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Timewarped Badges Farm

WoW Timewarped Badge boost service will help you purchase any items sold for this Timewalking currency without undue effort. Leave repetitive Timewalking dungeon grinding to our Timewarped Badge farm specialists. By drawing upon proven strategies, they will collect your desired amount of tokens fast. Buy this boost, and you could soon purchase whatever toy, mount, or cosmetic you desire.



The estimated delivery speed for popular WoW Timewarped Badge carry service options is shown below. Delays may occur due to unexpected complications or large queues. Check your Timerwarped Badge farming boost service ETA with the staff before purchase.

Timewalking Currency RewardRequired Time
5002-4 hours
10001-2 days
50002-3 days
100004-7 days


  • Fully leveled character with at least ilvl 180 equipment. Order powerleveling and/or gearing services from CakeBoost to prepare for this TW badge boost swiftly;
  • Any Timewalking event.

How to Farm Timewarped Badges?

The precious WoW Timewarped Badge currency comes solely from TMW's instanced content. Timewarped Badge farming calls for completing encounters and entire instances in Timewalking events. TMW raid quests likewise contribute to TW badge farm efforts. Timewalking currency rewards from different farm sources are below:

SourceTimewalking Currency
Turn In Timewalking Quests500
Defeat Any TMW Dungeon Boss5
Defeat TMW Dungeon Endboss10
Complete TMW Dungeon10

Best Way to Farm Timewarped Badges

While necessary to claim some highly desirable items, WoW Timewarped Badge farming is a grueling process. Collecting and acquiring sufficient Timewalking currency tokens for your needs may take weeks. This farm largely involves running the same instances repeatedly. CakeBoost’s Timewarped Badge Dragonflight boost represents the ideal solution. Our WoW Timewarped Badge farm specialists could play nonstop and finish each encounter with maximum efficiency thanks to their knowledge of optimal tactics. You can have any Timewalking currency amount quickly and effortlessly after purchasing this boost.

Timewarped Badge Rewards

You could buy literally hundreds of prizes from dedicated TW currency vendors with your accumulated Timewalking currency. Each has its own unique stock including cosmetics, heirlooms, and other fun items. Individual Timewalking currency vendors are exclusively available when specific events are active. If you are wondering where to spend Timeworn Badges, see this table:

VendorTimewalking EventLocationTimewalking Mounts
CupriThe Burning CrusadeShattrath City (Outland)Reins of the Eclipse Dragonhawk (5000)
AuzinWrath of the Lich KingDalaran (Northrend)Bridle of the Ironbound Wraithcharger (5000)
KiatkeCataclysmStormwind City; OrgrimmarTosselwrench's Mega-Accurate Simulation Viewfinder (3000)
Mistweaver XiaMists of PandariaCelestial Court, Timeless IsleYu'lei, Daughter of Jade (5000)
KronnusWarlords of DraenorWarspearBeastlord’s Irontusk (5000)
TempraWarlords of DraenorStormshield(Inventory shared with Kronnus)
AridormiLegionDalaran (The Broken Isles)Favor of the Val’sharah Hippogryph (5000)

Interested in any of those items? Intrigued by dozens of other goodies those Timewalking currency vendors have in stock? Order a CakeBoost Timewarped Badge Dragonflight service now and buy them once our Timewarped Badge farm service concludes! Alternatively, browse CakeBoost’s WoW Timewalking carry services catalog and pick another boost that would deliver Timewalking currency along with its main spoils. Our overall suite of services for boosting WoW can help with any pursuit in this MMORPG.

Timewarped Badges Farm
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