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Ulduar Timewalking Boost

15% OFF

One of these is a special Ulduar Timewalking raid that is available only during specific snippets of time, when TMW weeks are happening. TMW Raids differ from other raids as they are only available during certain TMW weeks. They also differ from Timewalking dungeons in that you need a group of 10 to 30 people to run through the raid. All players must be 60 level or higher as well. Ulduar is a Titan complex that plays the role of a prison for the Old God of Death named Yogg-Saron. There you will face 14 different encounters which are separated into 5 wings, to defeat each of them you will have to come up with a suitable strategy. Yet, the rewards can be very good, as completion of Ulduar will bring you rarest items in the game. If you want to complete Ulduar Timewalking and save both of your free time and nerves - just buy Ulduar Timewalking Boost service by CakeBoost and trust the professionals!


  • Full Ulduar Timewalking Run
  • A lot of trmog items
  • Chance to get Mimiron's Head mount
  • Chance to get any battle pets


  • Contact our support about the raid schedule


  • Level 60 character

What Is A WoW Ulduar Timewalking Raid Boost?

A timewalking raid is a version of an instance from a previous expansion made temporarily available to players in a modified form. Timewalking scales down character abilities and gear to make the instance more challenging. Conversely, it also offers a chance to earn original raid loot at a higher level, making it viable in Shadowlands content. As one of the most popular instances in World of Warcraft history, it is easy to see why Ulduar would appear among these raids. Buy Ulduar Timewalking Boost from CakeBoost, and you shall definitely receive the full benefits from the raid on time and without any hassle.

Why Should You Buy Boosts from Us?

Timewalking raids pose many unique challenges. Unlike timewalking dungeons, they call for you to assemble a premade party before you can begin to play. Ulduar requires a group of ten to thirty adventurers. Like other timewalking content, raids require you to adjust to reduced player power and older mechanics. However, raids are both longer and less forgiving than dungeons. In Ulduar, you would have to overcome fourteen encounters divided between five wings. Finding a raid group that could manage this task during the week-long event in which Ulduar is available could be a challenge in itself. If you buy a pro Ulduar timewalking boost, you will not have to worry about it.

You could buy World of Warcraft Ulduar Timewalking boosting services from several boosting companies. However, we are confident that CakeBoost would be your best choice. We started providing game services back in 2013, with offerings ranging from raid runs to coach sessions. Time and experience enabled us to raise those offerings to a superior standard of quality. Our WoW timewalking boost services were refined in BfA and earlier expansions, permitting us to establish a smooth and reliable execution process. If you buy Ulduar timewalking services here, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed safety. When you buy an Ulduar timewalking service from us, we only ask for the minimal details necessary for it to begin. Those details will go directly to the boosters working on this carry and no one else. In piloted boosts, your identity will be protected using the latest HTTPS encryption and a VPN displaying your country. We do not use any third-party services, bots, hacks, or cheats that could compromise your account. Boosting and similar topics will never be brought up in chat;
  • Efficient communications. You can reach out to our customer support team at any time through e-mail or site chat. After you buy a boost, you will also be able to choose a communication method from such options as Skype, Discord, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Our support staff will consult you on the Ulduar timewalking boost or any other boost that you may want to buy. All questions or concerns that you bring up will be addressed without delay. If an issue cannot be resolved at support level, it will be relayed at once to superiors or boosters;
  • Competitive prices. Our intent is for the average player to afford to buy our boost services for Ulduar and more. Accordingly, we strive to keep them as cheap as we can without compromising boost quality. Discounts for regular customers and occasional special offers lower the price further;
  • Professional boosters. We rely on an international pool of players who pass through a rigorous vetting process and have extensive general experience as well as boosting specializations. That enables us to dispatch the boosters with the most applicable skills to each boost, ensuring a quick and painless completion. Your Ulduar timewalking boost will be done with the participation of proficient raiders who know the instance and its mechanics inside out.

What Can You Get From An Ulduar Timewalking Carry?

You can buy two versions of our Ulduar timewalking boost: piloted and selfplay. A piloted boost is the default option. In it, a member of our boosting team will play on your account and join a party made of other boosters, ensuring a swift and efficient completion of the raid. All that will be left for you to do is collect the rewards. The selfplay boost has a slightly higher cost due to the increased average difficulty. If you buy it, you will play your character yourself and join our boosters’ premade team. They will do everything possible to ensure a swift success. This option will save you from having to put together a team or rely on random teammates.

Please note that the Ulduar timewalking boost is only available during the recurring Northrend timewalking dungeon event.

You can count on some of the following rewards if you buy an Ulduar boost:

  • Exclusive Ulduar gear at an item lvl determined by your character’s actual (non-downscaled) level, which could be viable in the Shadowlands campaign and beyond;
  • A wide range of exclusive Ulduar collectibles including transmogrification items for weapons and armor, battle pets, and mounts (including the very rare Mimiron’s Head);
  • Progress towards several achievements;
  • Timewarped Badges earned by completing the raid quest. Those can be exchanged for unique timewalking rewards sold by expansion-specific vendors, including toys, pets, mounts, and gear.

We offer a varied selection of other Timewalking Boost services as well. For example, you might buy a Black Temple Timewalking raid boost during the Outland timewalking dungeon event on the same terms as the Ulduar boost. You could also buy a Timewalking Dungeons boost or Mythic+ Legion Dungeons boost to farm active timewalking dungeons for their unique loot and Timewarped Badges. You will find boosting options for obtaining specific rewards and further services to be added as this activity continues to develop.

How Does CakeBoost Work?

If you decide to buy an Ulduar timewalking boost from CakeBoost, just follow those instructions:

  • Select the Ulduar boost from the Shadowlands Timewalking Raids section of our shop catalog;
  • Check to make sure that you meet the requirements, activate the selfplay option if you prefer it, and press “buy”;
  • Confirm your order in the shopping cart, then choose your preferred method of communications and pay using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Wait for our support team to reach out to you and decide on specifics such as the boosting schedule together;
  • Either wait for the piloted boost to complete or show up on time to play in the selfplay boost. If you buy the piloted boost, you can request a stream for free;
  • Remember to leave a review on TrustPilot! Community feedback is critical for us to improve our Ulduar timewalking and other services.
Ulduar Timewalking Boost
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