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Nightborne Allied Race

Nightborne in WoW are an elven sub-group that became an Allied Race for the Horde. They are distinguished by their mystical aesthetics and mechanical traits reflecting their ancient sorcerous history. You must play through a lengthy storyline to unlock this character creation option. If you desire effective help with this pursuit, buy CakeBoost’s Nightborne unlock boost!


If requested, we could additionally secure the Arcanist’s Manasaber mount and/or the Nightborne Heritage armor set.


Nightborne race unlock service should take a couple of days at most to complete.


  • Minimum level 50 character. Speak to our support team if you wish to order a powerleveling service.

How to Unlock Nightborne in Dragonflight?

The Nightborne unlock involves a series of quests beginning in Legion’s version of Dalaran. Newcomers to the area must play through introductory quests to unlock Suramar. If not already unlocked, you should likewise activate local World Quests. After reaching the elven hub, you will need to play through the story of their rebellion, including a World Quest farming mission that might require some waiting. Once that is done, only a smaller series of short quests will remain to finalize the unlock. Afterward, you can defeat Gul’dan in the Nighthhold to receive the flight-capable racial mount variant. Once your new Nightborne character reaches level 50, you could claim the Heritage armor.

While those tasks may seem easy, completing them could still take a while. The Nightborne boost service we have on sale is the fastest method of accessing this intriguing race option. We will play through the story with utmost efficiency, leaving the reward to you.


Nightborne Classes and Abilities

After the Allied Race unlock, you will be permitted to generate fresh characters belonging to this race. They can belong to any class except Shaman, Druid, Paladin, Demon Hunter, and Evoker.

Several racial perks help set them aside from other options:

  • Ancient History: Inscription profession fifteen-point bonus;
  • Arcane Affinity: Non-physical harm inflicted on others raised by 1%;
  • Cantrips: Mailbox temporarily available anywhere thanks to a summoned tome;
  • Arcane Pulse: Energy eruption that harms and slows down all opponents in a radius;
  • Magical Resistance: Arcane harm suffered decreased by 1%.

You will find even more similar services in the WoW Allied Races Boost category. If you didn't find what you want, feel free to visit wow boosting us and eu category or contact our support to create a custom service.

Nightborne Allied Race
Quantity: 1


How long would it take to unlock Nightborne?

Playing through their storyline takes approximately eight hours of focused gameplay. However, one stage requires farming World Quests. The hours will have to be split between two days for those tasks to reset.

What class is best for Nightborne elves?

Mages and Priests enjoy the strongest synergy with their gameplay advantages. From an aesthetic perspective, their Heritage Armor fits such heroes better than others. They could likewise choose between numerous appealing transmog armor ensembles.

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