on your shopping cart window;
  • Provide contact details and preferences, including the chat program (Skype, Discord, etc.) to be used for communications connected to this boost;
  • Pay for the boost through any of the suggested payment platforms on the checkout page;
  • Once our support team gets in touch, negotiate a convenient boost schedule and any extra requests;
  • Permit our booster to log in as your adventurer during previously scheduled intervals to complete the boost. We will provide regular status updates to help follow the progress of the boost. Optional streaming can be provided at no additional charge;
  • Once the boost has been concluded, leave a review on Trustpilot to assist us in improving our Legion Mounts carry services further.