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Dragonflight Expansion will release on November 29, 2022. Hurry up to get all Seasonal mounts and achievements that will be unavailable soon!

WoW 3v3 Arena Rating

Selfplay Offer

CakeBoost’s WoW Dragonflight 3v3 Arena Rating service is here to help. Customers who do not wish to spend too many hours on climbing up the WoW Arena 3v3 ranked ladder can use a boost done by professionals instead to reach their goal swiftly and effortlessly. Alternatively, clients wishing to take part in the mode can hire our players to assist them, instead of relying on unpredictable teammates and having to work out complex scheduling issues. Either way, we will ensure speedy WoW Arena 3v3 rating progress and unlock rewards along the way.


  • Desired 3v3 wow arena rating boost
  • A lot of HonorConquest Points
  • Achievements according to the respective rating
  • Vicious Saddle for 100 wins
  • Loot rewards from the weekly chest


  • Depends on the selected range


  • Level 60 character
  • 245+ PvP gear for 1800+
  • 255+ PvP gear for 2100+

About Dragonflight WoW 3v3 Arena Rating Boost Offers

3v3 WoW Arena is, beyond doubt, the most prestigious PvP mode this MMORPG can offer. Its participants alone have a shot at the greatest season-specific PvP award: the Gladiator Title. Numerous lesser prizes may be claimed through it as well. Naturally, many players also enjoy this mode for its gameplay: the fierce competition between skilful opponents and the tactical opportunities provided by trios. However, the most interesting challenges and finest prizes may be claimed solely at the top of the ratings. Ranking up can be a tedious slog, requiring many won matches.

What Can I Get With A WoW 3v3 Arena Rating Boost?

The benefits of WoW 3v3 Arena rating carries for our customers are:

  • Quickly attaining the desired WoW Arena 3v3 rating, unlocking exclusive cosmetics, advanced PvP equipment, and upgrading to higher tiers for the latter;
  • Winning sufficient WoW 3v3 Arena matches for the desired advancement, resulting in Honor and Conquest PvP currency awards;
  • Getting closer to or claiming assorted WoW 3v3 Arena achievements, titles, and related prizes, including the seasonal Gladiator Title and an exclusive Dragonriding mount customization option (which calls for 50 WoW Arena 3v3 victories after reaching 2400 rating);
  • Getting closer to or claiming Vicious War Mounts (each requires 80 WoW Arena 3v3 victories after reaching 1000 rating);
  • Improving the unseen matchmaking factor to ensure more exciting WoW Arena 3v3 matches against tougher players in the future;
  • Unlocking extra Weekly Chest prize options from the PvP pool if rated Honor thresholds were reached during the WoW Arena 3v3 rating carry.

When ordering a boost, buyers can choose between account-sharing and selfplay options. In the former scenario, CakeBoost’s booster shall control the buyer’s combatant and win the necessary number of WoW Arena 3v3 matches to reach the rating target. This method lets the buyer relax while ensuring rapid progress at the hands of someone who can play without distractions and leverage optimally effective tactics. Selfplay lets the buyer play their combatant through the required matches, with our boosters acting as their teammates. Clients can use a boost of this type to continue enjoying the WoW Arena 3v3 gameplay without its usual frustrations and difficulties, and with ideal odds of success.

Clients may also purchase a variety of other WoW Dragonflight Arena Boost and WoW Dragonflight PvP Boost services:

  • WoW Dragonflight Arena Rating 2v2: Using the other version of this mode to rank up and claim many of the same rewards;
  • Arena Wins: Scoring a specified number of victories in either version of the content;
  • Gladiator Title: Ensuring that the client receives the ultimate WoW 3v3 Arena prizes;
  • Dragonflight RBG Rating: Advancing through RBG ratings efficiently to unlock general PvP and exclusive RBG prizes;
  • Dragonflight RBG Wins: Racking up victories in RBGs for prizes and distinctions;
  • Honor or Conquest Farm: Collecting special currencies needed to purchase and upgrade special PvP items that will be needed to keep up in high-level WoW 3v3 Arena and elsewhere;
  • Dragonflight PvP Gear Farm: Assembling complete sets of PvP gear at any available level to hold one’s own in high-end PvP matches;
  • Vicious War Mount Unlock: Meeting the requirements to claim Vicious War mounts through any PvP activity, whether RBG or WoW 3v3 Arena;
  • PvP Coaching: Professional training and guidance for PvP enthusiasts, tailored to the customers’ interests and preferences. Advisable for people who use account-sharing carries to reach higher ratings if they wish to compete in WoW 3v3 Arena or elsewhere afterwards, to substitute experience they would miss out on.

We also provide Dragonflight boosting services for all other aspects of the MMORPG, with highlights including powerleveling, gearing, instance farming, and Gold selling. Thanks to these and other services, clients are free to focus on expansion features they enjoy while leaving all the busywork to us.

Why Should You Buy WoW 3v3 Arena Rating Boosts from CakeBoost?

Dragonflight WoW 3v3 Arena rating carries can save buyers a lot of trouble and enhance their enjoyment of competitive play in this era. However, people who decide to get a boost for Dragonflight WoW 3v3 Arena Rating should take care to choose a provider worthy of their trust. Otherwise, they risk getting banned or having their data compromised, whether due to falling for a scam or because of flawed security practices. There are other widespread problems as well, like delays, miscommunications, or extortionate prices. CakeBoost’s WoW 3v3 Arena Rating boost service has no such problems and is the ideal solution for WoW 3v3 Arena issues. We promise that:

  • We will provide polished, fast, reliable services by drawing on years of relevant experience. Our World of Warcraft Arena 3v3 boosts have been around since 2015, helping many clients achieve their WoW Arena 3v3 mode objectives. Having previously adapted to the PvP meta in multiple expansions and updates since we started, we should have no trouble in readjusting our methods and sustaining our standard of service in Dragonflight. We have also learned how to counter all common problems that result in services of this kind, resulting in a smoother overall experience. Would-be buyers can check out our feedback on Trustpilot, letting them know what to expect;
  • Our WoW Arena 3v3 boosting team consists of qualified, professional players with spotless reputations. Every employee goes through extensive background checks before being accepted into our roster. All of them have substantial prior WoW 3v3 Arena experience and will adjust quickly to any alterations in the meta and the overall gameplay introduced in Dragonflight. Their optimal strategies will enable them to win matches and rise in rating without complications or setbacks. We employ specialists in all classes, ensuring our ability to fill in gaps in all team compositions and provide suitable pilots for any client combatants;
  • Buyers may modify WoW Arena 3v3 boost orders to match their actual needs. They may set whatever WoW 3v3 Arena rating goals they want, avoiding overpaying for unnecessary boosting. Further options exist to let them fully customize orders, whether by requesting extra wins or by paying a higher price for a faster delivery. Options not represented on the page may still be implemented as part of a custom service, if requested and approved by our specialists. We generally seek to be as flexible as we may to ensure client satisfaction. WoW 3v3 US boosting services and EU boosting services receive equal amounts of attention from our staff;
  • Clients’ accounts and private information will be safe with us. We encrypt all data on our website with cutting-edge HTTPS technology. WoW 3v3 Arena boosting is carried out by our employees directly, without resorting to bots, hacks, cheats, or other suspect services or programs that could endanger users’ interests. When ordering WoW Arena 3v3 rating boosts, clients must provide the details necessary to complete their orders. Access to this information is exclusive to employees directly involved in those services. Secrecy is ensured through the deployment of VPNs and by avoiding talking to other players during the service;
  • Customers will receive qualified support on their preferred terms. Our support staff is always online and responds to all queries swiftly. It may be contacted over live chat or e-mail before any order has been placed. When ordering a boost, clients are asked to choose a popular messaging program such as Discord or Telegram. This program is then used to establish a personal channel for updates and messages regarding their WoW Arena 3v3 boost order. Our staff can respond at length to inquiries concerning ongoing WoW 3v3 Arena service or orient potential buyers around our WoW Arena 3v3 offerings.

How Do WoW 3v3 Arena Rating Boost Services Work?

Customers intending to arrange a WoW 3v3 Carry Service to raise their WoW Arena 3v3 Rating in Dragonflight should proceed according to these steps:

  • Make sure your combatant meets the service requirements;
  • Check all appropriate WoW 3v3 Arena rating boost options and press “buy”, then confirm the purchase;
  • Let us know how to contact you and what messaging program you would prefer us to employ;
  • Send the payment by any of our suggested methods;
  • Discuss details like the preferred WoW Arena 3v3 carry schedule and extra requests with our staff once they make contact;
  • If an account-sharing WoW Arena 3v3 service was chosen, let CakeBoost’s employee log in as your combatant at prescheduled intervals and relax until the carry is concluded. We will provide streaming on request;
  • If a selfplay WoW Arena 3v3 service was chosen instead, proceed as instructed by our staff to meet with our squadmates and start playing in the WoW 3v3 Arena;
  • Provide feedback over Trustpilot to assist the continued refinement of CakeBoost’s WoW 3v3 Arena services.

Buy A WoW 3v3 Arena Rating Boost for Dragonflight Right Now

WoW 3v3 Arena seasons allow contenders to earn unique prizes within a few months. Many would-be contenders for such prizes may have trouble finding the free playtime or the energy needed to rank up fast enough, though. CakeBoost’s WoW Arena 3v3 carry services would let their users advance quickly, assuredly, and affordably. Frequent special offers driven down the costs of our WoW 3v3 Arena offerings. Each boost yields CakeCoins, which go towards making further purchases cheaper. Newly-registered users benefit from discounts on their initial purchases. PvP enthusiasts can use such a discount to enter the WoW 3v3 Arena with a start, and ensure they will stay competitive throughout Dragonflight and beyond.

CakeBoost’s WoW Dragonflight 3v3 Arena Rating service is here to help. Customers who do not wish to spend too many hours on climbing up the WoW Arena 3v3 ranked ladder can use a boost done by professionals instead to reach their goal swiftly and effortlessly. Alternatively, clients wishing to take part in the mode can hire our players to assist them, instead of relying on unpredictable teammates and having to work out complex scheduling issues. Either way, we will ensure speedy WoW Arena 3v3 rating progress and unlock rewards along the way.

WoW 3v3 Arena Rating
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Dragonflight Preorder
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Secure Payment
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Account Safety
  • 01 Are there any risks?

    In order to secure your account we ALWAYS use VPN accurately within your city and country. Secondly, since we use the most reliable ways of security you may be sure that your gold and miscellaneous achievements are properly stored. Thirdly, we never ask our client’s secret question for the account. And finally we do not pay our coaches until your order has been completed.

  • 02 Does my account need to be unlocked?

    Depends on the option of service you choose. If you choose the selfplayed option for order completion then your account shouldn’t be unlocked.

  • 03 Do I lose the access to my account during the order process?

    We guarantee the security for your personal account information. That means that all information we have from you couldn’t be shared to anybody else except our company. However, once our player is on your account you don’t have the opportunity to play simultaneously, that's why we ask our clients before order start to make a schedule for convenient playing for both sides.


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