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G.M.O.D Mount

G.M.O.D. boosting service represents the simplest, fastest means of obtaining the BfA GMOD mount. G.M.O.D. (an abbreviation of Gallywix’s Mech of Death) is part of the Battle of Dazar’alor loot pool. The mount is dropped by Jaina when using LFR and High Tinker Mekkatorque in other modes, with a roughly 1% chance. Less than 5% of WoW players possess this rare collectible. Rather than farm the mech yourself, buy our boost and let our crew obtain it for you.


  • GMOD;
  • Random Battle of Dazar’alor loot from every run during our carry service.

By default, we will repeat runs until this mount drops. Alternatively, you could pay less for a smaller number of attempts without guaranteed success. You may choose whether we will use Jaina or Mekkatorque, determining whose loot you can receive.


Random rolls prevent us from predicting guaranteed G.M.O.D. mount service duration. Every attempt requires around 15 minutes. The cooldown system lets our crew make just one attempt per weekly reset per character.


  • At least one maximum level character. Additional characters would enable extra runs per weekly reset. Powerleveling services can help you prepare for this boost quickly.

How to Get the GMOD Mount in WoW?

G.M.O.D. is a BfA mount found in the Battle of Dazar’alor raid. Making G.M.O.D. a part of your collection requires beating either Jaina (when playing LFR) or Mekkatorque (on any other difficulty). That would not be a simple task:

  • Jaina is this instance’s final boss, while Mekkatorque is third-to-last. Unless playing on LFR, you will have to fight through most other raid encounters. Even on LFR you will have to fight two other foes before Jaina. Heroic mode and lower difficulties do not provide skip opportunities;
  • Both fights remain quite hard, especially for solo and/or inexperienced players. Jaina is especially hard to fight alone due to her freeze mechanic. You will almost certainly want to farm this content with a group, but finding teammates for legacy content poses genuine difficulty. Encounters require top-notch coordination between participants;
  • G.M.O.D.’s low drop chance means all but the luckiest players have to complete dozens of runs before acquiring the mount;
  • Each character may farm both encounters once per weekly reset, delaying mount acquisition further.

On the upside, every attempt shall deliver additional loot from each finished encounter. While mechanically outdated, those items’ appearances are popular transmog choices.

Guaranteed Farming of G.M.O.D Mount

Buying CakeBoost’s G.M.O.D. boost service leaves this a difficult and frustrating task for professionals. Our boosting experts shall log in to your account at pre-scheduled intervals to execute GMOD farming runs. Because they play full-time, there is no risk of them missing a week. Their instance familiarity and knowledge of optimal strategies should ensure rapid completion of each attempt. Whether you order a fixed number of runs or a guaranteed GMOD mount, our service will certainly enhance your odds of success. The GMOD mount would become yours much faster. Furthermore, this boost would save you a lot of effort, stress, and playtime.

CakeBoost provides easy rare mounts in WoW at reasonable prices and many other WoW service options. For example, our boosting experts can hunt down Glacial Tidestorm - another Jaina mount. Contact us now to order a boost!

G.M.O.D Mount
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Guaranteed mount


Does the GMOD mount fly?

Yes. Although GMOD could only walk on release, later hotfixes added flight.

Can you solo for GMOD?

Solo GMOD farming is technically possible, but still very hard. While LFR makes this easier than other difficulties, the Jaina fight is definitely not solo-friendly even there. Future expansions are likely to make it easier.

What is the GMOD mount drop rate?

No official information exists, but it appears to be around 1%.

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