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Boosting WoW Burning Crusade | TBC

WoW The Burning Crusade Classic (TBC) is a perfect way to get a charge of nostalgic feelings while revisiting previously seen locations and complete quests, dungeons and raids all over again. For new players, Classic is an interesting way to get an alternative World of Warcraft experience. Yet, this experience is not as simple as the vanilla WoW. Classic World of Warcraft can be very harsh on the unprepared players, as old versions of the game are considered to be more hardcore-oriented. 

WoW TBC Classic Boosting Services

It is easy to say that the launch of WoW Classic servers was one of the best decisions Blizzard ever made. This nostalgic experience was received positively by both critics and players. Even awful technical problems in the first weeks of the release could not spoil the happiness of the most devoted WoW fans. Total recreation of the original WoW is a perfect way to look at the game in its original glory. It would not take long before the announcement of the Burning Crusade Classic with a release in 2021.

Heroes of Azeroth are going to step inside the Dark Portal and clash in the cruel battles against otherworldly creatures on the soil of Outlands. Again. 

A huge amount of content is added to the classic version of WoW, bringing two new playable races, totally new locations and a new storyline. For sure, new dungeons, raids, mounts, gear and quests are going to be in the expansion too. The top-level is increased to the 70 level in comparison to the 60 in the Classic and that brings a lot of changes to the balance of the game. Flying mounts are also presented in the game for the first time, together with a new PvP system. 

For players who want to look at the game in its original glory without the necessity to struggle through its’ hardcore elements, CakeBoost is happy to offer various Burning Crusade Classic boosting services. In our catalog, you can find any service you need, even for the most specific tasks. 

WoW Burning Crusade Services by Cakeboost 

Leveling Carry Service - in this category you can find various leveling boosting services. Here you can prepare your character for an endgame part of the expansion without a necessity to spend your free time leveling up. Our boosters are ready to reach the new 70 level cap as quickly as possible! 

Dungeons Carry Service - Burning Crusade Classic will bring 16 classic dungeons to the game. In the opinion of most of the players, dungeons in TBC were one of the hardest in the history of WoW. This is why they require a fully prepared character who is controlled by a skillful experienced player. And a team of the same players too. Remember that there is no party finder in the game and you need to look for a team by yourself. Or you can save your time and nerves and order our dungeons completion boosting! 

Raids Carry Service - Karazhan raid and Gluul’s Lair raid are the first raids that are available in the TBC. Our boosters are ready to fully prepare your character for a raid, complete quests that are necessary for unlocking access to the raid, or complete raids themselves on any difficulty you need. All of that can be found in this category.

Gearing Carry Service - PvE content is a part of the game that will take most of the time for the players in WoW TBC. New quests, dungeons and raids - all of that require some preparations. and gearing is the most important element of such preparation. This category is dedicated to the services whose main task is to find Best in Slot gear for your character. Our boosters will help you to get the best pre-raid gear, unlock Arena PvP gear and Blue Honor Gear. You will get the rarest equipment in the game as fast as possible! 

PvP Carry Service - Arena is a new PvP mode that was firstly added in the original Burning Crusade. Burning Crusade Classic, for sure, brings this feature too. For some players, Arena is the only method to participate in balanced PvP battles. More than that, such battles have their own related quests, achievements and challenges. All of that will be rewarded with the rarest prizes. Our professional boosters will farm any amount of honor points, earn wins and get you the Gladiator Title for one of the lowest prices on the market.

Reputation Carry Service - TBC brings a bunch of new factions with their own reputation points to farm and specific rewards to obtain. However, by some players reputation farming is considered to be a monotonous process. With the help of our team, you will get any number of reputation points for any faction in the game.  

Farming Carry Service  - in this category you will find various farming services. Our boosters can farm any amount of gold, ready to complete daily quests and execute a lot of other specific boosts.

Mounts Carry Service - mounts are significantly changed in WoW TBC, as this expansion finally brings exciting flying mounts to the game. Literally, every player wants his own flying creature, yet, in order to unlock it you need to put a lot of free time and effort into the game. Our boosters will unlock any mount from TBC as quickly as possible just for you. 

Cakeboost: best-boosting services

CakeBoost is a team of professionals. We are happy to provide gamers with a variety of high-quality boosting services. There is no task that cannot be completed with our help. Our boosters are reliable and very experienced World of Warcraft players who know literally everything about the game. 

We are highly responsible for the safety of your account. Our boosters never use any illegal software, bots, or cheats. Your account is always secured via the usage of professional VPN software with individual settings. There is no risk of a ban or any other types of punishment from Blizzard for using our services. 

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