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Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Two

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Buy Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Two to get a boost from CakeBoost that would earn you this honor in any or all eligible instances. Boosting will let you relax while professionals take care of the dungeons. Once the carry service is concluded, the achievements and their associated rewards will be yours. That includes the official prize of portals to all requested instances, as well as any other rewards acquired during the carry.



  • Up to 2 weeks


  • 70 Character Level

Dragonflight Keystone Hero Carry Service: How Does It Work?

To buy a Dragonflight Keystone Hero carry from CakeBoost, follow the instructions:

  • Check the requirements for the carry. If you have no hero that meets those requirements, reach out to the support team. It may be possible to arrange a different carry or carries;
  • Press the “buy” button once you are ready to place the Keystone Hero carry order;
  • Proceed to the shopping cart to confirm the placement;
  • Decide which chat program to use for communications in connection to the carry, such as progress updates;
  • Use Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy to send the payment;
  • The support team should get in touch with you promptly. Once they do, speak with them to work out all boost details, such as the schedule;
  • Allow our booster to log in at the appointed time and wait until the boost is finished or participate in dungeon runs yourself. Optionally, request a free stream of the service, so you could follow along in real-time and make sure everything is alright;
  • Write a review of our work on TrustPilot. Client feedback is vital to our ongoing efforts to improve our services.

For alternative or follow-up services, check out our WoW Boost catalog. It includes a variety of Mythic Plus Dungeons carries

Why Should You Buy Dragonflight Keystone Hero From Us?

The Keystone Hero achievement is highly desirable for two main reasons. As the highest reward for Mythic Keystone content, it is prestigious and celebrates mastery of this activity. Each individual achievement for Keystone Hero provides a portal to a Dragonflight dungeon, which can save a lot of time when revisiting that content in the future. Yet, obtaining it is a significant and drawn-out challenge. You would have to beat each Dragonflight Mythic Plus dungeon with the level 20 Keystone and without the timer running out. Such a task would require exceptional player skill and familiarity with the instance, not to mention a capable and well-coordinated party.

Luckily, those who wish to acquire the Keystone Hero achievement without spending many days grinding dungeons can always buy a Dragonflight Keystone Hero boost. Experienced boosters could then take care of any or all Keystone 20 dungeons for them. There will be no need to memorize optimal routes and strategies or puzzle over the best way to deal with affixes. Frustrating failures or simply falling behind the timer will not force those buyers to repeat the instance over and over again. Instead, all that tedium could be handled quickly and efficiently by professionals, allowing the customers to reap the rewards without expending more effort than they want.

Buy Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Two

Keystone Hero denotes the ultimate player reward available in Mythic+ content in Dragonflight. Each Keystone Hero requires you to clear a specific instance at Mythic 20+ difficulty before the timer runs out. Earning them can take a lot of trial and error unless you use a boost.

There are multiple businesses that offer Dragonflight services, including the Keystone Hero boost. Yet, those who want help with this achievement need to look no further than CakeBoost. Our company set out to assist our clients with a range of multiplayer titles back in 2015. Since that year, we have developed an extensive roster of elite pro players and acquired a positive reputation among customers. Our accumulated know-how allowed us to improve our service in many ways, reaching new levels of performance. If you buy the Dragonflight Keystone Hero boost from us, you will benefit from these advantages:

  • Guaranteed safety. Our security practices keep all possible risks to our customers to a minimum. The information they provide when ordering the Dragonflight Keystone Hero boost is very limited and only shared with the booster involved. All boosts are carried out manually. We do not use cheats, bots, or third-party programs that may endanger our clients’ data or create the risk of their accounts being banned. Nor do we discuss boosting and similar topics in the game chat. User confidentiality and data are further protected with the help of cutting-edge HTTPS encryption and a VPN set to the client’s location;
  • Always-on client support. CakeBoost’s customer support team is a major part of our service. It helps us maximize customer satisfaction by making the experience as smooth as possible. Clients may reach out to the support team at any time. Support specialists are available over multiple channels, beginning with the site chat and the company e-mail. Once the client has placed an order, they would also be asked to choose a chat program to be used for boost-specific communications. The support will answer questions and offer advice regarding the Dragonflight Keystone Hero boost and other services. Any issues will be addressed immediately if possible, or forwarded to others in the company if not;
  • Reasonably-priced boosting. CakeBoost’s policy is to provide affordable services that would be financially sustainable without cutting any corners. The cost of the Dragonflight Keystone Hero boost is directly related to the effort it requires on the part of our boosters. With that in mind, our prices are fully competitive and often lower than those of other companies. The cost can be lowered further by our frequent special offers and/or the bonuses enjoyed by our regular customers;
  • Truly professional boosting. We thoroughly test prospective boosters before we add them to our team. This rigorous process allows us to guarantee their trustworthiness and ability. We also find out about their strengths and specialties. As a result, we can always assign the best available players to each order. The Dragonflight Keystone Hero boost requires experts who are familiar with the dungeons and their mechanics. Naturally, it also goes better when the booster is able to make the best possible use of the piloted character. By providing such specialists, we can deliver quick results without any complications.

What You Will Get?

To complete the Dragonflight Keystone Hero achievement, the hero must first earn local Keystone Hero achievements for each Dragonflight dungeon. The default assumption in this service is that you would require achievements for all dungeons. However, you can request a smaller service at a lower price if you already have some of those achievements or want to earn them yourself. Bear in mind that this achievement is NOT account-wide. That means each hero on your account would have to acquire it separately. Of course, our carry service could let you earn this achievement on all accounts fast and easily if need be.

Each achievement will let you teleport to its respective dungeon. Yet, prestige and convenience are far from being the only rewards of this boost. Because it requires the completion of all dungeons at high Keystone levels, the carry will bring with it plenty of instance-specific loot. In addition to whatever items drop during the runs, your hero will gain access to multiple dungeon prize choices in the Great Vault. You will also earn Valor Points, which are necessary to upgrade Mythic Plus Gear to higher item levels. That would greatly extend the lifetime of any dungeon equipment earned during the boost or outside it. The exact usage of those Valor Points shall be up to you.

The Dragonflight Keystone Hero carry also involves raising your Mythic+ Score by a large amount. That is because the score is tied to performance, which includes finishing higher Keystone dungeons faster. Our boosters will achieve just that in the process of the boost. Between the achievement and the score, you should find it much easier to join Mythic Plus parties afterward. A higher score also reduces the restrictions on using Valor Points for upgrades. Last but not least, the raised score may help you obtain the Keystone Master achievement and the associated mount.

Dragonflight Keystone Hero Boosting During Season 2

The Keystone Hero achievement continues to be relevant in the Dragonflight expansion’s second season. Heroes can complete this Feat of Strength in each of the dungeons in the updated Mythic Plus roster, obtaining both the achievement and a portal to the dungeon’s entrance. Earning it for dungeons requires beating instances on +20 Mythic or a higher difficulty within the time limit. 

CakeBoost’s WoW Keystone Hero Carry is the one way to ensure that those temporarily-available prizes do not elude the players. Not everyone can find the hours to take on the challenge in the few remaining weeks. Likewise, the encounters at this level of difficulty are truly unforgiving. However, our Keystone elite WoW team can guarantee success within the time limit. Their familiarity with the instances and mastery of cutting-edge PvE tactics will guarantee success. In addition to the Keystone Hero achievements, clients will receive all the unique high-level dungeon loot that drops during the service and a considerable boost to their Mythic Plus scores.

Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Two
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Keystone Hero
8 Different Keys (teleports unlock)

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