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Reins of the Raven Lord Boost

Raven Lord boost is the simplest and most efficient means of adding Burning Crusade’s Anzu mount to your collection. Raven Lord has an approximately 1.6% chance to drop after you kill Anzu in Heroic mode Sethekk Halls dungeon. Many players tried to acquire it over a hundred times without any luck. Consider hiring professionals to help you obtain this mount. Buy our Raven Lord boost service, and we shall start farming immediately.


You may choose between pay-per-run or guaranteed boosting. The former means we would only execute the requested number of runs, which may not yield the desired mount. With the latter, we will repeat attempts until success.


  • Pay-per-run: We can complete one attempt within ten minutes. Repeated attempts after all cooldowns are exhausted will be made after each daily reset, assuming no schedule conflicts;
  • Guaranteed: Because this boost involves a random drop, we cannot predict its duration.


  • At least one maximum level character. Additional eligible characters enable extra daily attempts. Fast powerleveling services may be arranged on request.

Raven Lord Mount Farming Difficulties

To claim Raven Lord, you must defeat Anzu. This boss appears in the Heroic mode variant of Sethekk Halls. Although fully leveled characters should have little trouble beating him without help, several obstacles make obtaining Raven Lord an extremely frustrating process:

  • Anzu appears in the room farthest from the dungeon entrance. While you can avoid most foes along the way, it requires some finesse. Fighting through them can be a slog;
  • Raven Lord has a pretty low drop rate. Unless you get extremely lucky, you will need to make dozens (if not hundreds) of attempts. That can become extremely repetitive and monotonous, discouraging your pursuit;
  • Anzu has a 24-hour cooldown. Each attempt is daily, so you cannot even do all your runs at once. If you have trouble finding enough playtime on most days, you may miss your chance.

WoW Anzu Mount Boost Advantages

If you want Raven Lord without the tedious grind, think about getting professional assistance. After buying a carry from CakeBoost, we will work out a mutually convenient schedule. Our booster will play from your account during pre-scheduled intervals, completing regular runs until meeting your chosen goal. That can mean the specified number of attempts or a Raven Lord drop. Using our carry presents multiple advantages:

  • Our boosters can farm this encounter reliably every day. Regardless of your chosen options, you will increase your odds of acquiring the Raven Lord mount;
  • Thanks to knowing the instance and using optimal boosting methods, our boosters should finish each run without any delays. That should speed up your progress;
  • Even an unsuccessful attempt will bring some legacy loot for collection and/or transmogrification purposes;
  • You should save a lot of playtime and avoid a frustrating grind. No need to burn out like so many other players!

Although this carry is intended for retail WoW, we can hunt down Raven Lord in WotLK Classic as well. Speak to our staff about this or any other special requests you may have!

CakeBoost offers a wide variety of cheap WoW boost services with similar advantages. You may be interested in our WoW rare mounts farming services and other carries aimed at acquiring collectibles. We also provide regular services covering the current expansion’s cutting-edge activities.

Reins of the Raven Lord Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Guaranteed mount


How can I get the Raven mount?

Reins of Raven Lord has a small likelihood of dropping after the Anzu encounter of Heroic mode Sethekk Halls. The promotional Dread Raven is a different flying mount that is not currently available.

What is the Anzu mount drop rate?

Just over 1.6%, according to WoWhead. This number reflects the experience of WoWhead app users specifically but seems basically accurate.

Do Reins of the Raven Lord give you a flying mount?

No. Despite its bird-like appearance, Raven Lord is a ground mount.

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