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WoW Gladiator Title Boost Dragonflight Season Two

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Being called “Gladiator” is the ultimate prize one can aim for in WoW Dragonflight Arena mode. During each PvP season, players have a chance to obtain the coveted Dragonflight Gladiator title. To do so, they need to first earn over 2400 Arena Rating by winning matches. That must be followed by scoring 50 more Arena wins before the season is over. In addition to the title itself, those who meet its conditions receive an achievement and the latest among WoW Gladiator Mounts. Those exclusive seasonal mounts are a very effective status symbol, denoting a member of the PvP elite.

Please contact our support to clarify all the details before purchasing.



  • 1-2 months (guaranteed completion before the end of the season)


  • Level 70 character
  • Appropriate high ilvl gear

How does WoW Gladiator Boost work?

  • Choose a service, desired options and quantity;
  • Check out the requirements;
  • Contact our support on the website / discord / skype to clarify all details;
  • Place an order;
  • We hire a booster or team for you to fulfill your order;
  • Enjoy the result! Don’t forget to leave a review, your opinion is important to us!

Why should you buy Gladiator Boost from us? 

  • Beneficial Packages, discounts and bonus system are constantly available on our website;
  • 100% safe and guaranteed service will help you get what you want quickly and easily;
  • 24/7 friendly support will help with any situation, provide updates and coordinate with boosters;
  • We will refund full amount of the purchase upon your request if service has not been started and cannot be performed for any reason;
  • Our team consists of only highly qualified and experienced boosters.

WoW Gladiator Title Boosting in Dragonflight Season Two

The second season of the Dragonflight expansion offers WoW players a one-time opportunity to earn the Gladiator Title. In addition to this seasonal variant of the MMORPG’s ultimate PvP reward, players who earn it will receive an exclusive Obsidian Gladiator's Slitherdrake mount. There is a limited time window in which those prestigious awards could be acquired. CakeBoost’s WoW Gladiator boosting services can ensure that players who have their eyes set on this title can still get it, regardless of how busy they may be. If hired, our PvP experts will fulfill the conditions for obtaining this title, winning all 50 3v3 Arena matches after reaching the highest rank before the season’s end.

Getting the Gladiator title is one of the MMORPG’s greatest tests. It calls for dedication, skill, and patience on the part of the competitors. Above all else, the task cannot be completed without a solid team. Even the best players can have trouble finding the time or the energy for this undertaking. Meanwhile, assembling and coordinating an Arena party can be a serious challenge in itself. That is why more and more people become interested in Gladiator carry WoW services. Those who buy Gladiator Boost WoW from CakeBoost are guaranteed to receive the title and its rewards before the season is over, all without having to lift a finger.

Buy WoW Gladiator Title Boost Season Two

Our WoW Arena Gladiator Boost is a piloted service. It involves one of our boosters taking over your character for the duration of the service. That booster would then team up with some of our other employees to work on acquiring the title. Not having to struggle to form and maintain a team is just one advantage enjoyed by boosters. Their professionalism and know-how ensure that the task could be carried out as promised. By playing full-time and drawing on their PvP expertise, they would be able to complete the WoW Gladiator Carry as swiftly as possible. That means using optimal methods to first farm Arena Rating and then score the required wins.

The Gladiator Boost Dragonflight services we offer are versatile. Our players can get you the title regardless of your current Arena Rating. The closer you are to the goal, the less time the boost will require. Its price would be lower as well. If you fail to meet the boost’s requirements, our support team can recommend preliminary leveling or gearing services. Picking the Express option would mean paying extra in return for your boost being higher-priority. That would ensure faster completion. It is also possible to preorder this carry for the next season. Doing so would mean that our employees will start working on that season’s Gladiator title as soon as the competitive climb resumes.

There are many spoils to be gained from the Gladiator Title Boost. The previously mentioned title, achievement, and mount rightly attract the most attention. Yet, there are other rewards as well. All other achievements unlocked during the ranked climb will be yours. Winning that many games will inevitably leave your adventurer with a lot of different PvP currencies. You may then use them to acquire superior PvP gear at your own discretion. You will also get closer to obtaining a Vicious War Saddle. Depending on pre-existing progress, you may even be able to acquire the latest Vicious War mount or one of the older beasts.

We offer many other WoW Boost services that may complement the WoW Gladiator Boost or prove more suitable for your WoW PvP Boost needs. The WoW Arena Boost will let you progress in a more optimal way towards more modest PvP goals. 

WoW Gladiator Title Boost Dragonflight Season Two
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Is it hard to get the Gladiator title in WoW?

Becoming the Gladiator is a serious challenge, since it requires repeatedly defeating other players who have a similar level of skill. Anyone wishing to claim this title must master the latest PvP meta builds and tactics. Just as importantly, they need to find skillful allies who can work together in a team. Even then, success is not guaranteed unless the would-be Gladiator is focused on the goal and persists in the face of setbacks. However, the difficulty is only one half of the problem. Getting the Gladiator title is also extremely time-consuming, requiring weeks of continuous effort to reach the necessary rank and collect the wins. That is why boosting is a more feasible route for many players.

What rating do you need to get Glad?

To start fighting for the Gladiator title, players must reach the Elite rank in the Arena. That means earning a minimal rating of 2400 through repeated victories. The rating must be maintained for the subsequent victories to count towards winning the title.

Can you get banned for a Gladiator Title boost?

Current Blizzard policy can punish those who are caught boosting or benefitting from boosts in any part of the MMORPG. Gladiator boosting is especially risky, since the high stakes naturally attract more scrutiny. However, our professional boosting service keeps those risks for our clients and boosters to a minimum. We use proven precautions during Gladiator Title carries to avoid getting caught during our boosts. For example, while piloting clients’ characters, our boosters use VPNs connecting to servers in the clients’ countries and avoid conversations with the clients’ friends.

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