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Vicious Saddle Boost

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Players in World of Warcraft can build a varied and sizeable collection of PvP mounts. Some of the most sought-after vintage PvP mounts in WoW are connected to the Vicious Saddle currency. Aspiring beastriders must win dozens of rated matches to obtain such creatures, which is bound to take up much energy and playtime. As an alternative, they could buy CakeBoost’s Vicious Saddle carry to acquire their preferred PvP mounts with minimal effort, using self-play boost or piloting methods.


  • Specified number of Vicious Saddle items;
  • Honor and Conquest currencies;
  • Minimum 1000 Rating in Arena or Battlegrounds;
  • Extra Great Vault prize choices;
  • Assorted PvP achievement completion.

By default, the service will be completed by our professional booster controlling the client’s adventurer, freeing the buyer from needing to do anything except choose which PvP mounts to purchase. Players seeking to obtain their rewards in person may instead pick the self-play option. That way, they could fight in matches with our boosters as teammates until the Vicious Saddle target is attained, sparing them the need to find trustworthy allies. Customers can pick which rated activity will be used to secure their Vicious Saddle, resulting in somewhat different rewards.


  • The necessary time for service execution is between a week and three days. Depending on how many similar services are queued, the client may need to wait one or two days until it begins.


  • Level 70 adventurer;
  • PvP equipment with a minimum 437 total item level;
  • Current PvP season mount acquired, granting access to Vicious Saddle prizes.

Please speak with our staff if there is any trouble meeting those preconditions, so they could suggest helpful services.

How hard is it to get a Vicious Saddle?

Every PvP season expands the list of PvP mounts in WoW with another entry. Earlier mounts are eventually added to Vicious Saddle vendors’ inventories. Before trying for a Vicious Saddle, players have to secure the newest prize by winning games in ranked PvP modes. Each victory adds to the progress bar which yields this prize and resets upon reaching the value of 1000. Only wins at 1000 rating or higher count. Progression is shared between adventurers on the account and is not limited to any mode, as long as the rank requirement is observed. After the newest prize has been secured, the process can be repeated again, granting one Vicious Saddle every time.

The goal can be achieved through Battlegrounds or either Arena mode, or all at once. Their approximate average awards of points are:

  • 2v2: 10;
  • 3v3: 30;
  • Battlegrounds: 60.

The Vicious Saddle may be used to buy any of the PvP mounts listed here. Certain items are exclusive to Alliance or Horde, while others are universal. Dragonflight expanded this collection with Shadowlands mounts. Other Vicious Saddle carry benefits include currency types, achievements, and ratings secured during the service.

Alternatively, Vicious War Steed (Alliance) and Vicious War Wolf (Horde) may be secured by fulfilling conditions for the Veteran of the Horde/Veteran of the Alliance achievement. Customers wishing to utilize this route can order our RBG carry to earn the necessary 75 Battleground wins. Another interesting way to get a saddle for free is to use our arena rating boosting services. By purchasing a rating upgrade, you are almost guaranteed to get a mount in addition.

Vicious Saddle Boost
Quantity: 1
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I don't have 437 ilvl PvP Gear


Can you still get a Vicious Saddle?

Yes. Saddles are always obtainable, even during the off-season. Progress is reset at the beginning of each season, so executing the boost near season start may be harder though not impossible.

How to get Vicious Saddle easy?

An easy though somewhat tedious method of earning this currency involves getting into numerous low-rating (starting just above 1000) 3v3 matches in rapid succession. Winning enough times at this ranking will not be difficult for experienced competitors.

How many wins for PvP mount WoW?

It depends on the chosen mode, since winning matches in different modes and against opponents of varying strength adds unequal points to the progress bar. Players need around 200 wins in 2v2, 100 in 3v3, or 60 in Battlegrounds. Achieving the necessary minimum rank for progress typically calls for five to ten victories.

What does Vicious Saddle do?

The item can be exchanged for non-Gladiator PvP mounts from previous seasons.

How many Vicious Saddles can you get per season?

Players could obtain an unlimited quantity of these items. The assortment of mounts buyers might trade them for is finite, but more are implemented regularly.

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