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Vault of the Incarnates Raid Boost

Since it is the earliest raid in Dragonflight, Vault of the Incarnates received a key part in the World of Warcraft's progression. Loot runs in VoI are vital to high-end gear progression. After it leaves the bleeding edge, it will still attract raiders with a variety of exclusive prizes. If struggling with this challenging adventure, look into CakeBoost’s Vault of the Incarnates boosting services for sale to get back on track.

Vault of the Incarnates Boosting Services Description

Vault of Incarnates raid in Dragonflight was added within weeks of patch 10.0. Its entrance is situated in the far east of Thaldraszus. This ancient prison was built to house the mighty protodragons known as Primal Incarnates. Their followers, the Primalists, maybe the most prominent antagonists of the Dragonflight expansion so far. Led by the prisoners’ younger sibling, Raszageth, they have taken control of the prison and begun to liberate its inmates from magical shackles. Players are called upon to end the threat as part of a storyline connected to the overall campaign. As they explore the ruins, heroes must defeat 8 bosses drawn from the ranks of the fiercest Primalists and allied monsters.

As usual, people can attempt the 10.0 raid in four variants:

  • LFR: The easiest mode, divided into three wings and accessible through the Group Finder tool;
  • VotI Normal: Starting full instance that requires basic PvE competence and yields superior loot rewards;
  • VotI Heroic: A balanced compromise with regard to dangers and spoils. Highly viable for lootruns;
  • VotI Mythic: Single hardest and most lucrative activity of the moment.

Even the simplest Incarnates raid variant contains superb items that would greatly help raiders in their gearing process. Harder difficulties would bring players to the pinnacle of power with their drops. That is not to mention various exclusive benefits that go beyond ordinary gear. Yet staging a lootrun involves many challenges:

  • Gathering a capable party. Ten to thirty players are required to run this instance. Even with interested friends, scheduling can be a nightmare. Playing with unfamiliar teammates could turn sour if they prove incompetent or toxic. Teamwork is essential for victory, but cannot always be expected in such cases;
  • Overcoming powerful foes. Vault of the Incarnates contains the hardest battles in the MMORPG. Varied and complex boss fight rulesets produce unforgiving gameplay, with a few mistakes often leading to frustrating failures; 
  • Finding enough playtime. On average, experienced groups familiar with the instance need four hours to clear it once. Mechanics can take several attempts to figure out. Repeated runs may be necessary to collect all desired random drops. As a result, attempting the latest raid can be a much bigger timesink than the initial estimate implies;
  • Bringing the right specs. Meta adherence in advanced PvE is not obligatory, but it still makes a noticeable difference. Less optimal characters may struggle to find allies or perform in the instance.

CakeBoost’s professional VotI carry services take care of those problems, eliminating obstacles between buyers and the spoils. Our extensive roster ensures that we can always put together a party on short notice. Their general expertise and knowledge of VoI in particular lets them finish every fight smoothly and promptly. Buying the Vault of the Incarnates raid product from our website means you could entrust its completion to the team and relax, saving considerable energy and playtime. Alternatively, we could allow you to participate in person, aided by an elite party that will work regardless of chosen specs.

Vault of the Incarnates Raid: Loot & Rewards

The chief attraction of WoW Vault of the Incarnates boosting is the acquisition of superior weapons and armor. The item level of loot in recent updates is determined by the mode and boss tier. VoI bosses are separated into three tiers. The four earliest enemies go to one tier while the remaining foes are separated into pairs. The resulting VotI raid ilvl breakdown is seen below:

DifficultyTier OneTwoThree

Raiders may solely collect loot once weekly after each encounter. Fighting an already vanquished opponent in another mode is tracked as a different encounter. Groups in which some members have already been locked out of rewards may receive less loot.

Further potential rewards from Thaldraszus raid carries include:

  • Additional item options in the Great Vault for beating two, five, and eight bosses during the previous week. Ilevels are tied to the toughest variants in which those thresholds were reached;
  • Unique items (two rings, a trinket, and a bow) from specific bosses. Those items are six or seven points higher than the standard loot from their respective encounters;
  • Tokens that may be exchanged for tier set pieces. Five bosses drop tokens for different slots. Each class has its own set. Wearing two or four pieces together activates bonuses determined by the wearer’s spec;
  • Mounts including the VotI last boss mount (an occasional drop after the Raszageth encounter at any difficulty);
  • Achievements earned by fulfilling challenges and overcoming bosses. That includes rewards for beating the last boss at the toughest and second-toughest difficulties before the next raid launch;
  • Titles granted for entering the Hall of Fame or overcoming the hardest version of Raszageth.

Vault of the Incarnates Bosses & Features

Vault of the Incarnates is an 8-boss raid. The standard sequence in which these bosses are fought goes:

  • Eranog;
  • Terros;
  • Sennarth;
  • Kurog;
  • Primal Council;
  • Dathea;
  • Diurna;
  • Raszageth.

Having vanquished the opening foe, the party may elect to confront the Council immediately, and then a couple of opponents below it in the list. In this case, they would later need to go back and defeat the three enemies they skipped before facing the last boss. Picking up a quest in the Clutchwarren and beating Diurna thrice to collect special tokens will let you skip ahead to that foe’s position after the opening clash.

What Vault of the Incarnates Raid Carry Services Do We Offer?

Vault of Incarnates boosting can take many different forms. At CakeBoost, we offer several types of Vault of the Incarnates boosting services:

  • Full run VotI boost services at all available difficulties:

            - Cheap WoW Vault of the Incarnates carry runs at Normal;

            - Lucrative and reasonably fast VotI raid run services at Heroic;

            - VotI boost runs on Mythic, offering the finest and hardest-to-acquire rewards;

  • Individual VotI boss kill carries. We sell runs for any VoI encounter, helping you farm their exclusive drops;
  • Last boss carry focused on farming the Raszageth encounter;
  • VotI carry loot run acquiring items for each slot;
  • Boosts for obtaining particular rewards, including mounts.

While ordering a WoW Vault of the Incarnates raid boost, there are several decisions to be made:

  • When it will occur. Raid carry scheduling is arranged with client participation to ensure maximum comfort. Our employees will attempt to execute the fastest VotI raid boost possible in the specified schedule. Nevertheless, external factors like lockouts and other queued instances may delay the service.  We will share information about any complications that arise promptly;
  • Whether to use piloted or selfplayed VotI boosting. The former means having our booster pilot the indicated character. It saves buyers from needing to do anything and generally results in greater efficiency. The latter lets you explore this instance yourself without worrying about teammates, as your character shall be accompanied by our boosters;
  • How to distribute the spoils. By default, those high ilvl loot runs use the regular system which gives your character a random chance of getting anything that drops. If extra fees are paid, we could implement loot funnels. That means fellow participants in the raid will concede priority on armor or all items the chosen character can use, expanding the resulting haul. Even if those funnels randomly receive such drops, they will be gifted automatically.

If the desired Vault of the Incarnates boost cannot be found anywhere, speak to CakeBoost’s support staff. They are empowered to arrange custom VotI carry services to fulfill any feasible requests.