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Legend Title Boost

Legend is a recently-implemented epithet assigned to fighters who confirm their mastery of the innovative Solo Shuffle mode. It calls for a hundred victories at the highest rank. CakeBoost’s WoW Legend title boost allows customers to earn this distinction without doing anything themselves. Our boosters will swiftly fulfill all necessary conditions, saving players from the frustrating grind.



  • The order will be completed within three weeks.


  • Level 70 adventurer;
  • Conquest gear.

We can prepare customers who do not meet these conditions for Legend title boosting services. Speak with our support team to arrange the appropriate order.

How to Get the Legend Title in WoW Dragonflight Season 2

The Legend title boost involves scoring 100 wins above 2400 rating in Solo Shuffle, WoW’s popular new Arena mode. Winning at least half of six rounds counts as a victory in this mode. Each round goes to the team that manages to kill an enemy first. Teams are randomly assigned every round. The result is a hectic and unpredictable experience that must be repeated each season to renew this award. Unsurprisingly, many players elect to purchase Legend title boosts instead of hunting them themselves!

On top of Legend title boost services, we offer a rich variety of other WoW PvP boosts in both EU and US realms. Clients can purchase a WoW Arena boost to bump ratings or win rates. They can enlist our assistance for collecting mounts using the Vicious Saddle boost. Solo Shuffle Carry is a new addition to our repertoire. 

Legend Title Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
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I have 0 - 1400 Rating
I have 1400 - 1600 Rating
I have 1600 - 1800 Rating
I have 1800 - 2100 Rating
I have 2100 - 2400 Rating
i'm above 2400
Additional Options
Add 489 gear


Can you get titles from Solo Shuffle?

 Two brand-new Arena titles can only be acquired from this mode:

  • Obsidian Legend, granted for being in the upper 0.1% of its leaderboard after a minimum of 50 matches when seasons change;
  • Legend, received by players who won a hundred Elite rank Rated Solo Shuffle matches during the active season.
Is the Legend title permanent?

It lasts until the seasonal shift. Afterward, contenders will need to reacquire it themselves or buy Legend title boost again.

Can you buy titles in WoW?

Titles are acquired by completing objectives. Boosting users can order any title to obtain them swiftly and effortlessly, as with this Legend title boost.

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