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Zskera Vault Keys Farm

Zskera Vault Keys farm service is the simplest, most efficient way to benefit from Zskera Vaults. This new Dragonflight feature was introduced in patch 10.0.7. It allows players to claim a great variety of unique weekly rewards, including cosmetics and useful items. To access those treasures, you must farm keys in Forbidden Reach. Buy our boost and leave the grind to us!


  • Desired number of Zskera Vault Keys;
  • All other benefits acquired while boosting, including Forbidden Reach items and various currencies.


  • Service duration depends on how many Zskera Vault keys were ordered. We expect to farm at least eight per day.


  • Fully leveled character;
  • Forbidden Reach and Zskera Vaults unlocked.

We can provide powerleveling and/or unlock services separately if you want.

How to Get and Spend Zskera Vault Keys?

This mechanic is a fairly complex and interesting addition allowing you to hunt treasures in ancient ruins. We describe its main features below.

Zskera Vaults Unlock

Before you can begin interacting with this system, you must access it by completing certain quests. Specifically, you must play through part of the Forbidden Reach storyline added in the 10.0.7 update, up to and including Emberthal Awaits. Then, you could begin the introductory plotline in the Morqut Village. You will cycle through four named treasuries in as many weeks. Afterwards, each weekly reset will bring you to a new unnamed location. 

How to Obtain Zskera Vault Keys?

Each Zskera Vault has dozens of doors. Opening doors requires keys, which you can farm by completing Forbidden Reach activities. Specifically, you can open Forbidden Hoards, kill common or rare spawns in this zone, or trade Elemental Overflow for Sacks of Oddities with Cataloger Daela. Only Hoards are guaranteed to yield keys. Keys may be moved between your characters.

What do You Get for Opening Doors in Zskera Vaults?

You gain access to a room. Every character has a different random collection of rooms in their weekly Zskera Vault. Their contents vary considerably. Most include some kind of puzzle, which sometimes require items from other rooms. By interacting with those rooms, you could earn a variety of prizes, like:

  • Primordial Stone Gems. There are two dozens of possibilities, each providing a unique bonus. You can place any three of those gems in your Onyx Annulet to activate their effects;
  • Exotic fish, bird, frog, and porcupine pets;
  • Toys, including holograms;
  • Items that may be combined to spawn the Mossy Mammoth mount.

Why Should You Choose Zskera Vault Keys Boosting Service?

While Zskera Vaults have been greeted with enthusiasm by players, hunting down keys quickly proved unpopular. Finding enough to claim all prizes in a week requires prolonged effort. Repeatedly grinding mobs and containers within one zone is always a chore. Buying CakeBoost’s farm service lets you avoid missing out on rewards and fun exploration while skipping the grind. By playing nonstop and using optimal farming methods, our boosters will assuredly deliver all required keys quickly.

We provide a wide range of carry WoW services covering everything from vintage collectibles to cutting-edge activity farm runs. If you want to boost your character in WoW, CakeBoost is your best option.

Zskera Vault Keys Farm
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Choose Amount of Keys


Where do I start the Forbidden Reach quest?

Speak to Kurazidaia in Valdrakken to begin the patch 10.0.7 questline that unlocks Zskera Vault content. You must be at the maximum level.

How can I obtain Forbidden Reach keys?

There are multiple sources in the Forbidden Reach zone:

  • Forbidden Hoard containers, the only guaranteed source;
  • Local enemies, with rare spawns, giving the best chance;
  • Sack of Oddities sold by the local Dragonscale Expedition vendor.
How many Zskera Vault keys can you have?

You can hold up to 100 keys at once, but you only need 29 keys to open every Zskera Vault door in each weekly reset.

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