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Buy WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Leveling Boost Carry Service

Leveling WoW TBC services exist to let you advance through Burning Crusade Classic at your preferred pace without spending any time or effort. In addition to leveling up your character, CakeBoost can also improve your profession skills, acquire suitable gear and mounts, and attune your character to Heroic Dungeons. Our professional players will get your character ready for the desired level with diligence and speed.

Buy WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Leveling Boost Carry Service

With the start of Burning Crusade Classic, gamers are now finally able to explore all the “old but new” content. However, in order to participate in most new activities like dungeons or raids, you have to prepare your character. The new addon brought a lot of changes to the game and one of the main changes is an increased level cap, from 60 to 70 lvl. It means that even the best characters are now not ready for endgame content. 

For some players, this is not a problem at all. Complete quests, explore locations and earn achievements - that is all that’s needed to obtain a 1 - 70 level cap. However, others would prefer to jump right into the action without losing their time farming EXP. 

CakeBoost is happy to offer a wide variety of TBC powerleveling boosting services for any type of need. Our team that consists of professional boosters is ready to achieve everything you need in order to fully prepare your character for adventures. 

CakeBoost is your guarantee of quick, cheap and effective boosting services. For one of the best prices on the market, you will get perfect services that bring you the best gaming results. By trusting our team you will be able to quickly improve your results and save your time and nerves. Buy powerleveling 58-70 boost and forget forever about boring farming of EXP or professions’ skills. 

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