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RBG Rating Boost

Selfplay Offer

Buy RBG Rating Boost to secure professional help in the battlegrounds. Our boosters will save you from the need to find a competent, reliable, full-size RBG team. They will either back you up in a self play boost or play the game for you, raising your rating to the desired level without you needing to do anything.



  • 1-6 Sessions


  • Level 70 character

About WoW RGB Rating Boost Offers

Rated battlegrounds (RBG) are a popular alternative to Arenas for players seeking rated PvP at a larger scale. Their larger teams and unique map features result in a very different style of gameplay. However, rated battlegrounds are still similar to Arenas in that players still receive a rating for winning, allowing them to claim special prizes and face stronger opponents in future RBG matches. Earning large amounts of RBG ratings is famously hard, as rating progress requires scoring consistent victories in a complex and challenging activity.

During Dragonflight PvP seasons, players are challenged to compete in RBG with a newly updated meta and try to raise rating quickly enough to claim seasonal prizes. CakeBoost’s WoW Dragonflight RBG boost services for rating let clients resolve this challenge without needing to invest more effort than they want. Customers can buy RBG rating piloted services to have professionals reach their RBG rating goals for them. Alternatively, they can get a boost with the self-play option to raise RBG rating personally, but with the assistance of a dependable booster squad.

What Can I Get With A RBG Rating Boost?

At the conclusion of a rating WoW RBG carry, the customer is guaranteed to receive their intended RBG rating. Having a sufficient rating is necessary to claim the most exclusive RBG achievements and titles. Certain generic PvP awards may be accessed through it. Achieving victories in rated battlegrounds after reaching a 1000 rating is one way to obtain prized Vicious War mounts. Reaching specific thresholds in this progression also unlocks PvP equipment purchases, upgrade options, and cosmetic elite appearances. While everything except exclusive RBG achievements and titles can also be attained through Arenas, many find RBG to be more agreeable and efficient if its difficulties can be dealt with.

Customers can receive multiple benefits from a WoW RBG Boost besides visible RBG rating:

  • Currency awards for each RBG victory during this boost, namely Honor and Conquest, which are needed to purchase and improve PvP items unlocked during the carry;
  • Hidden matchmaking rating improvements based on the player’s performance, enabling more challenging and engaging competition in future RBG matches;
  • More possible PvP activity prizes are added to the Weekly Chest after earning enough Honor through RBG victories during the service.

Clients who just want to buy RBG rating can use a boost with account-sharing to achieve their goals swiftly and assuredly. Paid boosters controlling clients’ combatants can complete RBG matches without distractions, using proven strategies to advance through this progression with the utmost efficiency. Self-play carries exist to assist players who want to compete in RBG without having to coordinate or rely upon unpredictable teammates for success. Our RBG boost team will ensure both fun RBG matches and dependable rating advancement.

There are quite a few other Dragonflight boost services that CakeBoost can provide, including:

  • Various further WoW PvP Boost offerings, such as RBG Wins Boost services aimed at maximizing victories and WoW Arena Boost services for either mode, scoring wins or earning rating;
  • Powerleveling services, allowing clients to skip the tedious progression and access the content they want straight away;
  • Character boosting services, which cover advancing in the updated Dragonflight profession and reputation systems to unlock assorted benefits while sidestepping the grind;
  • Dungeon and raid boost services, helping clients farm Dragonflight endgame instanced content to collect unique plunder;
  • Timewalking boost services, assisting customers with modernized variants of vintage challenges for even more exclusive prizes;
  • Collectibles boost services, allowing buyers to obtain any cosmetics or mounts without doing anything themselves;
  • Gold for sale, which can be delivered safely, conveniently, and swiftly to the customer, letting them progress through many parts of the expansion easier.

Why Buy WoW RBG Rating Boost Services from CakeBoost?

Rated battlegrounds pose some unique challenges for players that can be solved by rating boost services:

  • RBG matches involve teams of ten adventurers that must be put together beforehand. Finding players for a match and making sure that they can work together effectively in battlegrounds is this much harder than in the Arena;
  • All maps for this activity have unique features and mechanics that influence the outcome of the map. Without mastering those peculiarities, significant and sustained ladder progress is practically impossible;
  • Likewise, speedy advancement calls for mastery of team compositions and strategies on a much larger scale and with more moving parts. Optimal strategies and teams vary depending on the meta, which has received another major shake-up with the release of this expansion;
  • Large maps and teams mean that battleground matches last much longer than their Arena counterparts. Finding enough playtime for a rating push is a challenge in its own right. Defeat will not increase the losers’ rating, and those higher stakes tend to make this activity more stressful.

In the face of those problems, WoW Dragonflight RBG carry services can help players attain their wanted rating conveniently and speedily. However, not all boost service providers are equally reliable. Even excluding the ones that are blatantly dishonest, boost services often have problems with delivery speed, communications, and security. In the worst-case scenario, a boosted account can be compromised or banned, rendering the earned rating moot. CakeBoost offers WoW RBG boost rating services that customers can trust by drawing on several vital advantages:

  • Lengthy experience with boost services. CakeBoost has been delivering boost services for varying activities in different titles since 2015, acquiring diverse experience in the process. In particular, WoW RBG boost services are among our oldest offerings. Having provided similar voices helped, services during several expansions, we have learned to adjust swiftly and always employ the latest optimal methods. Our expertise allows us to provide a smooth and polished service for Dragonflight by addressing common complications for this type of service in advance. Trustpilot boost reviews enable prospective customers to verify our working reputation;
  • Professional rating boost specialists. Each member of our RBG rating boost staff is a proven gamer with a confirmed track record and vast rated battleground experience. We employ boost specialists with varied talents and specializations, enabling us to quickly fill the hole in any team composition. Account-sharing clients can be sure that we will entrust their combatants to the most suitable players who will make the best use of all their abilities. Our boosters will quickly master the latest meta changes and the new hero options added in this expansion;
  • Versatile boosting approach. Clients can tailor their service according to their particular needs and acceptable price range. They can decide how many ratings to get inside a boost and whether to request self play boosting. If clients have additional requests that go beyond the options on the product page, they can address them to our staff. We will attempt to satisfy all reasonable requests connected to our boosting services. Players in all realms can benefit from rating-boosting services;
  • Fully assured safety. When ordering a rating boost, the customer is only asked for the information necessary for it to take place. This information is shared solely with the employee working on the boost. Each carry is handled manually by CakeBoost employees, without the assistance of third-party programs or services like bots or cheats. Data including client details are safeguarded using regularly-updated HTTPS encryption. During rating boost services, piloting boosters are asked to use VPNs and avoid talking to customers’ friends;
  • Dependable customer service. CakeBoost maintains a support team that may be contacted at any moment over multiple channels. Customers can receive in-depth consultations regarding our RBG rating boost offerings or other services, as well as information regarding any active boost. All visitors can contact our staff over e-mail or site chat. While placing an order, the customer is required to select a chat program. This software shall be used for all urgent communications and progress updates.

How Do WoW RBG Rating Boost Services Work?

People who are interested in purchasing a Dragonflight WoW RBG carry to improve their rating should adhere to these instructions:

  • Choose the desired RBG rating boost options and press on the “buy” icon;
  • Confirm the purchase through the shopping cart;
  • Write down contact information and preferred chat program;
  • Pay for this service using any of the payment methods on the checkout page;
  • Once our staff gets in touch, arrange a comfortable boosting schedule and relay any additional requests; 
  • Allow our employees to play as the selected combatant during the scheduled piloting carry. We provide free streaming on request;
  • If a self play carry was selected instead, our staff will provide the necessary information for the in-game meet-up before the RBG matches start;
  • Write a Trustpilot review to aid us in improving CakeBoost’s rated battlegrounds boosting services.

Buy A WoW RBG Rating Boost Right Now

Brand-new seasonal prizes await those who manage to excel in the Dragonflight expansion PvP. RBGs are an obvious choice to climb this ladder, but they are rife with their own complications. CakeBoost’s RBG rating boost services offer an opportunity to claim the prizes without undue effort or expenses. We offer competitive prices, which are lowered further by numerous special offers and discounts. Visitors can register on our website to receive a single-use bonus for any boost they care to purchase. All registered customers accumulate CakeCoins, a bonus currency paid after every purchase and spent on buying more such services.

RBG Rating Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
RBG Rating
0 - 1500

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