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Winterpelt Furbolg Reputation

New Offer

The Winterpelt Furbolg faction is a minor group of NPCs in World of Warcraft. Despite their low numbers, befriending them promises considerable benefits to players. Friends of the polar bear people can purchase both mechanically useful and purely cosmetic items from their vendor. Yet earning their friendship can become a very tedious process. Buy a carry from CakeBoost to boost your reputation with Winterpelt Furbolg swiftly and easily.


  • Target Winterpelt Furbolg rep achieved;
  • Furbolg's language knowledge improved;
  • Permission to buy special cosmetics and other items from the Winterpelt Furbolg quartermaster - Kazzi;
  • Benefits from completing faction quests;
  • All other benefits were secured during the boost, including currencies and assorted loot.


We can finish the boost within 24 hours. Orders covering smaller intervals between your starting and target reputation will take fewer hours.


  • Dragonflight expansion owned;
  • Maximum level character.

If you can’t satisfy the latter condition, we could organize a powerleveling carry to prepare your character without delays. 

Winterpelt Furbolg Rep Rewards

The vendor at the Winterpelt Hollow camp sells a variety of unique goodies for Dragon Isles Supplies, including:


Finishing the language-enabled quests required to farm reputation with Winterpelt Furbolg yields bonus items:

Finally, reaching maximum language progress lets you use their symbols in chat.

How to Unlock the Winterpelt Furbolg Faction Questline?

Although the option to truly befriend the Winterpelt Furbolg faction was only added in patch 10.0.7, the quests that kick off this process were around earlier. While traveling through Azure Span, characters could pick up the Rustpine Den (Garz quest-giver) and Winterpelt Hollow (Sonova Snowden quest-giver) questlines. The patch added another quest chain for people who played through those side stories.

Once the initial tasks in this chain are concluded, players can start delivering Furbolg Artifacts dropped by certain local enemies to an NPC at the Winterpelt Hollow. Every five objects delivered improve your Winterpelt Furbolg language skill by one. Rarer drops called Scribe Sticks count as five Artifacts.

The Winterpelt Furbolg reputation is initially Unfriendly for all characters. Earlier tasks improve it somewhat but are not enough for you to climb above that standing. Neutral may be achieved during the initial 10.0.7 missions. Farming artifacts to raise language skills is essential for Winterpelt Furbolg faction progression past that point. When the skill reaches certain thresholds, it may be used to initiate additional quest chains. Each series gives enough rep to advance to a higher standing.

The farm is a fairly demanding grind. However, our team can wrap it up speedily. Other tasks are less repetitive but still involve considerable travel, which we can handle with efficiency.

Winterpelt Furbolg Reputation
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Unfriendly - Neutral
Neutral - Friendly
Friendly - Honored
Honored - Revered
Revered - Exalted

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