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WoW Heritage Armor Boost

Buying CakeBoost’s WoW Heritage Armor carry is the swiftest way to obtain any of those unique cosmetic race heritage sets. By now, most original and Allied races playable in World of Warcraft possess their own ensembles. They make for attractive and thematic transmog skins. Acquiring them requires an investment of playtime and effort. Alternatively, you could purchase the Heritage Armor WoW boost on sale here. Our experts will complete all necessary tasks promptly and without your involvement.


  • Target Heritage Armor sets;
  • All further benefits were obtained during the boost, such as currencies and reputation gains.

You can buy Heritage Armor boosts for one or multiple sets. That may include both standard and Allied Races, provided they already have such cosmetics.

  • If standard sets were ordered: Target Heritage plotlines wrapped up;
  • If Allied Races sets were ordered: Target Allied Race character leveled to 50; Set collection achievements.


Our experts can acquire any individual Heritage Armor set within a single day. Consult with our support specialists if you intend to purchase multiple sets at once. They will tell you about your individual ETA.


  • Level 60 character if not Allied Race. You can purchase powerleveling from us to help you prepare if necessary;
  • All Allied Races involved unlocked. Again, you may order a separate boost for us to handle this process.

WoW Dragonflight: Features of Obtaining Heritage Armor Sets

The sequence necessary to claim those sets differs between races available from the beginning and Allied Races that may be accessed later. Both require a minimum level 50 character of the race in question. Each starting group invites eligible members to play through a unique plotline, which culminates in obtaining the set (and sometimes other benefits). The earlier prerequisite of reaching Exalted standing with the racial faction has been removed in Dragonflight 10.1. Meanwhile, members of Allied Races simply need to finish leveling and speak to their leaders before claiming the set and special achievement.

There are some further limits on eligibility. The character must not:

  • Benefit from an official boost sold by Blizzard;
  • Alter their race or allegiance;
  • Redeem grantable levels from earlier referral bonuses.

While not especially challenging, leveling to 50 or playing through far-ranging plotlines can still be a timesink. Nor is it everybody’s idea of fun in an MMORPG. If you just want to start wearing your Heritage Armor as soon as possible, consider buying an expert service. After you place an order, our pro gamer will start playing from your account at agreed-upon intervals. They will draw upon optimal routes and methods to meet these cosmetics’ preconditions as swiftly as they can, while you could relax and wait for the delivery. You can order several ensembles at once and they will be delivered seamlessly.

Which WoW Races Have Heritage Armor?

So far, only some original or Allied Races have their own sets. As further cosmetics are implemented, we will make them available for purchase.

SetsInitial Quest NPCsSpecial Notes
Blood Elf Heritage ArmorLady Liadrin (25.4, 51.6) in Silvermoon CityPreview here
Tauren Heritage ArmorSpiritwalker Isahi (39.2, 79) in Orgrimmar

Preview here

Also provides a spirit talisman toy

Goblin Heritage ArmorIzzy (39.6, 80.2) in OrgrimmarPreview here
Orc Heritage ArmorEitrigg (49, 72.2) in Orgrimmar

Gives three variably-colored sets and a swappable banner

Dwarf Heritage ArmorDigger Golad (54.4, 18) in Stormwind CityPreview here
Gnome Heritage ArmorAce Pilot Stormcog (54.6, 18.4) in Stormwind City

Preview here

Also provides an alternative racial version of Flight Master’s Whistle

Worgen Heritage ArmorCourier Claridge (54.8, 18.4) in Stormwind CityPreview here
Human Heritage Armor

Master Mathias Shaw (71, 86) in Stormwind City 

Gives three variably-colored sets with two helmet options

Void Elf Heritage ArmorAlleria Windrunner (28.4, 22.4) in Telogrus RiftPreview here
Lightforged Draenei Heritage ArmorCaptain Fareeya (50, 46.4) on the Vindicaar

Preview here

Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage ArmorMoira Thaurissan (56.2, 32) in Blackrock Depths

Preview here

Unlocks a storyline that yields matching skins for weaponry

Kul Tiran Human Heritage ArmorKatherine Proudmoore (67.8, 21.8) in BoralusPreview here
Mechagnome Heritage ArmorPrince Erazmin (74, 36.8) in Mechagon CityPreview here
Nightborne Heritage ArmorFirst Arcanist Thalyssra (59.4, 85.4) in SuramarPreview here
Highmountain Tauren Heritage ArmorMayla Highmountain (moves between 46.6, 61; 54.2, 63.8; 55.4, 62.8) in Thunder TotemPreview here
Mag’har Orcs Heritage ArmorOverlord Geya’rah (41.2, 16.8) in Durotar

Preview here

Gives three variably-colored sets

Zandalari Trolls Heritage ArmorQueen Talanji (49.8, 46.4) in Dazar’alorPreview here
Vulpera Heritage ArmorHagashi (56.8, 49.8) in Vol’dunPreview here
WoW Heritage Armor Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Main Races
Worgen Heritage Armor
Worgen Heritage Armor
Tauren Heritage Armor
Gnome Heritage Armor
Blood Elf Heritage Armor
Dwarf Heritage Armor
Goblin Heritage Armor
Human Heritage Armor
Orc Heritage Armor
Allied Races
0 options selected
Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage
Highmountain Tauren Heritage
Kul Tiran Human Heritage
Lightforged Draenei Heritage
Mag'har Orc Heritage
Mechagnome Heritage
Nightborne Heritage
Void Elf Heritage
Vulpera Heritage
Zandalari Troll Heritage


Are the Heritage Armor sets account wide?

Like all transmogrification items, skins from those sets may be applied to pieces worn by any eligible character on the unlocker’s account. They must belong to the correct standard or Allied race but have no other limitations.

What do you need for Heritage Armor?

The universal requirements for sets are leveling to 50 and playing through certain quests. Allied Race cosmetic set tasks are simple visits to pick up the prize. Their original counterparts, meanwhile, present longer plotlines culminating in claiming their sets.

Do you keep Heritage Armor if you delete your character?

Yes, all sets will remain in your collection independently of what happened to the hero who unlocked them.

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