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WoW 3v3 Arena Boost

10% OFF Selfplay Offer

WoW 3v3 Arena is often referred to as the ultimate PvP mode of World of Warcraft. It features an effective combination of straightforward core rules and complex tactics while letting participants claim the finest PvP trophies. However, people may find 3v3 matches more disappointing than rewarding due to their barriers to entry, the difficulty of putting together parties, and the grinding required to claim rewards. CakeBooost’s 3v3 Arena carry service lets clients get what they want out of this mode without unwanted commitments.


  • Desired position in 3v3 bracket achieved, unlocking upgrade options and cosmetics;
  • Augmented matchmaking for this game mode;
  • Unclaimed 3v3 Arena achievements and titles;
  • Sufficient 3v3 wins to make the required rating;
  • Winner awards from each match, such as Honor and Conquest currencies and progress towards wins-locked achievements or mounts (via Vicious Saddle);
  • More and better Great Vault PvP loot options.


The completion speed of a 3v3 Arena boost depends on several factors:

  • Initial and target 3v3 rank;
  • Whether an Express start has been requested;
  • Arena population and competitor skills in the client’s realm;
  • Other queued services of this type preoccupying boosters.

Under most circumstances, a 3v3 arena boost from 0 to 2100 should last under a week, while smaller 3v3 Arena boosts may only require a couple of days. Speak with our support staff to get estimates for your specific order and confirm the current availability of boosters for Express starts.


  • Adventurer leveled to 70;
  • Equipment with 437 PvP ilvl or better for an Arena 3v3 carry up to 1800, or minimum 450 ilvl for higher targets;
  • Two PvP trinkets;
  • Readiness to follow the boosters’ lead if a selfplay 3v3 boost was ordered.

Our support staff can help prospective customers get ready for the boost by instructing them on necessary preparations or suggesting other Dragonflight services in case they cannot satisfy leveling or gearing preconditions.

Selfplay 3v3 Arena Carry Options

The buyer may customize WoW 3v3 Arena boost in several ways:

  • Specify the desired character rating of the 3s Arena carry and starting point. Boosts that cover more ground and/or take place at higher ranks will take longer and cost more, but also deliver greater benefits;
  • Buying 3v3 carry with the Express option ensures a quicker start and fastest possible completion, as we prioritize customers who choose this option over others for an added price;
  • We can collect a complete set of 411 PvP ilvl gear (the Honor set) before the actual Arena 3v3 boost if requested, allowing a smooth start in this mode even without any prior preparation;
  • For a further payment, our boosters can follow up with an extra win at the start of the next week after the main 3v3 boost. This will confirm your position in the PvP system and allow you to get a week's loot;
  • We provide both pilot and selfplay Arena 3v3 service options. There is no additional cost.

3v3 Arena carry options are not limited to the above list. Would-be buyers are encouraged to contact our support staff if they have requests that go beyond the options found on this page. For example, while it is not one of our usual offerings, we could provide a 3v3 carry for an even higher 2100. We may also hunt for specific achievements attainable in this mode. Furthermore, the staff would gladly answer any questions that active or potential customers may have about this service or our other WoW PvP boost self play or WoW Arena carry offers.

WoW Arena 3v3 Rating Rewards in WoW Dragonflight Season 2

Most tangible advantages gained from a WoW 3v3 Arena boost are tied to particular PvP ranks. Firstly, ascending to those ranks thresholds increases the maximum ilevel to which PvP gear bought with Conquest may be raised. Secondly, this maximum ilevel also determines the attainable prizes unlocked in the Great Vault on that week by earning sufficient Honor in rated PvP activities such as this mode. Thirdly, players unlock titles and seasonal transmog skins for equipment in different slots upon reaching particular thresholds:

RatingAchievementVisual Slot
1000Combatant IBack
1200Combatant IILegs, Wrists
1400Challenger IHands, Feet
1600Challenger IIChest, Waist
1800Rival IHead, Shoulders, Helm
1950Rival IIIllusion for weapons
2100DuelistDuelist & Weapon, Alternative Back
2400EliteObsidian Gladiator's Tabard, transmog

Conquest equipment is always at the highest ilevel in PvP activities. As such, the benefits of reaching particular thresholds may be largely cosmetic for most players.

In addition to the transmog skins, each PvP season offers opportunities to claim even more prestigious exclusive seasonal rewards. While not the direct goal of this 3s Arena carry, raising 3v3 rank is key to unlocking those rewards. Upon getting to 1000, combatants begin to earn points towards unlocking the latest PvP mount with each victory. After completing this process once, they can repeat it to earn Vicious Saddles that may be exchanged for earlier creatures. Winning 50 3s Arena matches at 2400 or higher is required to secure Gladiator rank, along with its seasonal variant epithet and exclusive mount.

What Is WoW 3v3 Boost?

Customers can buy Arena 3v3 boost services in either pilot or selfplay formats. The former means that CakeBoost’s booster will pilot the customer’s character to achieve their goals. Playing full-time and drawing on advanced strategies and extensive experience allows boosters to advance through the 3v3 Arena bracket with much greater efficiency. As a result, clients can expect much faster results. They also do not have to do anything to benefit from the mode, saving their playtime and energy for other activities. It may be ideal for those who just want prizes.

Downsides include not learning how to play at the achieved rank, which may be a problem for people wishing to play 3v3 Arena in the future. Also, while we take pains to secure client information and accounts, this method involves account-sharing and is inevitably riskier. Selfplay is the advisable service option for buyers concerned with either or both issues. It lets clients retain control over their combatants and fight for their advancement directly. However, it removes the necessity of recruiting and coordinating teammates. Instead, the client will enter matches alongside CakeBoost’s boosters. On top of achieving their goals with greater reliability and ease, selfplay users get to learn from witnessing the moves of seasoned PvP players.

WoW 3v3 Arena Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Arena Rating
0 - 1500
Additional Options
1 Win the Following Week
Selfplay (FREE)
I don't have 437 ilvl & 15% vers

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