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Mimiron’s Head

3% OFF

Buying the Mimiron’s Head mount from CakeBoost lets you obtain this extraordinary means of transportation reliably and with minimal waiting. We can deliver the Yogg-Saron mount through several methods based on your preferences. Whichever approach you choose, we will do everything in our power to acquire it swiftly. Reach out now to buy our boost!


Above, we assume you ordered a guaranteed Mimiron Head mount service. You could also pay less for a fixed number of attempts. In that case, we cannot promise the mount will actually drop unless you end up lucky. We could also purchase it from the Black Market, which is usually faster but requires a second account (see below).


  • Pay-per-run: Each individual Yogg-Saron run requires less than an hour. Raid resets allow one weekly attempt;
  • Guaranteed mount: We will repeat weekly runs until Mimirons Head drops, but cannot predict service duration;
  • BMAH: Probably under two months.


  • Fully leveled character(s). Powerleveling services may be arranged if necessary;
  • Secondary WoW account with the latest expansion if ordering BMAH service.

Mimiron’s Head Farming Difficulties

The standard method of acquiring Mimiron’s Head requires you to slay Yogg-Saron, the final boss of Ulduar. There are several complicating factors:

  • You must win the bossfight without any Keepers aiding you, making it considerably harder;
  • Several other encounters are practically unavoidable, delaying progress;
  • Mimiron’s Head is a random reward with an extremely low drop rate. Farming may take dozens of tries;
  • Cooldowns mean a single attempt may be made each week;
  • Experienced players with strong characters could handle this encounter by themselves, but everyone else needs a group. Finding allies for legacy content is tricky.

On the upside, each attempt increases the volume of extra loot. If not running Timewalking variants, this loot is mechanically useless in newer content. However, you could get many appealing transmogrification items in the process, including Tier 8 pieces.


Guaranteed Way to Obtain Yogg-Saron Mount

Rather than grind this stale bossfight yourself, you could buy CakeBoost’s Mimiron’s Head boost. Our boosting expert will take over your character at mutually accepted intervals and execute weekly runs. Their familiarity with this instance and optimal tactics will let them complete each attempt with maximum speed. You could order a fixed number of tries or guaranteed success. The latter option means we will simply keep running until the mount shows up. Either way, this regular farm will improve your odds of success without any effort from you.

Fast Delivery Mimiron's Head from BMAH

Buying this mount from the Black Market is an effective service option. Our employees will monitor BMAH on several realms until your prize appears. We will then use your secondary account to transfer an eligible character to the lucky realm and start bidding. On success, the item will be transferred to your main account’s collection. You may keep playing while we do this. Bidding and buying will be done with our own Gold, without touching your reserves.

CakeBoost has many other great WoW services for sale. You can buy rare WoW mounts from all sources or hire assistance in cutting-edge activities.

Mimiron’s Head
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Guaranteed mount
Guaranteed from BMAH


Does Mimiron's Head still drop?

Yes, it has a small chance to appear after every endboss kill.

What is the drop rate for Mimiron's Head?

According to Wowhead, just over 3.5%.

What difficulty does Mimiron's Head drop on?

You could acquire the mount from any Ulduar raid variant.

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