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Zereth Mortis Unlock

Buy Zereth Mortis Unlock to get a boost from CakeBoost, and you will not have to worry about unlock requirements. You can start exploring the zone as soon as the carry is over. Our carry service will also let you claim extra rewards earned during boosting.



  • 1 day


  • 60 Character Level

Zereth Mortis Unlock Carry Service: How Does It Work?

Anyone wishing to acquire a Zereth Mortis Unlock boost from CakeBoost can follow these instructions:

  • Examine the Zereth Mortis Unlock boost requirements. If you lack a character that would meet those requirements, either level up manually or consider getting a leveling boost;
  • Use the “buy” button to place the Zereth Mortis Unlock order, then confirm it in the shopping cart;
  • Pick the chat program that will be used for progress reports and all other communications surrounding this order;
  • Choose to pay for the Zereth Mortis unlock service via Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Once our support team contacts you, establish the boosting schedule and work out the remaining details, such as the character to be used or any special requests that you may have;
  • Permit the booster to log in as the specified character on your account at the pre-arranged time;
  • Wait for the Zereth Mortis Unlock service to be completed. Follow its progress through the chosen chat program and/or the optional stream (available free of charge);
  • If it is not too difficult, leave a TrustPilot review about your Zereth Mortis Unlock boost. Customer feedback is essential for the ongoing process of improving our services.

CakeBoost offers numerous other WoW Boosts services to improve the client experience with this venerable MMORPG. Customers can enjoy the game more fully while avoiding the parts they find tedious. We also offer a variety of Powerleveling services that can help players get ready for this boost and later content quickly. 

Why Should You Buy Zereth Mortis Unlock From Us?

Zereth Mortis is the ultimate endgame zone for this expansion. It contains numerous points of interest and activities. For a start, the Secrets of the First Ones Campaign largely takes place in Zereth Mortis. Players who unlock the zone can also fight rare monsters, seek out secret treasures, and complete a rich spread of Daily and World Quests. Zereth Mortis is home to Enlightened Brokers and Automa factions. Additionally, Zereth Mortis is a major source of resources used for highest-tier Legendaries upgrades. Thus, there are many reasons to want to unlock the zone. However, to unlock it and its main features, one would have to play through several chapters’ worth of campaign quests.

Buying a Zereth Mortis Unlock boost service can save players a lot of time and effort while allowing them to start exploring Zereth Mortis immediately and on their own terms. In this service, a professional booster will play an adventurer from the customer’s account and take on the necessary quests to unlock the zone. This booster should accomplish this result much quicker than the average player would, if only just by playing full-time. Of course, gaming expertise and knowledge of optimal routes and tactics would help speed things up as well. The Zereth Mortis Unlock boost is the most efficient option for those who want to get to this content without hassle or delays.

There are multiple companies that offer Zereth Mortis Unlock services. Yet, we are certain that buying a Zereth Mortis Unlock boost from CakeBoost is the best available option. CakeBoost started providing boost services to gamers in various titles in 2015. Its efforts have left thousands of fully pleased customers who have confirmed the services’ efficacy in TrustPilot reviews. Throughout this time, CakeBoost has been able to draw on accumulated experience to refine all aspects of its services. Moreover, it has built up an extensive roster of gaming talent. Those who purchase a Zereth Mortis Unlock carry from CakeBoost can count on the following company strengths working for them:

  • Tight security. Our clients can rest assured that their identities and accounts will be kept safe with the best methods and tools available. When ordering a Zereth Mortis Unlock service, each customer would only need to provide the bare minimum of information needed for the booster to log in and carry out the service. The log-in details will not be shared with any third parties or anyone other than the booster. The boost itself shall be carried out manually, without using bots, cheats, or hacks that could result in a ban or other complications. Boosting and similar topics will never be mentioned in chat. The latest in HTTPS encryption and a VPN connecting to the client’s country should further assure confidentiality and data safety;
  • Smooth customer service. We employ a professional customer support team that is available to clients at all times. At any moment, clients can contact the support team over the live chat on the website or by e-mail. After ordering the Zereth Mortis Unlock boost, a user would acquire a dedicated communications channel that can also be used for support team interactions. The support specialists can consult players about the Zereth Mortis Unlock service or any other carries that we offer. They will also attempt to answer any questions or redirect them to company superiors or boosters if need be;
  • Competitive pricing. Our mission is to provide affordable boosts for the general gaming public. This concern is balanced by the need to keep our services financially sustainable and to continue employing truly qualified boosters. Overall, the resulting prices compare favorably to those set by other companies. The cost of our Zereth Mortis Unlock carry reflects its difficulty and the time investment it requires from our boosters. Note that it can be lowered further through frequent buyer bonuses and special deals;
  • Professional execution. CakeBoost delivers swift and trouble-free carries by relying on a pool of top-notch professional boosters. Our employees all go through a rigorous vetting process, allowing us to make sure that they are both skillful gamers and trustworthy professionals. In addition to overall gaming skill, we pay due attention to our employees’ boosting specialties. The diversity of talent we have at our disposal allows us to entrust the most suitable professionals with each boost. The Zereth Mortis Unlock boost, for example, will be done by our questing specialists who know how to complete all tasks with maximum efficiency. We also try to match player characters with boosters who specialize in their class.

What You Will Get?

The Zereth Mortis Unlock carry involves allowing a booster to take over and complete the first three chapters of the 9.2 campaign. Finishing the first chapter is necessary to unlock Zereth Mortis. Meanwhile, the second two chapters are needed to unlock many of its features. That apparently includes repeatable quests, much to the chagrin of many of the zone’s current inhabitants. One would also unlock the Cypher of the First Ones mechanic, which provides greater power in Zereth Mortis in return for unearthing local treasures. Note that after you unlock the first three chapters with one character, all subsequent alternative characters will have the choice to gain the benefits of this unlock automatically.

The Cypher of the First Ones unlocks also involves making some progress in this social system. Over the course of the boost, the booster would unlock the Pocopoc, the friendly helpful Automa NPC. The booster would also need to collect Cyphers of the First Ones as a currency and use it to unlock some traits on the Cypher Console talent tree. The completion of those tasks during the boost would give a head start to anyone trying to explore and profit from Zereth Mortis in earnest. It would be much easier to unlock the remaining features afterward.

The Zereth Mortis Unlock service will deliver more concrete and immediate benefits as well. The customer would hold on to all rewards acquired during the unlock boost. That list begins with currency items such as SL Gold. It extends to other quest rewards and loot of opportunity, including Zereth Mortis gear and crafting materials. You will also receive some progress in terms of Reputation, particularly with the Enlightened Brokers. That, in turn, would help players unlock the exclusive roster of goods connected to those factions more quicker. This carry service would also bring the booster closer to completing several progression-related achievements.

Buy Zereth Mortis Unlock

Zereth Mortis is the new zone that has been added to Shadowlands as part of Patch 9.2. It becomes available after completing the first Chapter of the Eternity’s End campaign. The next two Chapters unlock World Quests and Daily Quests respectively. If you use a boost to unlock it, you will be able to access all of the zone’s features without any delays. That includes the Cyphers of the First Ones zone upgrades and the latest reputation factions.

Zereth Mortis Unlock
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