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Dragonflight Expansion will release on November 29, 2022. Hurry up to get all Seasonal mounts and achievements that will be unavailable soon!

WoW Raids Boost

Raid WoW carries are your best option for getting all the benefits of raids without the time commitments or the stress involved in organizing raid groups and completing runs all by yourself. Items, mounts, achievements, and more from all the wow raids in Dragonflight and the previous expansion can be acquired here. CakeBoost’s professional boosters can complete them quickly for you or with your participation.


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Of course!! We could provide you with screenshots or stream of your order process.

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Our operators will help you to find the player for your special needs including the schedule of order fulfillment.

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Our duration is defined by the average time of customer order completion. Attention! Our average time of completion does not include circumstances that our company cannot influence (lack of communication with the client, providing incorrect data for order fulfillment, etc.).

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Our clients can use the Bonus System to get up to 10% Cake Coins cashback for each order. We also can offer a personal discount by contacting us at Discord or Skype.

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Our company has a Refund Policy that you can check here.

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We have a huge team of experienced and reliable boosters for each game we provide services for. Booster is chosen for you after payment by our operator team depending on the requirements of your order.

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Secure Payment
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About WoW Dragonflight Raid Carry Offers

Raids have always stood at the pinnacle of PvE activities in WoW. Those sophisticated instances string together multiple deadly encounters that offer both a serious challenge and amazing loot to those who overcome them. The most recently added raids have always offered the finest loot around, particularly in their highest difficulty. However, raids have never been easy. Players must be willing to invest hours of effort for preparation and the actual run. They must also find or assemble a large party capable of working together to clear the raids.

Players wishing to advance through the latest endgame will need to loot each Dragonflight raid as it appears. Yet not everyone will be capable of doing so, whether due to difficulty or poor timing. CakeBoost’s Dragonflight Raid boosting services allow our customers to leave this task to our skillful professional boosters. They will acquire all the desired Dragonflight raid loot, quickly and assuredly, freeing clients to enjoy the endgame at their preferred pace.

What Can I Get With A Dragonflight Raid Boost?

In our Dragonflight raid boost category, we offer the following kinds of WoW raid boost services for different raids:

  • The standard WoW raid carry service selection for each of the expansion’s raids. Each individual WoW raid boost deals with a separate difficulty (Normal, Heroic, or Mythic). Harder difficulties are costlier in both money and hours, but offer superior loot and further prizes. Clients can request traders: other raid boost participants who will give the client’s adventurer their loot at the end;
  • WoW raid carry services aimed at killing individual bosses, as opposed to completing whole raids in a bigger WoW raid boost. Clients could use a boost of this type to hunt for specific items from those opponents’ unique loot pools. The final few encounters of raids traditionally allow winners to seize higher-level loot and various special prizes;
  • WoW raid carry services that involve earning particular achievements, such as the Glories for different raids. That requires beating encounters in those raids while meeting complicated conditions, and results in additional loot such as mounts;
  • WoW raid carry services for obtaining mounts and other special prizes in raids, which often involves either beating an encounter once or grinding it repeatedly until the desired loot drops;
  • WoW raid boost bundles that combine multiple WoW raid carry services into one at a discounted price. That can include runs in all available raids to collect the maximum weekly Dragonflight raid loot.

Customers can count on receiving the following benefits from each WoW raid boost in this expansion’s series of raids:

  • Dragonflight raid loot, including some of the best equipment in the MMORPG (highest-level if the Mythic variant raid boost was chosen);
  • Chance of obtaining unique loot specific to the Dragonflight raid and variant, like mounts or tier set tokens;
  • Progress towards achievements pertaining to this Dragonflight raid based on actions during the raid boost.

We plan to provide WoW raid carry services for all active raids in this expansion. For now, only the initial Dragonflight raid has been revealed and added to the WoW raid boost catalog (see the Vault of the Incarnates Raid Boost page). However, as new raids become available, carries for those raids will appear on our website.

By default, each WoW raid boost is done through account-sharing. Our employee will play from the customer’s account, controlling their hero. This method enables the most efficient raid boost progress, since our player could complete the raid boost without distractions and use optimal tactics to tear through all encounters. The client can simply rest and wait for the loot. A selfplay WoW raid carry can be arranged on request, letting the customer retain control over their adventurer while providing them with a pro party. This WoW raid carry method would enable clients to explore Dragonflight raid content and fight for loot in person without the complications of making their own party.

Our services for this expansion go well beyond raids and include everything in these popular categories:

  • DF Powerleveling: reach the desired level right away, useful for reaching endgame raids immediately;
  • DF Mythic Plus Dungeons: farm the other main type of endgame PvE activity for loot;
  • DF PvP: attain any rank and earn special prizes in the Arena and the Battlegrounds;
  • DF Character Boosting: upgrade standing with factions, level up professions, and unlock important features;
  • DF Timewalking: revisit vintage raids and challenges in enhanced form to claim updated loot;
  • DF Collectibles: acquire mounts, transmogs, and other cosmetic loot from all sources, including older raids.

Why Buy Dragonflight Raid Boost Services from CakeBoost?

Raids are serious undertakings. Most variants of raids involve ten to thirty players. Finding such a group and scheduling a session can be almost as difficult as coordinating everyone’s actions during live raids. Encounters in the most recently implemented Dragonflight raid can be expected to be the toughest fights in the entire MMORPG. The opponents involved are not only tough, but also employ many complicated and deadly mechanics. Victory in raids is never assured, as one small misstep can doom the whole run. Yet, the loot raids promise is too good to pass up. That is why WoW raid carry services enjoy such popularity.

Players who decide to get a boost for a Dragonflight raid should know the risks. WoW raid boost providers vary greatly in quality and trustworthiness. Boosters who get paid in real money may be more dependable on average than players offering a WoW raid carry for Gold or a share of the loot, but such WoW raid boost services could also turn out to be a costly scam. Even if there is no ill intent, poor conduct during the WoW raid carry may endanger the client’s account with all its collected loot. The best WoW raid boost option is to purchase a WoW raid carry from a trusted company. CakeBoost strives to provide reliable, fast, affordable WoW raid boost services for all raids. We are helped by several key advantages:

  • Experience. Our boosting business dates back to 2015. It always included WoW raid carry services. Over the years, we have acquired many-sided expertise concerning boosting in general and WoW raid carry services in particular. We learned to deal with all the usual issues that can occur during raids and hinder WoW raid carry progress. Dragonflight raid services bring this expertise to newly-arrived and upcoming raids. Customers can rely on us for smooth and fast WoW raid boost delivery. Clients who are still on the fence are invited to check the reviews for our WoW raid carry performance on Trustpilot;
  • Professionalism. Our WoW carry raid team consists of thoroughly vetted professionals. They have up-to-date knowledge about each Dragonflight raid, as well as extensive experience with past raids. This familiarity lets them adjust to any situation that may come up in raids and avoid being caught off guard by unusual mechanics during a WoW raid carry. Each WoW raid boost is entrusted to the most suitable boosters in our roster. In addition to their familiarity with the instance and general track record with raids, we look for mastery of the WoW raid carry client adventurer’s specific build. This approach gives us ideal odds of concluding each WoW raid carry speedily and smoothly;
  • Flexibility. Customers can order all the most in-demand WoW raid carry types from our catalog, with all the most popular options. Even if the desired WoW raid carry cannot be found on the site, our staff will consider all special requests submitted by potential customers. If they appear feasible, we can either work them into a standard WoW raid boost or arrange a custom WoW raid carry. We offer assistance in all accessible raids and variants, no matter what realm the client plays in;
  • Safety. Our customers’ boosted accounts are safe with us. All client data is encrypted through the use of cutting-edge HTTPS technology. When purchasing a WoW raid boost, clients only need to provide their log-in details to their respective boosters. All raids are played through manually, without relying on third-party services or programs. To maintain WoW raid boost confidentiality, boosters are instructed to deploy VPNs connecting to servers in customers’ countries and refrain from speaking to customers’ friends before and during raids;
  • User-friendly service. Our customer support team is prepared to answer our clients’ WoW raid boost inquiries on a 24/7 schedule. They can inform clients about the status of their current WoW raid carry or advise them about our services in raids. Contact is usually made via e-mail or live chat before the WoW raid carry starts. Afterwards, we take communications to a dedicated channel set up in a platform chosen by customer while ordering the WOW raid boost.

How Do WoW Dragonflight Raid Boost Services Work?

Customers seeking to purchase a Dragonflight Raid boost service from CakeBoost should proceed according to those instructions:

  • Pick the intended WoW raid boost from our Dragonflight Raid boost catalog or the sub-categories dedicated to individual raids;
  • Make sure the adventurer who will participate in this WoW raid boost can fulfill its requirements;
  • Select intended WoW raid boost options and click on the “buy” icon to add the raid boost to the cart;
  • Confirm the WoW raid carry order in the cart; 
  • Shared contact details and decide which program will host the communications for this WoW raid carry;
  • Send the payment for the WoW raid boost using a recommended platform;
  • Help us work out a convenient schedule for the WoW raid carry service and convey any further WoW raid boost requests;
  • If a selfplay raid boost was arranged, our staff will help get in touch with our WoW raid carry party in-game;
  • Otherwise, allow our booster to control the selected adventurer during prescheduled WoW raid carry intervals and wait until the WoW raid carry is wrapped up. We will provide WoW raid boost status updates and, optionally, free streaming to let players follow the WoW raid service as it happens;
  • Leave WoW raid boost feedback on Trustpilot to help develop our WoW Dragonflight raid and general WoW raid boost services further.

Buy A WoW Dragonflight Raid Boost Right Now

Our Dragonflight Raid Boost WoW services allow players to break into the current endgame swiftly, assuredly, and at a reasonable price. In addition to the equipment and other useful loot acquired during the raid boost, registered users will receive a bonus currency they can spend on any of our WoW raid boost or other services. That means our customers will be well-prepared for the release of future raids and better loot, whether they wish to purchase more WoW raid carry services or deal with those raids themselves. Newcomers can register for a first-purchase discount on any services, including raids, loot runs, and so forth. Our frequent discounts and numerous bundle deals can lower WoW raid boost prices even more.