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Time-Lost Proto-Drake (TLPD)

Buying Time-Lost Proto-Drake service is your surest and easiest means of acquiring this vintage mount. Forget about camping in a remote part of Northrend until luck strikes. Our farming experts will obtain the creature without any effort or time lost on your part.



Due to random factors, TLPD delivery speed is somewhat unpredictable. It can be finished within a week on average.


  • Maximum level character. Fast powerleveling may be arranged on request.

How Hard Is It to Obtain a Time-Lost Proto-Drake?

One may only acquire Time-Lost Proto-Drake by killing the eponymous monster. The TLPD NPC appears at one of four points in The Storm Peaks, with a small chance to respawn at any point over the next several hours. Its precise location and timing is random within those parameters. It moves swiftly along a randomly chosen path until killed by players. If cornered, it fights back using several tricky abilities. However, defeating it is not very hard. Unpredictability and stiff competition make it extremely difficult to obtain. Some people have tried and failed to acquire it over the years.


TLPD Boost Advantages

Ordering a boost represents your best solution. CakeBoost’s experts are thoroughly familiar with Time-Lost Proto-Drake spawn points and routes. They also know optimal hunting methods. As farming professionals, they have no trouble staking it out for days on end. If you trust us, this mount will be yours at the earliest opportunity. We can save you a lot of effort, frustration, and disappointment. In addition to the Time-Lost Proto-Drake in your collection, we may secure additional loot such as crafting ingredients and an amulet.

Although this carry is intended for retail by default, we can hunt down its WotLK Classic version as well. We provide similar services for all rare mounts WoW has to offer, along with numerous further WoW boost services.

Time-Lost Proto-Drake (TLPD)
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Retail Version
WotLK Version


How long does the Time-Lost Proto-Drake take to spawn?

There is a small likelihood of it respawning every two to eight hours after its body fades. Its respawn timer and locations are identical to those of Vyragosa, a Frostbitten achievement target. The lost Proto-Drake will appear in the more common monster’s place with a roughly 10% likelihood.

Can you buy the Time-Lost Proto-Drake?

This mount cannot be sold at Auction House. Some people sell a unique opportunity to kill it. However, such offers are often dishonest, while purchasing a boosting service is a much safer bet.

What is the drop rate of TLPD?

It is guaranteed to drop for everyone who beats the Time-Lost Proto Drake NPC.

Is the Time-Lost Proto-Drake still rare?

Despite its age, the vast majority of Dragonflight players still do not have a TLPD mount in their collection.

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