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Glacial Tidestorm (Jaina Mount)

Buying Glacial Tidestorm boost lets you collect BfA’s Jaina Proudmoore mount with minimal difficulties. You have an approximately 1% chance to receive Glacial Tidestorm after defeating Jaina in Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor. You may have to keep running that instance for weeks. We can help you obtain this rare mount without grinding. Buy our Glacial Tidestorm mount carry service, and we will start farming immediately.


We can repeat attempts until the mount drops. Alternatively, you could pay less for a smaller number of attempts without guaranteed success.


Because the boost involves random rolls, we cannot predict how long it would last. Each individual attempt requires around 15 minutes. However, we can only make one weekly Glacial Tidestorm attempt per character due to the cooldown system.


  • At least one maximum level character. Several characters would let us make more weekly attempts;
  • Mythic mode Battle of Dazar’alor cleared to enable Jaina skip.

You may request powerleveling and/or raid carry services to prepare for this boost quickly.

Glacial Tidestorm Mount Hunting Difficulties

To make Glacial Tidestorm a part of your collection, you must defeat Jaina in Battle of Dazar’alor Mythic mode raid. Several obstacles stand in your way:

  • Jaina is the final boss of this instance. You must first clear a path to her. Fortunately, the option to skip appears after your first Mythic clear;
  • Even in Dragonflight, Jaina remains an extremely difficult fight. Her freeze mechanic makes her virtually impossible to solo. However, finding a group for older content is often difficult. Your teammates would need to coordinate in combat;
  • Glacial Tidestorm has a very low drop rate. You may need to fight Jaina dozens of times;
  • Each character can only collect loot from this fight once per weekly reset, drawing out this grind.

On the upside, each attempt will deliver extra encounter loot. While mechanically obsolete, those items’ appearances are popular transmog choices.

Guaranteed Way to Get Jaina’s Mount

Instead of grinding yourself, you could leave this pursuit to professionals by buying CakeBoost’s Glacial Tidestorm mount boost service. We will contact you to work out a convenient schedule. Our booster will control your character during pre-scheduled intervals and execute our regular farm service routine. They can repeat Glacial Tidestorm mount runs every week, employing proven tactics to ensure quick victory and leave you free to play. If you request a guaranteed Glacial Tidestorm drop, they will keep trying until the mount appears. Otherwise, they will complete a fixed number of runs. Either way, your odds of collecting the Glacial Tidestorm mount will increase.

Want similar assistance for any other World of Warcraft activity? Order WoW boost services from CakeBoost. Offerings you can buy range from farming rare WoW mounts to beating the latest raid.

Glacial Tidestorm (Jaina Mount)
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Guaranteed mount


Is the Jaina Mount still 100% guaranteed to drop?

No, Glacial Tidestorm has a random drop chance since Battle for Azeroth is no longer the latest expansion.

What is the current drop rate of the Glacial Tidestorm mount?

Players estimate that Glacial Tidestorm has a 1% chance to drop.

How rare is Glacial Tidestorm?

According to WoWhead, only 1 in 100 players managed to obtain the Glacial Tidestorm mount.

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