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Ashes of Al’ar

Buying the Ashes of Al’ar boost from CakeBoost is the quickest and surest way to obtain the Kael’thas mount. Ashes of Al’ar grants access to a prestigious old WoW mount first seen in Burning Crusade. It has a roughly 1.6% chance of dropping after victory over Kael’thas Sunstrider in The Eye, potentially requiring hundreds of attempts. Order our service now, and our crew will begin farming for the mount.


The list above assumes we will farm Kael’thas Sunstrider until Ashes of Al’ar drop. You could also order a fixed number of attempts without a guaranteed mount. Finally, we could purchase it from the Black Market Auction House, which may be faster but comes with added requirements (see below).


  • Pay-per-run: Each run requires approximately 15 minutes. Due to the cooldown system, we can make one weekly attempt per character;
  • Guaranteed: We cannot predict boost duration due to random chance elements;
  • BMAH: Probably within two months.


  • Maximum level character(s). Powerleveling carry services may be arranged upon request;
  • BMAH: Secondary WoW account with most recent expansion purchased. Transfer fee money on

Kael'thas Mount Farming Difficulties

To obtain Ashes of Al’ar, you must beat his previous owner in the far part of The Eye raid. You can sneak past all other opponents in the instance. The fight is fairly easy for most retail players to finish alone.

Nevertheless, farming can be pretty frustrating. The encounter only has a small chance to yield Ashes of Al’ar. You may have to repeat it dozens of times, which is bound to become tedious and frustrating. Furthermore, only one attempt per weekly reset is permitted. On the upside, each attempt will bring additional loot. While mechanically useless, many items from this source are popular transmogrification options.

Guaranteed Way to Get Ashes of Al’ar

Rather than waste hours running this instance yourself, you can buy CakeBoost’s Ashes of Al’ar boost. Our booster shall assume control over your character(s) at prearranged intervals to carry out regular farm runs. By drawing on knowledge of this encounter and optimal tactics, they should finish each run as swiftly as possible. Whether you request a fixed number of attempts or a guaranteed mount, our service will maximize your odds of obtaining Ashes of Al’ar. It should also save you a lot of effort and play time.

Fast Delivery Ashes of Al’ar Mount from BMAH

Buying Ashes of Al’ar through the Black Market is a viable service alternative. CakeBoost’s staff can monitor BMAH across realms until we detect an Ashes of Al’ar auction. Our booster will then log in to your secondary account and transfer an eligible character to start bidding on that realm. Bidding draws solely on our Gold reserves, but we will need your money for the transfer. If we fail to secure Ashes of Al’ar, we shall refund the transfer fee and try again. Once we manage to buy the item, it will be transferred to your primary account’s collection.

At CakeBoost, we let you purchase WoW boosts that cover every aspect of the MMORPG. You can buy WoW rare mounts farm services to round out your collection. We also provide assistance with the latest activities, such as running Heroic mode or harder instances.

Ashes of Al’ar
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Guaranteed mount
Guaranteed mount from BMAH


Where do Ashes of Al’ar drop from?

The item is dropped by Kael’thas Sunstrider when he is killed in The Eye.

What is the Ashes of Al’ar mount drop rate?

1.6%, based on WoWhead data.

Are Ashes of Al’ar rare?

Just over 30% of WoWhead app users have this mount. That may not seem very rare, but it has been around since Burning Crusade days. Also, the percentage may be lower for the player base as a whole.

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