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WoW Solo Shuffle Boost

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Buy Solo Shuffle in WoW and get guaranteed rewards and a rating for participating in a new PvP activity consisting of 6 rounds, in each of which the opponents are shuffled. With rated Solo Shuffle boosting services for sale you can get all new achievements, a unique title, and rewards easily and simply with the help of experienced players.


  • Requested Solo Shuffle Arena rating;
  • Solo Shuffle wins;
  • Progress towards or completion of exclusive Solo Shuffle WoW achievements and titles, like Soloist or Legend;
  • Further PvP gear picks from the Weekly Chest;
  • PvP item level upgrades, titles, and cosmetics unlocked based on achieved PvP ranks;
  • Honor and Conquest awarded for victories;
  • Vicious Saddle progress.


  • Service delivery speed depends on the starting and target Solo Shuffle rating. However, it should not take longer than a week.


  • Fully leveled adventurer;
  • ​​​​​​​PvP ilvl 437+ gear for carrying below 1800 rating;
  • PvP ilvl 450 for carrying above that number;
  • Double PvP trinkets.

Prospective clients who cannot satisfy those conditions are encouraged to talk to our support team. We can prepare combatants for the rating Solo Shuffle boost service speedily and without any complications.

What Is Solo Shuffle Rated in Dragonflight Season 2?

Rated Solo Shuffle is an Arena variation based on the solo 3v3 queue. Participants queue up individually rather than in groups. The matchmaking algorithm divides six combatants between two random teams. Each team includes one healer and two others. The first team to kill an opponent wins the round. When that happens, the fighters are reshuffled between teams for the next round. Matches consist of six rounds each. Players who were on the winning side in at least three of those skirmishes are considered to have won the match. Ratings increase based on factors like enemy MMR in each clash and the number of successful rounds. Each class specialization is tracked separately on the ladder.

How Does Solo Shuffle Boost Work?

The WoW Solo Shuffle carry allows clients to reach the rating they want with professional assistance. Because premade teams are excluded from this mode by definition, Solo Shuffle boosting is done exclusively by piloting. Our employee uses the client’s provided details to access their account, controlling their chosen hero. They will enter the solo 3v3 queue and compete in matches until the goal has been achieved. Since boosters play full-time and are familiar with optimal Arena tactics, they can achieve much quicker progress than clients could themselves.

Clients who want a different PvP boost in WoW are encouraged to peruse our catalog. We offer varied WoW Arena carry options. Clients can seek rating and win rate boosting currency farming, and personal skill training. Similar offerings are available for rated battlegrounds. Equipping adventurers so they would be fully competitive at any rank is another service we provide. Collectors could acquire classic mounts via the Vicious Saddle carry or hunt for the latest Gladiator beast with the appropriate service.

What Are the Rewards in Solo Shuffle?

This activity counts as rated PvP for all award purposes. Consequently, the Rating Solo Shuffle boost presents an excellent opportunity to claim specialized equipment from vendors and the Great Vault. Ranking up gives access to all generic competitive titles, as well as cosmetics and gear upgrade unlocks. Victories count towards claiming Vicious mounts. Buying a Solo Shuffle rating carry service also brings users closer to claiming this activity’s unique rewards, which consist of novel achievements and titles. The most noteworthy award of this type is Legend. It is given to those who reach the highest rank in this activity and then prevail in a hundred shuffled games. The epithet must be renewed each PvP season.

WoW Solo Shuffle Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Solo Shuffle Rating
0 - 1500
Additional Options
Soloist Title
Honor Gear (437 ilvl)


Can you get Glad in Solo Shuffle?

Gladiator title remains exclusive to the traditional 3v3 queue.

Why are Solo Shuffle queues so long?

There are several known reasons:
Each team must include one healing and two DPS specialists. Healers are much rarer, so most players have to wait for them;

  • The Solo Shuffle Rated PvP matchmaking algorithm seems to prioritize different specs, meaning combatants with common specs must wait longer;
  • Algorithm bugs that are being steadily patched out.
How do you win Solo Shuffle?

Each round goes to the team that scores the earliest kill. Players who were on the triumphant side in at least three rounds are considered to have won the match.

Does Solo Shuffle give rating?

The Solo Shuffle bracket has its own approach to tracking performance. Solo Shuffle rating is implemented independently for each class specialization. It works just like in other brackets for all rewards purposes.

Can you upgrade gear from Solo Shuffle?

Following bugfixes last year, PvP equipment received through this activity can benefit from upgrades.

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