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Vulpera Allied Race Unlock

The cunning and adorable Vulpera Allied Race has become quite like in WoW. In addition to their unique visual style, those nomadic fox people have many tricks up their sleeves that make them ideal for some forms of gameplay. You can make one yourself once they have been unlocked. Unfortunately, that requires playing through a rather complex and at times confusing plotline. Professional help will remove this obstacle swiftly. To obtain such assistance from a reliable source, buy Vulpera boost!


You can order extra services in addition to the Vulpera unlock itself. Our experts can deliver the racial Heritage cosmetic gear set by powerleveling a character of this race to 50. If requested, we could also arrange a custom boost to develop additional tricks by farming relevant encounters until they drop. That would save a lot of playtime from the grind.


The Vulpera Race unlock should be finished within 24 hours. If some parts of the process described below are already behind you, execution may be quicker. Let our staff know if that is the case. They will arrange a custom boost at a lower cost.


  • Any Horde race character at level 50 or above. If you cannot satisfy the condition, consider placing a powerleveling order. Our experts will prepare you for the boost promptly and seamlessly proceed to the Allied race unlock itself.

How to Unlock Vulpera in WoW?

Permission to generate Vulpera adventurers is tied to the Secrets in the Sands achievement. Earning it requires concluding their plotline in Vol’dun, which includes seventy quests. Those missions may be undertaken by Horde heroes beginning at level 30, although higher-level ones would find them considerably easier. Considerable travel is involved in those scenarios. Thankfully, it is possible to enable local flight, mitigating this obstacle. Players who have received the achievement may begin the recruitment plotline at level 50. A couple dozen missions later, the Allied race will be added to their options. Their exclusive cosmetics may be claimed after leveling to 50 without switching races.

If you are an experienced player, you could play through those plotlines yourself without too much trouble. However, even under the best conditions, this process can take many hours to wrap up. The terrain layout and mission design may be somewhat confusing, especially for newcomers to this era. As a result, the simplest and fastest way to meet race prerequisites is by buying the Vulpera unlock boost we have on sale here. Our booster will resolve all challenges with maximum efficiency, following proven optimal routes through this plotline. Together with playing full-time, booster expertise will enable much faster execution than you are likely to accomplish by yourself.


Vulpera Classes and Abilities

Most classes are available for this celebrated Allied Race. The exceptions are listed below: Druid, Paladin, Demon Hunter, and Evoker. On top of class abilities, Vulpera is further empowered by several intriguing racial traits:

  • Alpaca Saddlebags: Backpack may store additional objects;
  • Fire Resistance: 1% Fire protection bonus;
  • Make Camp: Portable campsite which may be deployed anywhere outdoors. It functions as a rest area, usable for storing items or cooking. The camper can teleport to this campsite with an hourly cooldown;
  • Nose For Trouble: An opponent’s initial attack is less effective;
  • Bag of Tricks: A collection of minor effects that may harm an enemy or restore health for an ally by drawing upon diverse elements. Although one trick is active at any given moment, the user can change it every few minutes. Nature heals and attack tricks are available from the start, while others are randomly obtainable from certain encounters.

As you can see, this Allied group is highly versatile and possesses many useful features. They are especially useful for solo farming and exploring but can prove handy in other contexts as well.

You will find even more similar services in the Allied Races Unlock category. If you didn't find what you want, feel free to visit the WoW category or contact our support to create a custom service.

Vulpera Allied Race Unlock
Quantity: 1


Is Vulpera a Horde or Alliance Allied Race?

Vulpera are Horde Allied Race.

What is the best class for Vulpera?

The nomads’ perks are a versatile boon for practically any available specialization. Among them, Rogues make great thematic sense. They synergize well with racial traits beyond just Bag of Tricks. On the other hand, Shaman may be an even better option, with every build benefitting substantially from the flexibility granted by Tricks.

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