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Dragonflight Power Leveling Boost 60-70

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Dragonflight Power Leveling 60-70 enables you to jump into WoW’s endgame straight away. With our professional assistance, you can hit 70 lvl in one day. That would let you unleash the full power of your heroes’ classes straight away. It will also allow you to enter the Arena and the endgame instances without needing to grind.


  • Desired character level reached;
  • Level 70 and other achievements completed;
  • Progress for earning additional decorations like the
  • Dragonflight expansion Loremaster and Explorer variants;
  • Dragonriding mechanic unlocked (and upgraded if the option is selected);
  • All other benefits are obtained during Dragonflight powerleveling. That may include equipment, Gold, and other currencies.


  • The full Dragonflight level 70 boost service will be finished within a day.
  • Faster start options can reduce this ETA to 18 or 12 hours.
  • Dragonflight XP boosting with more limited aims will be quicker. Consult with our support team regarding the specific ETA.


  • 58 Character level or higher. If this condition is not met, we advise using our Dragonflight XP boosting service.

About Dragonflight Leveling Boost

WoW DF power leveling services let you outsource the EXP grind to experts who can complete it speedily. You can buy a variety of Level Boost WoW services, such as a WoW DF level boost with unlimited range and a selfplay service. In contrast, this Dragonflight 70 boost is focused on WoW Dragonflight leveling 60-70. That makes it perfect for heroes that passed through Shadowlands or members of the new race, the Dracthyr, who begin play at 58. In order to move you to the max level cap as quickly as possible, this service is piloted.

When purchasing level 70 boost, you must choose an actual leveling goal and starting point. That way, you can avoid paying for an unneeded level range. You can also pick several extra options. If the options offered in a product are not enough, feel free to view our wow boost services. Fully progressing Dragonriding increases the movement speed of dragons. Clearing endgame instances guarantees decent equipment once this service has been completed. For an added fee, we can prioritize the order, ensuring speedier delivery. Dragonflight's fastest 60-70 leveling only requires half a day.

WoW Dragonflight Leveling Route

The Dragonflight expansion takes place in the Dragon Isles. This archipelago consists of five zones (with the Dracthyr training grounds). Those maps are the largest in the World of Warcraft history and include many elevations. Both characteristics play into the new Dragonriding flight system, which is crucial for navigating these environments and leveling characters swiftly. The most efficient way to approach Dragonflight power leveling is to turn in quests from zones in their order of introduction during the storyline:

  • Forbidden Reach (for Dracthyr only);
  • Waking Shores;
  • Ohn’ahran Plains;
  • Azure Span;
  • Thaldraszus.

This Dragonflight leveling route is used in our lvl 70 boost. 

Dragonflight Level Boost Advantages

There are several reasons to buy Level 70 boost in Dragonflight rather than attempt to powerlevel manually:

  • The Dragon flight power leveling service saves you from a tedious grind. Instead of wasting your valuable playtime and energy, you can simply wait for us to finish;
  • Our boosters play full-time and are thoroughly familiar with the fastest leveling methods. That means they can wrap up the task much faster than most users;
  • While some fans enjoy WoW’s elaborate storylines and exploration experiences, others would rather hang out with friends or test themselves in endgame content. Our clients do not have to do anything they would find boring.
Dragonflight Power Leveling Boost 60-70
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
58 - 59
Fast (18h)
Extra Fast (12h)
Additional Options
8/8 Mythic +0 Dungeons
Aberrus Normal
Aberrus Heroic
All Dragonriding Glyphs


Does Dragonflight have level boost?

The Blizzard Entertainment store offers the standard instant character boost service to level 60. Our offer is not limited to only 60 levels. We offer custom leveling up to 70 so you don't have to pay extra for levels you don't need. And also a lot of profitable additional options.

What is the fastest way to level alts in Dragonflight?

Applying the WoD timeline through Chromie Time is the ideal way to level up to 60. Assuming the player has played through the Dragonflight expansion plotline once, their subsequent characters will benefit from campaign skips. Instead of playing through that entire storyline again, alts can elect to level in specific Dragon Isles zones. The best way of using this mechanic in powerleveling is to focus on questing in the Azure Span. This zone is by far the most efficient place to farm EXP. Ohn’ahran Plains are second best. Thaldraszus has few quests, while the Waking Shores questlines take too long to play through. Dungeons are best avoided at this stage unless there are quests that involve them.

How long does leveling take in Dragonflight?

On average, it is estimated that most people can reach 70 from 60 in 15 hours of playtime. Getting to 60 from the start might take around 14 hours. Depending on their knowledge and utilization of the most efficient leveling routes, the task could be accomplished much sooner. More casual players might take considerably longer if they do not focus on powerleveling.

How much faster is leveling in Dragonflight?

The leveling speed has been increased considerably in the Dragonflight expansion. That is especially true for older content. 1-60 leveling went from 25 hours on average to 14 due to massive reductions in required EXP. That said, playing through newer content for the first time may take longer. Lengthy questlines, vast spaces, and unfamiliar traversal mechanics can delay progress.

Can you boost Evoker to 60?

Sure! Our Evoker leveling service can get your Dracthyr character through the introductory sequence cheaply and without a long wait. The XP gained should suffice to reach this goal.

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