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Midnight Mount

Buying the Midnight’s Eternal Reins from CakeBoost lets you obtain WoW’s fiercest undead horse mount with minimal trouble. Our boosters could repeat the necessary encounters from Return to Karazhan on your behalf until they get the reins. Order the boost now and we will start farming promptly!


We can repeat runs until Midnight’s Eternal Reins drop. Alternatively, you may pay less for a fixed number of runs without any Midnight drop guarantees.


Due to random factors, we cannot predict how long we would need to acquire Midnight’s Eternal Reins. Each attempt takes around an hour, but lockouts force weekly breaks between attempts.


  • Maximum level character(s). Powerleveling services may be arranged upon request.

How Hard Is It to Get the Midnight Mount?

To make Midnight a part of your collection, you must slay its NPC version and Attumen the Horseman in the Legion Karazhan dungeon. This boss encounter only has a small chance to yield Midnight’s Eternal Reins. Many attempts may be necessary. They will be broken up by weekly lockouts. On the upside, repeated runs provide an opportunity to collect other Karazhan loot. While mechanically obsolete, dungeon gear has considerable transmogrification potential. You can also farm the Smoldering Ember Wyrm.


Guaranteed Midnight Mount Farming

Rather than grind yourself, you could entrust the task to professional players by buying CakeBoost’s Midnight Boost service. Our booster will take over your character at prescheduled intervals and execute weekly runs. Their knowledge of the dungeon and its optimal strategies will enable efficient clears of all necessary encounters. Whether you request a guaranteed Midnight’s Eternal Reins drop or a limited number of runs, your odds of success will increase dramatically.

CakeBoost delivers a great variety of WoW carry services, including other rare mounts boost offerings.

Midnight Mount
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Guaranteed mount
Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount


Is it still possible to get the Midnight mount?

Yes, Attumen the Horseman still yields Midnight’s Eternal Reins.

Does the Midnight mount fly?

No, it is a ground mount like most horses.

What is the Karazhan mount drop rate?

Midnight has a roughly 1% chance to drop. Smoldering Ember Wyrm has a 20% chance per party member.

Can I solo Return to Karazhan?

Yes! All Legion instances are open to solo runs. A properly-equipped high-level character should clear it without too much trouble. However, the process may be somewhat slow.

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