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Solar Spirehawk (Rukhmar Mount)

Buying Solar Spirehawk boost is the quickest, most dependable way to obtain WoW’s Solar Spirehawk mount. This hard-to-get mount is yielded by Rukhmar, a Warlords of Draenor world boss. Its initial drop rate of roughly 0.03% has been raised in 2022, but the flying mount remains rare. Professional assistance could help you obtain the Solar Spirehawk for your collection without any grinding. Order our Rukhmar mount boost, and we shall start farming this prize without delays.


By default, our crew will farm the Rukhmar fight until we get the Solar Spirehawk. Alternatively, you could request a number of attempts without a guaranteed drop. We can also purchase the Solar Spirehawk through the Black Market.


  • Pay-per-run: Each Rukhmar kill requires around 15 minutes. Lockouts mean we can make one attempt each week;
  • Guaranteed mount: We will repeat this encounter whenever lockouts permit. However, random factors make boost duration impossible to predict;
  • Black Market: Probably within two months.


  • Maximum level character(s). Each additional eligible character enables another weekly attempt. Powerleveling may be arranged upon request;
  • Black Market: Secondary WoW account with most recent expansion purchased. Transfer fee money on

How Do You Get the Solar Spirehawk Mount?

To obtain the Solar Spirehawk, you must defeat Rukhmar. This NPC appears in the Spires of Arak zone, flying around Skyreach. Several obstacles complicate farming efforts:

  • Confronting the boss requires traveling to WoD’s version of Draenor, finding the giant bird, and attacking it from the high ground;
  • You would almost definitely face competition from other players at that location. If they engage it first, you will have to wait for another chance;
  • While fully-leveled characters should kill the hawk easily enough on their own, your chances of engaging it are still higher with a group;
  • The Solar Spirehawk drop rate remains fairly low, potentially requiring hundreds of attempts;
  • Every character on your account could only loot each world boss once per week;
  • The Solar Spirehawk mount is unaffected by bonus rolls.

Each kill may also yield random loot, which may be used for transmogrification. 

Buying WoW Solar Spirehawk on BMAH

The mount occasionally appears on the Black Market. To buy the Solar Spirehawk there, you must prepare a large sum of Gold, monitor BMAH for its appearance, and outbid other players. If that seems complicated, CakeBoost’s Black Market service presents a simple alternative. Our employees could monitor different realms for Solar Spirehawk auctions. When one is found, our booster shall log in to your secondary account and transfer an eligible character to start bidding with our Gold. Upon success, we shall send the mount to your main account. Otherwise, we will return your transfer fee and try again until we succeed.

Rukhmar Mount Boost Advantages

You can also buy our standard Solar Spirehawk boost. Our booster will play from your account at pre-scheduled intervals, delivering weekly Rukhmar runs. Because our employees play full-time, they can farm Solar Spirehawk drops reliably every week. Their knowledge of optimal tactics and methods should ensure fast progress. Whether you order a guaranteed Solar Spirehawk service or a fixed number of runs, we will give you superior odds of acquiring the Solar Spirehawk mount early. You will also avoid a tedious and frustrating grind.

Buy WoW carries from CakeBoost to achieve your goals quickly and without any hassle. We provide rare WoW mounts farm services, powerleveling, and carries covering all kinds of popular activities.

Solar Spirehawk (Rukhmar Mount)
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Guaranteed mount
Guaranteed mount from BMAH


Can you still get the Solar Spirehawk?

Yes. In fact, acquiring the Solar Spirehawk mount was made easier by drop rate changes in November 2022.

What is the current Solar Spirehawk mount drop rate?

WoWhead estimates a 6.06% chance based on its app users’ experience.

How often does Rukhmar spawn?

The boss respawns roughly every 15 minutes (give or take 5).

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