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Vicious Sabertooth Boost

Buy Vicious Sabertooth Boost and become one of the first players to get a unique pvp wolf mount! Pre-order Dragonflight S1 Vicious saddle and get a guaranteed fast boost at the start of the season.



  • 3-7 days


  • Аctive World of Warcraft account
  • Level 70 Character

About Vicious Sabertooth Boost Service

The Vicious Sabertooth is the new Vicious Saddle mount introduced in WoW Dragonflight’s first PvP season. It has a most distinctive appearance, being a sabertoothed tiger marked by draconic essences and decked out with factional armor and banners. What truly makes Sabertooth popular, however, is its status as an elite PvP prize that testifies to the accomplishments of its rider. Getting the Vicious Sabertooth would require players to climb up in rank and win many matches, which can be a serious and time-consuming grind. By purchasing CakeBoost’s Vicious Sabertooth boosting services, gamers interested in this prize can acquire it swiftly, assuredly, and without expending more effort than they wish to invest in it.

Vicious Sabertooth Carry Service: How It Works

Using CakeBoost’s Vicious Sabertooth carry services is quite simple:

  • Check the requirements for the Vicious Sabertooth boost and ensure that your adventurer can fulfill them. Our powerleveling and gearing boost services can assist with preparations if necessary;
  • Select wanted boost options, then click the “buy” icon and validate the boost purchase in the buyer’s cart;
  • Provide your contact information and chat program preferences for this boost;
  • Send the payment for the boost over any of our recommended platforms listed on the checkout page;
  • Once our team makes contact, negotiate a mutually-satisfactory boosting schedule and any special requests or further details;
  • Unless using selfplay, grant our booster access to your account during prescheduled intervals and wait for the service to be completed. You can follow its progress through boost status updates and optional free streaming;
  • For a selfplay boost, follow our team’s instructions to join our boosters in the chosen PvP venue;
  • Once the service is finished, leave feedback via Trustpilot to help us continue to improve CakeBoost’s boost services for Sabertooth and other Vicious Saddle PvP mounts.

In addition to Vicious Sabertooth boost services, we offer numerous WoW Carry Services covering all aspects of the Dragonflight expansion. Our other PvP Offerings include WoW Arena Boost and RBGs.

Why Should You Buy Vicious Sabertooth Boost From Us?

To obtain the Vicious Sabertooth, players must fulfill two conditions. Firstly, they must reach at least 1,000 rating in any of the ranked PvP modes (2v2 Arena, 3v3 Arena, or RBG). After that target is attained, they need to score enough victories in that mode to fill in a progress bar. The number of victories required varies depending on the chosen mode. Using the 3v3 Arena is generally accepted as the optimal method of acquiring such mounts quickly. After completing this process once, it can be repeated to earn Vicious Saddle mounts from earlier seasons. However, progress resets when the season ends, so failing to complete the task before then is a significant setback.

People who are short on playtime or unwilling to deal with the grind could use a boost to outsource this task to paid boosters. Those gaming professionals can complete both objectives swiftly and assuredly by playing non-stop and employing optimal methods and strategies. Their clients will not have to worry about the seasonal deadline or do anything except collect the Vicious Sabertooth when the service is finished. Those seeking to earn the Vicious Sabertooth themselves but unwilling to depend on random teammates can get a boost with selfplay instead. That way, they will retain control over their combatant and still achieve their goals with the assistance of professional teammates.

Boosting Vicious Sabertooth acquisition with strangers may seem like a gamble. It is true that there are many scammers who take advantage of people seeking boosting services. Even actual boosters can often have issues with their security or boost delivery speed. In the worst case scenario, a client’s boosted account might become compromised or banned, leading to the loss of the Vicious Sabertooth and all other rewards. That is why it is advisable for players to engage the assistance of proven boosting companies. CakeBoost stands out in this field thanks to multiple decisive advantages that make us an ideal choice for gamers of all types:

  • Our company started delivering boost services for WoW and other titles back in 2015. In each PvP season since then, we assisted numerous customers with acquiring the latest Vicious Saddle mounts. We acquired extensive knowhow regarding such carries and complications that are likely to arise over their course. Our services for Sabertooth benefit from this expertise, empowering us to complete them swiftly and smoothly. Potential customers can trust in our reputation, as confirmed by our numerous positive Trustpilot reviews;
  • Our elite PvP boosting team can accomplish all Vicious Sabertooth boost tasks without any difficulties or delays. Each booster we add to our ranks must first undergo extensive testing and background checks. As a result, we can vouch for their trustworthiness and skills. Their PvP experience together with staying up-to-date with the latest Dragonflight meta means they can achieve fast and reliable results in each Vicious Sabertooth order. Our boosters all specialize in different classes, so we can guarantee optimal team compositions and suitable pilots for client combatants regardless of their class;
  • We skip no steps in securing our clients’ accounts and data with cutting-edge technology and proven boost safety techniques. Unless a selfplay boost is required, we will need log-in details for the Vicious Sabertooth boost, but we can assure customers that their details will be shared exclusively with boosters working on their orders. We do not employ third-party services or software for our boosting, preferring to handle everything ourselves. Piloting boosters are required to disguise their presence with VPNs and avoid contacting customers’ friends. All information on our website is shielded by regularly-updated HTTPS encryption technology;
  • Visitors and active customers alike can speak with our support team on a 24/7 basis, receiving in-depth consultations and answers concerning all aspects of our Vicious Sabertooth boost services. We can guarantee prompt responses to all relevant inquiries. If the support team cannot address a query effectively for any reason, it will be readdressed to others in the company. Normal means for contacting our support team include e-mail and live chat. While they are ordering a boost, customers are also required to pick a program like Discord. This program is used for regular status updates and other urgent messages;
  • The prices of our services are competitive and meant to be affordable for ordinary gamers, while still allowing us to maintain a high standard of boost service. Buying Vicious Sabertooth boost services from us can be cheaper still thanks to our regular discounts and special offers. Each newly-registered user is entitled to a discount for their initial purchase, so if this is the service they want most, they are in luck. We also provide bonus CakeCoins for each boost our clients buy, making it easier for them to afford further carries. As a result, buying Sabertooth now would make future Vicious Saddle mount purchases cheaper.

What You Will Get?

Each Vicious Sabertooth boost service delivers the following results for its buyers:

  • Vicious Sabertooth mount acquired for all combatants on the boosted account;
  • Minimum 1000 rating in the PvP mode used to acquire the Vicious Sabertooth reached;
  • The required amount of same PvP mode victories scored.

The victories necessary to complete the Vicious Sabertooth boost inevitably result in additional benefits:

  • Awards of both Honor and Conquest currency types, helping customers afford additional PvP items;
  • Additional Weekly Chest PvP reward options unlocked based on rated Honor won;
  • Additional rating won, resulting in title progress and additional cosmetic awards and PvP gear upgrade tier unlocks;
  • Improved invisible MMR in the chosen mode;
  • Progress towards appropriate PvP achievements.

By default, the Sabertooth will be acquired through piloted boosting in 3v3 Arena, letting the buyer relax while our booster plays from their account to secure the mount. However, selfplay services are also available for those wishing to fight for the prize directly. Different PvP modes are less efficient for the purpose of acquiring the Sabertooth, but we could arrange a custom Vicious Sabertooth boost using them instead upon request. Our staff will consult clients about the ETA and price in such a case. Customers can also request additional Vicious Saddle mounts, which will require completing this boost several times. Extra mounts may come at a discounted price.

Vicious Sabertooth Boost
Quantity: 1

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