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Black Temple Timewalking

15% OFF Selfplay Offer

Black Temple Timewalking boost is the fastest service aimed at farming this celebrated Burning Crusade raid’s TMW variant. Players obtain many unique items by running the WoW Timewalking Black Temple instance while TBC TMW is active. However, farming the raid yourself is a lengthy and complicated chore. Buying our Timewalking Black Temple Dragonflight service lets you outsource the task to experts.


Users who acquired the Warglaives of Azzinoth achievement will also obtain I’ll Hold These For You Until You Get Out, a special Black Temple Timewalking achievement. It comes with exclusive appearances for Illidan’s dual blades. Every Demon Hunter on the same account could use those skins for transmogrification.


Our crew can complete a single Black Temple Timewalking run inside a couple of hours after the start. Speak with CakeBoost’s support staff about available timeslots for your raid run.


  • Fully leveled character. Feel free to order a powerleveling service to help satisfy this prerequisite before the raid;
  • TBC Timewalking event active;
  • Fresh Timewalking Black Temple raid cooldown.

What Is A WoW Black Temple Timewalking Raid Boost?

CakeBoost’s Black Temple Dragonflight boost is a professional service for people seeking assistance with this instance. The raid presents several difficulties we can resolve:

  • Needing to gather and coordinate a large party;
  • Complex encounters with tricky mechanics could easily result in wipes. Especially problematic for newer players unfamiliar with the instance;
  • Unpredictable odds of receiving the most desirable items;
  • Having to spend hours on each run;
  • Limited availability. If you lack sufficient playtime during the event, you may miss out on its spoils until much later.

Purchasing our boost entrusts farming the Timewalking Black Temple to CakeBoost’s elite crew. Our booster will play from your account alongside colleagues. Together, they shall finish the TMW run at lightning speed, drawing upon their familiarity with optimal encounter strategies. You can enjoy the spoils without having to do anything yourself.

What Can You Gain With A Black Temple Timewalking Carry?

Several types of Black Temple Timewalking loot shall be collected by this boost’s conclusion:

  • Unique Black Temple gear;
  • TBC Tier 6 pieces for transmogrification;
  • TBC Garrison jukebox music roll;
  • Battle Pet Companions.

The equipment has been updated in the TMW version. Gear comes with cutting-edge Normal raid ilvls. Accessories are no longer exclusive to certain roles and provide different advantages, chiefly raising secondary stats. Tier piece partial and full set bonuses are disabled as obsolete. Yet the main reason to seek out those items is transmogrification. Black Temple is home to many prestigious and striking pieces, from iconic helmets to dazzling cloaks. This boost presents the perfect opportunity to claim them without undue effort.

If you are interested in buying WoW boost services, CakeBoost has many other great deals for you. Our Timewalking event boost catalog covers all TMW raids and further activities. Newer content is similarly covered.

Black Temple Timewalking
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