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Experiment 12-B Ultraxion Mount

Experiment 12-B boost presents the fastest and most straightforward way to acquire WoW’s Ultraxion mount. Experiment 12-B is a unique Drake flying mount introduced in Cataclysm, yet still owned by very few players. Ultraxion has a small chance of yielding to this creature in his Dragon Soul raid encounter. Rather than grind for it yourself, consider hiring professional assistance. Buy our Experiment 12-B mount boost, and experts will begin farming immediately.


By default, our crew shall farm Ultraxion until they secure the mount. You could also arrange a fixed number of attempts without a guaranteed drop. Alternatively, we can purchase the mount through the Black Market Auction House (BMAH).


  • Pay-per-run: Each attempt requires around 10 minutes. Due to the cooldown system, we can make one attempt each weekly reset;
  • Guaranteed: Because random rolls are involved, we cannot predict boost duration;
  • BMAH: Probably within two months.


  • Maximum level character(s). Additional eligible characters enable extra weekly farming attempts. We could arrange power leveling services if necessary;
  • BMAH: Secondary WoW account with the most recent game version and transfer fee money on

Experiment 12-B Farming Difficulties

The Experiment 12-B mount has a chance to appear in the Lesser Cache of the Aspects. Players may access this container after killing Ultraxion in the Dragon Soul raid. Although the fight is easy to solo with a fully leveled character, several factors make farming this dragon more complicated:

  • Ultraxion is the fifth boss of this instance. To reach him, you must fight your way through half the raid. There is no skip option;
  • The likelihood of receiving the desired mount on any attempt is extremely low. Unless very lucky, you may have to replay this fight dozens or hundreds of times;
  • Every character on your account can only loot this fight once per weekly reset, delaying success further.

Guaranteed Way to Get the Ultraxion Mount

Buying our boost service lets you avoid the grind while giving the best odds of adding this mount to your collection quickly. After you place this order, we will contact you to work out an ideal service schedule. Our booster will log in to your account weekly during pre-scheduled intervals. Since boosters play full-time, they can easily conduct regular runs until they reach the target number or collect the prize. Their instance familiarity and use of optimal methods should enable swift success in every run. Additionally, each attempt should provide other loot from the Dragon Soul instance, some of which may appeal as transmog material.

Fast Delivery Experiment 12-B from BMAH

Acquiring Experiment 12-B through the Black Market is a viable alternative. Doing so by yourself would require you to monitor BMAH for months and spend large amounts of Gold to outbid other players. Our BMAH service offers a simpler approach. Our staff can watch BMAH nonstop across realms. Once your target mount appears, our booster will access your secondary account and transfer an eligible character to begin bidding. Only our own Gold reserves will be tapped for bidding. If we fail, your transfer fee will be refunded and we shall try again at the earliest opportunity. Once successful, we will send the drake to your primary account.

You can get further rare WoW mounts carries and all sorts of other WoW booster services from CakeBoost. Reach out now to place your order!

Experiment 12-B Ultraxion Mount
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Guaranteed mount
Guaranteed mount from BMAH


Does Experiment 12-B still drop?

Yes, you can still obtain this mount from the Dragon Soul raid.

What difficulty does Experiment 12-B drop on?

Both Normal and Heroic versions of the instance yield this drake.

What is the drop rate for Experiment 12-B?

Probably around 1%, although official data is unavailable.

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