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Aberrus Normal Boost

Selfplay Offer

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Normal boost is a Dragonflight service that will help players kill 9/9 bosses in normal AtSC raid difficulty and get a new tier set, as well as 415+ ilvl items. Although easier than other modes, farming AtSC raid weekly remains tedious. Ordering a raid run at the Normal difficulty lets you collect unique rewards without unwanted effort. The items obtained here now will remain useful for months. To ensure fast success, buy Aberrus Normal clear from CakeBoost.


  • Aberrus Normal raid run;
  • 9/9 bosses defeat;
  • Group Loot with 415 ilvl rewards from every encounter;
  • Personal Chance for very rare items 428+ ilvl;
  • Possibility to get Tier set tokens;
  • Extra Great Vault choices for winning two, five, and eight encounters;
  • Aberrus, the Shadow Crucible raid achievement;
  • Any other rewards earned as part of the Aberrus Normal loot run, including currencies and reagents.


A full Aberrus Normal clear will take under three hours from the start. Our raid groups have daily Aberrus NM carry scheduled runs, so you can easily find a convenient time with the help of our customer care team. 

We plan to start delivering AtSC Normal boost services a week into Dragonflight season 2 when the instance is supposed to open.


  • 70 Character Level;
  • Fresh CD on Normal mode.

WoW Normal AtSC Boost Service

As the second raid of Dragonflight, AtSC is crucial for player progression at this moment. By farming it, you receive unique raid equipment that will serve you for much of the expansion. Even the basic 415 item level gear is superior to drops from many other sources. The unified gear upgrade system implemented in the Dragonflight Season 2 extends their usefulness further. 

Purchasing an Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid boost can solve any issues with assembling a team. You could also avoid grinding entirely and leave everything to experts. That said, Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible normal carry is the perfect choice for a new raid clear if you want to run it fast and get the maximum rewards.

Aberrus Normal Loot and Options

Our Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Normal boost may be tailored to fit your needs in several ways:

  • Piloted / Selfplay carries;
  • Group Loot / Loot Funnels. By default, you will receive items via the Group Loot mechanic. It’s a standard loot run - you can roll any item with other raid members without CD.
  • Armor Type Priority - You will be the only contender for your type of armor. In addition, our fresh CD boosters will also trade all the loot obtained from bosses for your class. Rings, necks, and other off-set items can be rolled by any raid member (they are contested).
  • Full Priority is the most advanced method that will allow you to get all the loot from a normal raid run. Feel free to invite a couple of friends to share a drop since you'll be the only customer in this raid!

We offer a range of other Aberrus raid services. Our team can complete partial or full runs in harder modes once you are ready to push on. Buy Aberrus normal boost services and experience all the benefits of paid services: fast clearing, access to all weekly chest rewards, loot trading, and of course, time-saving and no wipes. Check out service wow page if you are interested in other products in this game. If you haven't found anything suitable, feel free to contact our customer support to form a custom order.

Aberrus Normal Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
9/9 Group Loot
Armor & Tier Priority
0 options selected
4+ Items
5+ Items
7+ Items
Full Priority
0 options selected
10 Players
20 Players
26 Players

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