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Val`sharah Hippogryph Mount

20% OFF

This Hippogryph is a unique Legion Timewalking mount added in 9.1.5. It can be purchased for 5000 badges from the special vendor during the event. However, farming can be a tedious task with an average of 10 to 50 badges earned for completing one dungeon. The easiest and fastest way to get a gorgeous mount is to buy Val'sharah Hippogryph Mount Boost from Cakeboost. Experienced boosters will prepare the required amount of resources and complete many dungeons so that you can become the owner of the Hippogryph flying mount.



  • 5-6 days. Execution is possible only during the Timewalks event.


  • 50 Character Level


How Do I Use the Val'sharah Hippogryph Carry?

To buy Val’sharah Hippogryph boost services from CakeBoost, proceed according to these instructions:

  • Select your region, then press “add to cart”;
  • Confirm your order in the shopping cart;
  • Pay using any of our trusted platforms;
  • Wait until our support team contacts you via your chosen communications method;
  • Discuss your Val’sharah Hippogryph boost schedule and any additional requests with the team;
  • Allow our booster to play from your account and wait for the Val’sharah Hippogryph service to conclude;
  • Optionally, request free streaming to help you track our progress;
  • Leave feedback to assist in the ongoing improvement of CakeBoost’s Legion Timewalking mount boost solutions.

Relying upon this farming service will save you a lot of playtime and effort. Ordinarily, you would have to execute around a hundred runs to afford this mount. Depending on your progress speed and gaming opportunities during TMW events, it may take you months. CakeBoost’s Val’sharah Hippogryph farm solves both problems. Our boosters have extensive gameplay experience and familiarity with older WoW instances. This know-how enables them to beat every encounter at top speed, ensuring an efficient TMW currency income. Playing full-time lets them repeat those runs during every event. Before long, this colorful mount will be yours.

Check out further CakeBoost offerings for this Dragonflight activity in our WoW Timewalking services catalog. We provide quite a few other boost carry WoW solutions as well.

Val`sharah Hippogryph Mount
Quantity: 1


How can I get the Timewalking purple Hippogryph mount?

You must farm 5000 Timewarped Badges by clearing TMW dungeons and turning in related quests during any Timewalking event. Then, exchange those tokens for Val’sharah Hippogryph with the Legion Timewalking vendor.

Where can I buy Val’sharah Hippogryph mount in WoW?

You can buy Val’sharah Hippogryph summoning items on sale from Aridormi. This specialized vendor is available at Krasus’ Landing in the Broken Isles version of Dalaran during the Legion TMW event.

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