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Soaring Spelltome Mount Boost (Mage Tower Mount)

30% OFF

Buying a Soaring Spelltome mount boost is the surest and fastest method of obtaining the prized Mage Tower mount. No collection-minded WoW player could overlook this truly extraordinary enchanted spell tome mount. It is gated behind all seven challenges of Mage Tower. Acquiring it without help would be a grueling chore. Why not buy Soaring Spell Tome delivery from us instead? CakeBoost’s boosting experts can retrieve it swiftly while you relax.


  • Mage-Bound Spelltome item, which summons your
  • Soaring Spelltome mount;
  • Each Mage Tower challenge completed;
  • A Tour of Towers achievement;
  • Mage Tower transmogrification appearances for participating characters’ class gear.

You can specify the characters we should utilize to complete challenges. Doing so determines extra rewards from the Soaring Spelltome mount carry.


This Mage-Bound boost could be wrapped up in a couple of days. We shall inform you if delays occur. Fortunately, the Mage Tower has become permanently accessible, enabling our Mage Tower mount farm whenever we have requested.


  • At least three fully leveled characters suitable for varying roles;
  • 210 or higher ilvl equipment for all participating characters.

Please inform us about the characters you want to benefit from the Mage-Bound carry in advance. If necessary, you could order powerleveling and gearing services for quicker preparations.


How to Get the Soaring Spelltome Mount in Dragonflight

The Soaring Spelltome mount WoW collectors sought since its arrival has become easier to acquire in the Dragonflight expansion. You still have to complete the full seven solo challenges in Mage Tower. Yet now you may embark upon those challenges whenever you wish, without waiting for a rare event. Nonetheless, the task remains quite difficult:

  • Each challenge is a fully-fledged boss fight that you must complete without a party. Experienced raiders must unlearn many lessons to win the encounter by themselves. Initial attempts are quite likely to end in defeat;
  • Most classes could only access three challenges (one per class specialization). A minimum of three characters with varying classes are necessary to unlock this prize;
  • Every challenge is designed to test the player’s mastery of their class’ gameplay role. Defeating all of them calls for mastery of every role. As an inevitable result, the challenges are quite varied. Players who beat most challenges may still struggle with one another.

As a result, most players will find this colorful spelltome very difficult to claim. That is why CakeBoost offers our Soaring Spell Tome Mount WoW service. Buying our Soaring Spelltome book mount boost ensures fast and reliable delivery. Our experts shall play from your account directly or through Remote Desktop. They will control characters with necessary classes and fulfill every challenge. Our roster includes players with wide-ranging specialties, including various role or class specialists. This expertise enables efficient progress. Playing full-time should accelerate the process further, letting them finish your Mage Tower Mount boost much quicker. With this carry, you can sidestep all frustrations farming this spelltome would involve.

A Tour of Towers Achievement Boost

The spelltome is technically an added benefit of earning the A Tour of Towers achievement. Players receive this distinction by overcoming every Mage Tower challenge. Challenge List:

There are no challenges for Evokers since this class appeared following Mage Tower’s debut. They have no way to access the activity at present. Is Soaring Spelltome still available? Yes. In Dragonflight, players can acquire the Soaring Spelltome mount whenever desired by prevailing over all Mage Tower challenges.

Thanks to our competitive pricing and frequent discounts, you could buy the Mage-Bound cheaply. We sell many other MMORPG offerings too. Moving beyond this book mount WoW boost, you could get a boost in WoW for any other problem you encounter. Our WoW TMW boost catalog may hold special interest for those interested in farming legacy content for unique rewards. However, we also deliver up-to-date carries focused on modern WoW activities.

Soaring Spelltome Mount Boost (Mage Tower Mount)
Quantity: 1

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