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WoW PvP Gear

In the new Dragonflight expansion, PvP gear matters more than it has in a while. PvP weapons and armor have a higher ilvl and other stats inappropriate activities compared to PvE, while other items do not benefit from such ilvl scaling. The finest equipment of this sort is automatically superior to most other items when wielded in this context. Players who wish to compete will want to secure such equipment as swiftly as possible. CakeBoost’s WoW PvP boosting services enable our customers to do precisely that, quickly, reliably, and at a reasonable price.


  • Desired ilvl of PvP gear (each slot)
  • Arena rating (depends on the selected ilvl)
  • A lot of HonorConquest Points
  • All resources, gold, and other items received during the boost


  • Flexible


  • Level 70 character

About WoW PvP Gear Carry Offers

PvP has always been a prominent and distinctive aspect of WoW’s gameplay, presenting unique challenges and rewards. Among its standout features is the existence of specialized PvP gear. While other items could be wielded instead, those weapons and armor pieces are optimized for combat between players, making them practically necessary for success in competitive modes. Competitors can buy and upgrade most PvP items to higher Ranks using currencies earned from relevant activities, namely Honor and Conquest. Amassing sufficient currencies can take a while, so many people decide to use a boost to assemble high ilvl equipment sets they will need to compete at any Rank.

WoW PvP Gear Overview

There are several known ways to acquire PvP gear in Dragonflight:

  • Completing PvP World Quests to collect special tokens that can be exchanged for starter PvP gear set items. While superior Rank equipment will probably out-level them eventually, those items will be highly desirable early on. They also benefit from set bonuses oriented toward this activity;
  • Collecting Honor from all PvP activities to purchase starter PvP items without Rank. The same currency type can be used to upgrade them to a higher Rank and ilvl if certain progress conditions are met;
  • Collecting Conquest from rated PvP activities to purchase a superior type of PvP gear, with a greater initial ilvl, but still without Rank. Increasing their Rank and ilvl further still requires Honor;
  • Earning sufficient amounts of Honor from rated PvP activities in a week to unlock special prize options in the Weekly Chest. Up to three options can be unlocked this way.

All PvP items benefit from the scaling ilvl mechanic. Their standard ilvl is replaced by a higher ilvl in PvP activities, making them superior to equivalent items from other sources. Items purchased with Conquest start out with the highest PvP ilvl of any available gear, meaning that they will always be preferable for such activities. Additionally, this type of equipment often possesses a high Versatility stat, which improves the user’s resistance and offensive and healing capabilities. This stat is especially prized for fighting between players. Items go up in Rank when upgraded with Honor, improving their basic and enhanced ilvl. Conquest pieces receive better PvE stats if raised in Rank with Honor, but it will have no effect on their PvP performance.

More details about PvP gearing in the Dragonflight expansion will be revealed as it continues to develop. As of this writing, Honor pricing for upgrades has not been set in stone. As further updates are added post-release, more PvP gear will become available for purchase Honor and Conquest. Further Honor Rank upgrades should be added too.

Why Should You Buy WoW PvP Gear Services from CakeBoost?

Acquiring PvP gear is necessary to compete in the majority of modes, but it can be a major hassle. Players wishing to avoid the grind and start fighting the way they wish without delay can get a boost to have someone else collect those items for them. By purchasing gearing services like this one, customers invest in their future enjoyment of PvP activities. The client’s adventurer will be controlled by the booster, who will farm Honor or other necessary currencies to acquire or Rank up the equipment using optimal methods and strategies. Between this expertise and being paid to play exclusively, the booster should reach the intended goal much faster than most customers would themselves.

It is easy to see why such gearing carries are so popular. However, they are fraught with risks. Buyers should be careful to only purchase them from trustworthy service providers, as otherwise they risk wasting their time and money on an unsatisfactory outcome. In the worst-case scenario, the boosted account might even become compromised or banned, making high-Rank gear bought with much Honor go to waste. We wish to assure our current and potential customers that CakeBoost’s Dragonflight PvP Gear carry service can be counted on to deliver the desired equipment Rank results swiftly and without any complications. In this, we are aided by the following factors:

  • Long experience. Since 2015, we delivered WoW PvP gearing and Honor farming services in multiple expansions over several seasons. That means our Dragonflight PvP gear boost service benefits from years of experience. We have polished every aspect of our boosting model, from ordering and communications to completion speed. By anticipating likely problems, we can ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience for our clients. Would-be customers can confirm our reputation through Trustpilot;
  • Suitable boosting team. We work with professional boosters who have proven PvP expertise and clean track records. Their extensive experience leaves them well-prepared to take on any relevant tasks, from efficiently farming Honor to figuring out an optimal Rank progression. Mastery of competitive tactics means their progress will not stall, letting them farm efficiently at any Rank. Our talent bench includes specialists in different classes, ensuring that combatants of all types will be equally well-served by their pilots;
  • Versatile carry model. Customers can request a complete set of PvP gear with any viable Rank and ilvl. If they have additional requests pertaining to gearing services, such as only getting specific items, raising the Rank of existing gear, or collecting extra Honor, they should mention them to our staff. It may be possible to arrange a custom service to accommodate their individual needs. Our services are available across realms and regions;
  • Thorough security measures. All data on our website is kept safe through up-to-date HTTPS encryption. The log-in details provided by the customer while ordering the boost are only shared with their booster. Boosting is accomplished manually, without resorting to third-party services or programs. The booster is instructed to maintain secrecy by deploying a VPN connection to a server in the client’s country and avoiding conversations with the client’s friends in-game;
  • Constantly available support. Clients may contact our staff whenever they want and count on a swift response. Our support specialists can provide in-depth consultations concerning any of our PvP gear boost services and answer questions about active orders. They can be reached over live chat, e-mail, or a dedicated communications channel. The latter is established using a chat program chosen by the customer while ordering the boost;
  • Reasonable prices. We make sure that our pricing is fully competitive and affordable for ordinary gamers. Customers can take advantage of our numerous special offers, including the first-purchase discount for newly-registered users. Furthermore, each purchase provides bonus CakeCoins that can be spent to buy more PvP gear or other services.

How Do WoW PvP Gear Boost Services Work?

To receive WoW Dragonflight PvP Gear boost services from CakeBoost, proceed according to these instructions:

  • Select the Rank and ilvl of the PvP gear set you want from our list and other appropriate options on the boost page;
  • Click on the “buy” icon to add the service to the cart, then go there to confirm the order;
  • Share contact details and choose the chat program for this boost;
  • Send the payment over any of the services listed on the checkout page;
  • Once our staff gets in touch, work out a convenient boosting schedule and inform them of any additional requests;
  • Allow our employees to control your combatant until the boost is finished. We will provide regular status updates. Free streaming is available on request if you want to check on the progress yourself;
  • Leave a review on Trustpilot to assist in developing our Dragonflight PvP gear carry services further.

What Can I Get With WoW PvP Gear Carry Services?

Each such service will deliver the following benefits to its customer:

  • A complete set of PvP gear of the chosen Rank and ilvl, with items for each slot;
  • RBG or Arena Rank and Rating progress (depending on the chosen farming method);
  • Any unspent Honor or other currency awards;
  • All other rewards were acquired during the service.

Customers can order many other services instead of or alongside this one. For instance, we offer WoW Arena Boost services. The other major gameplay mode is covered by WoW RBG Rating Boost and RBG Wins Boost services. Those services let players rank up and collect Honor and other rewards. Honor and Conquest farming enables clients to obtain the necessary currencies before making their own purchasing decisions. Coaching sessions prepare players to use everything they can get from other boosts in person.

WoW PvP Gear
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Honor Gear 437 PvP ilvl
Conquest Gear 450 PvP ilvl
Add Seasonal PvP Mount

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