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WoW Trader`s Tender Farm

10% OFF

Trader’s Tender boost in WoW is a professional service aimed at acquiring tokens used in the MMORPG’s recently-introduced Trader’s Post. By buying Trader’s Tender farm from CakeBoost, clients ensure they will receive the desired amount of tokens without complications or delays. Our Trader’s Tender farming service specialists will lean on varied expertise to complete necessary tasks at top speed. Trader’s Tender for sale enables customers to purchase any of the unique cosmetics or mounts being sold by this venue now or later.


  • One month Traveler’s Log completion, with an extra reward in the latter case;
  • Trader’s Tender in the specified amount. Those coins and items purchased with them will be shared by all heroes with the same owner;
  • Opportunity to buy exclusive cosmetic rewards;
  • Progress towards the Trading Post Enthusiast achievement and a Warden-themed transmogrification set;
  • All other rewards acquired while seeing Trading Post tasks.

Normally, our Trader’s Tender farm service involves having a booster log-in from the client’s account. Our employee would then control the client’s adventurer to obtain the desired tokens with maximum efficiency. That means pursuing the simplest objectives on the Traveler’s Log. Since boosters play full-time and know optimal farming methods, picking such goals will let them complete the carry much faster. The drawback is that using this strategy yields fewer incidental prizes. Potential clients who prefer to buy Trader’s Tender from different sources should speak to our support team. Upon request, we could collect tokens through specific activities or even provide a selfplay boost.


  • Monthly Trader’s Tender farm should take under five hours of work.
  • Smaller numbers of tokens could be obtained even more quicker. Collecting a larger number of coins would require waiting for regular resets.
  • Speak with our staff to find out the ETA for your order.


  • Active World of Warcraft account;
  • Current expansion purchased;
  • Level 70 character.

Consult with our staff if you encounter difficulties in satisfying those preconditions. Our powerleveling services can prepare adventurers for the Trader’s Post currency boost promptly and cheaply.

What Can You Get With Trader’s Tender in WoW?

Tokens obtained via CakeBoost’s WoW Trader’s Tender farm may be spent at the Trading Post to purchase assorted cosmetic prizes. Those goods may include transmog skins for weaponry and armor, mounts, and pets. Some are brand-new, while others were previously sold for real money. The inventory is updated monthly, but the player may choose to freeze a single item for future acquisition. Previously-featured wares may reappear later. Currently, available items can be found here, along with datamined future rewards.

Clients seeking other decorative items may wish to check out the rest of our catalog. Services like DF Dailies Boost and MT Boost can be very helpful for expanding collections.

How to Earn the Trading Post Currency

Players receive 500 coins for each of these actions:

  • Logging on once after the Trading Post update, assuming they own the Dragonflight expansion;
  • Playing through the introductory questline;
  • Logging on every month if their account is not being penalized.

Up to 500 more coins may be earned by handling Trading Post tasks directly or boosting Traveler’s Log progress with professional assistance. Pursuits that may be utilized for Trading Post currency farming include:

  • Participating in holiday events;
  • Interacting with cutting-edge content, such as Dragonriding or Dragon Isles World Quests;
  • Playing through dungeon runs at varying difficulties;
  • Beating raid encounters;
  • Competing in rated PvP;
  • Using professions to acquire items;
  • Profiting from Auction House commerce;
  • Aiding other heroes;
  • Engaging in pet battles.

The specific activities being rewarded now can be seen in the Log or on this page.

WoW Trader`s Tender Farm
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What is Trader’s Tender?

Trader’s Tender is a currency introduced to World of Warcraft in the Dragonflight expansion. It is used to purchase goods at WoW’s Trading Posts. Any Trading Post vendor can exchange it for exclusive cosmetic items from the shop’s stock. The inventory updates monthly and contains many novel or hard-to-get wares.

Is there a cap on Trader’s Tender?

There is no limit on how many of these tokens an adventurer may possess at once. The maximum amount that may be earned within a month is 2,000. Half of that comes from one-off bonuses for owning the newest expansion and playing through the Trader’s Post introduction questline. As a result, most months only let players collect a thousand instead. Any Trader’s Tender currency not spent before the reset is retained, allowing players to save up for wanted purchases.

How to earn more Trader’s Tender?

Players are rewarded for owning the DF expansion, getting introduced to the Trader’s Post, and logging in every month. They receive 500 coins for meeting each condition. Apart from that, Trader’s Post currency farming is done by performing seasonal Trading Post tasks. At each reset, the Traveler’s Log fills up with different goals players can achieve. Those activities range from using emotes on other adventurers to interacting with endgame content. Each activity awards some number of tokens, up to a maximum of 500 per interval.

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