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Fated Raid Full Gear Boost

Buy Fated Raid Full Gear carry service from CakeBoost, and everything shall be retrieved promptly. Buyers can get a boost for any difficulty level. Our piloted boosting process has been streamlined for speed. Those who prefer direct participation could also purchase a selfplay carry.


  • Normal or Heroic SotFO/CN/SoD Each Slot Gear;
  • Several raid runs on chosen difficulty;
  • 278 Item level Gear for Normal option;
  • 291 Item Level Gear for Heroic option


  • up to 3 weeks


  • 60 Character Level

Fated Raid Full Gear Carry Service: How Does It Work?

This is the process of acquiring a Fated Raid Full Gear carry from CakeBoost:

  • Check out the requirements for this carry. If no adventurer meets them, consider getting a different carry for preparations;
  • Mark the intended variant, then press “buy”;
  • Verify the request in the shopper’s cart;
  • Decide on a messaging program from the offered choices. The program shall be utilized for progress updates and real-time communications regarding this process;
  • Send the money through one of several payment platforms;
  • Once the support team gets in touch, work out any remaining details such as the schedule, the avatar that will benefit from this carry, or special requests;
  • Allow our employee to assume control over the designated adventurer according to the previously arranged schedule;
  • Wait until this service is finished;
  • Optionally, request streaming to follow the booster’s progress and make sure everything is done just as promised. There is no additional charge;
  • Please leave a review about this experience on TrustPilot to help us continue improving into the future.

CakeBoost provides many other carries for this title. For example, the SL Sepulcher of the First Ones raid boost category in our list includes full clears at any difficulty: Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal boost, Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic boost, and Sepulcher of the First Ones Mythic boost. Those are accompanied by a varied assortment of narrowly-tailored carries related to this instance, such as Sepulcher of the First Ones Single Bosses kills. Gearing and Powerleveling categories include all things a player could wish for while preparing for the endgame. Visitors could also check out offerings for WoW WotLK Classic and well-known titles outside the franchise.

Why Should You Buy Fated Raid Full Gear From Us?

Acquiring better arms and armor is essential if a hero is to remain effective in combat. Endgame items bring mighty boons to multiple stats in addition to simply improving a hero’s offensive or defensive capabilities. The greater their level, the stronger an item’s wielders become. The freshest Fated raids - is an unmatched source for top-level gear, particularly for anyone planning to take on endgame PvE content. It is obviously preferable to assemble a full set of ultimate raid gear for maximum power. However, doing so would require aspiring collectors to run this instance repeatedly, as the drops are randomized, meaning no party is bound to get something for each member.

Farming this adventure is complicated due to numerous hurdles. It is harder than any other in the MMORPG. Those who wish to approach it must be ready and willing to find or organize a competent team, invest many hours, and prevail over complicated and sometimes frustrating mechanics. Buying a Fated Raid Full Gear boost solves all of those problems straight away. Our clients are free from having to strain their minds to corral teammates and work out schedules. Boosting specialists will certainly prove equal to the task of pillaging this tomb as often as needed to assemble a full set of gear for each slot. What is more, they will execute the order with the utmost efficiency and speed, delivering the full gear in as few runs as possible.

Buy Fated Raid Full Gear Boost

As the ultimate Shadowlands raid has become available, heroes received a new gear tier to race towards. Collecting items to fill each slot in the toughest instance the MMORPG can provide requires a great deal of effort. That is especially true in harder variations, entering which is necessary to claim the finest loot. Fortunately, one could use a boost to see this task through without undue hassle.

Numerous businesses offer people a way to purchase a pro Fated Raid Full Gear service. Nevertheless, CakeBoost is surely the group that is most qualified to meet the gaming public’s needs in that and other regards. Its boost services date back to 2015 and its reputation is vouched for by hundreds of positive testimonies. Over the years, the group has accumulated considerable knowhow, which was used to improve the service process and build up a powerful gamer roster. Those who entrust us with collecting Fated Raid Full Gear for them may depend on these key strengths:

  • Top-notch security. CakeBoost deploys several well-proven practices and technologies to ensure the safety of our clients’ accounts and personal data. When clients arrange a piloted boost, we only request the information necessary for the transaction to occur. Those details are only shared with the piloting booster. No third-party assistance whatsoever is used during the process, which is handled entirely by the employee. The executor will not contact the client’s friends or mention boosting during play. The latest in HTTPS encyphering and VPN redirection is used to ramp up protection even more;
  • Always-on customer support. Our clients can always contact the CakeBoost customer support team and expect a prompt reply. The team is reachable by e-mail, live chat on the website, or chat programs between which a buyer can choose after confirming their order. Support specialists can consult customers on the Fated Raid Full Gear boost or further carrrie from our catalog, making recommendations if need be. They will address all issues as quickly as possible and quickly relay any questions they cannot answer to others in the company who can;
  • Reasonable price. CakeBoost’s pricing policy tries to keep carries accessible for ordinary players while giving our boosters fair compensation for their work. The cost of the Fated Raid Full Gear boost is determined by the investment of hours and effort it represents for our employees. Prospective buyers may rest assured that they will be paying a fair price for a high-quality service. Moreover, prices can be reduced further by special offers and repeat user discounts;
  • Expert execution. CakeBoost’s employees are thoroughly checked before they are called part of the team. They must have both applicable gaming skills and professional ethics. Meanwhile, having the ability to dip into an extensive pool of experts lets us make the most of their specialized talents. We always assign the most appropriately-skilled operators to each task. Thus, the Fated Raid Full Gear boost will be entrusted to raid specialists who are familiar with the instance and can clear it with maximum efficiency. This policy ensures a swift and smooth completion of each service.

What You Will Get?

At the conclusion of a Fated Raid Full Gear carry, the client’s favored adventurer shall be decked out in a complete set of elite spoils. That means class-appropriate gear for every space, farmed from all the encounters in the instance. While arranging the purchase, the buyer can decide on the version of the instance used for farming. Harder versions offer considerably superior gear, but they also require more time and effort to complete. Although the hardest Fated Raid variant is not currently showcased in the catalog, it may be possible to arrange such a carry with the CakeBoost staff.

The gear obtainable in Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones, Fated Castle Nathria and Fated Sanctum of Domination the highest levels around (see Rewards). Furthermore, the three final encounters always drop gear that is seven levels superior to the plunder found in the earlier fights. Unless there is a special request, the full collection will be acquired from all sources and may therefore range in power. Some among the objects gained may have unique abilities in addition to massive stat bonuses, but not others. Either way, this equipment will empower the adventurer to take on any kind of end game PvE content, while also showing off their raiding accomplishments.

The Fated Raid Full Gear boost involves completing several full runs of the Season 4 Fated Raids. As such, its rewards will go far beyond the ordered gear. All other loot gained by the adventurer while piloted will likewise be retained by the owner. That includes special class-oriented tier set gear, Conduits, currencies, and further prizes. Victories over archenemies over the course of the boost will count towards the Weekly Chest’s prize option unlocks. The hero will also earn Enlightened Brokers Reputation. Finally, they may acquire multiple achievements and connected boons (dependant on the mode).

Buy Fated Raid Full Gear carry service from CakeBoost, and everything shall be retrieved promptly. Buyers can get a boost for any difficulty level. Our piloted boosting process has been streamlined for speed. Those who prefer direct participation could also purchase a selfplay carry.

Fated Raid Full Gear Boost
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