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Mechagnome Allied Race Unlock

Buy Mechagnome Boost from Cakeboost to quickly unlock an allied race and a rare Mechagon Mechanostrider mount. Controlling a Mechagnome in WoW is a sure way of spicing up the game. The diminutive cyborgs straddle the line between fantasy and science fiction, which is reinforced by their distinctive visual design. Yet they are also shockingly efficient in combat and other adventures. Similarly to other Allied Races, they are gated behind lengthy and inconvenient plotlines. If you would like to remove those obstacles promptly and reliably, get expert help by buying CakeBoost’s Mechagnome unlock boost!


For an added fee, we can secure Mechagnome race Heritage cosmetics by powerleveling a member of this race to 50.


The Mechagnome race unlock normally takes our boosters less than 24 hours.


  • Level 50 or higher Alliance character of any race. Please contact our support specialists if you prefer to order a powerleveling service before this boost commences.

How to Unlock Mechagnomes?

To execute the Mechagnome Allied Race unlock:

  • Infiltrate Mechagon (entry may require some initial traveling and grinding if not already unlocked);
  • Complete the Mechagon plotline (running the dungeon is no longer mandatory);
  • Advance through the racial recruitment plotline.

While not too steep, those prerequisites will still take a while to achieve. Around six hours of focused gameplay should suffice with the right conditions. That means having a minimum 50 lvl character and activated flight in relevant areas. Otherwise, it may take considerably longer. If you lack the free playtime or would rather simply start playing this race, consider getting expert carry services. The Mechagnome boost service we have on sale here will achieve the desired result in the fastest possible manner. Committing to the pursuit without distractions and employing optimal fast routes enables our boosters to wrap up all plotlines with greater speed than clients could do themselves.


Mechagnome Classes and Abilities

Most options are available to the Mechagnome Allied Race. The exceptions are Druids, Paladins, Shaman, Demon Hunters, and Evokers. Regardless of specialization, all Mechagnomes share multiple handy racial traits related to their cybernetic advances:

  • Combat Analysis: Gain up to ten stacks of bonuses to your primary statistic for every five seconds in combat. Those bonuses decay when not fighting;
  • Hyper Organic Light Originator: Spawn a pair of weak decoy holograms that auto-target enemies, lowering threat and causing minimal harm;
  • Mastercraft: Use your own body as a tool or workplace for any profession. Actual tools still provide valuable bonuses;
  • Emergency Failsafe: Recover 15% health whenever it dips below the one-fifth mark (with a two-and-a-half-minute cooldown);
  • Skeleton Pinkie: All Mechagnomes (even non-Rogues) can pick locks on doors and containers.

You will find even more similar services in the WoW Allied Race category. If you didn't find what you want, feel free to visit the boosting services in wow category or contact our support to create a custom service.

Mechagnome Allied Race Unlock
Quantity: 1


What achievement unlocks Mechagnomes?

The Mechagonian Threat Achievement will be a reward for completing the Mechagon storyline.

What class is best for Mechagnomes?

Counterintuitively, Death Knights may be the most promising career path for this race. Their peculiar perks compensate for the undead heroes’ limitations and augment their already substantial survivability.

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