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WoW TBC Level Boost

Leveling WoW TBC services exist to let you advance through Burning Crusade Classic at your preferred pace without spending any time or effort. In addition to leveling up your character, CakeBoost can also improve your profession skills, acquire suitable gear and mounts, and attune your character to Heroic Dungeons. Our professional players will get your character ready for the desired level with diligence and speed.

WoW TBC Level Boost

Why Should You Buy WoW TBC Level Boost from CakeBoost? 

No one will argue that World of Warcraft is a huge game that is full of different content for all types of gamers. Everyone will find something to their liking. PvP content will be perfect for fans of dynamic but tough battles with other players, and a huge variety of PvE activities will not leave anyone bored. Complete quests, go through dungeons and raids, find rare equipment and defeat the most powerful opponents - for each activity you will be awarded with experience points that are necessary to level up your character. 

The problem is that unlike the retail version of the Worlds of Warcraft, the leveling process is much longer in the classic version of the game. It takes a huge amount of time to reach the maximum level, and the release of The Burning Crusade Classic only worsened this situation, raising the maximum level up to 70.  And remember that without reaching the highest level, you will not be able to participate in the endgame content.

What problems can you face trying to quickly reach maximum level?

  • Farming EXP requires a lot of free time, not even days but weeks. In comparison to the retail version, leveling in Burning Crusade Classic feels like a working routine; 
  • The Classic version of the game is overall harder than the retail WoW. It demands much more skill from the player; 
  • Classic WoW makes a bigger emphasis on the social aspect: you need to find a reliable team by yourself in order to successfully complete dungeons, raids and even some world-quests. For people who prefer playing alone this can be a big problem too.

Considering all these problems, CakeBoost comes to help any player in need. We are ready to perform any powerleveling boost in order to get you to the endgame content as quickly as possible. Any WoW TBC level boost is a guaranteed success for one of the smallest prices on the market.  Leveling process has never been so simple before.

If you need to prepare your character for the Burning Crusade content, but you want to explore it on your own, this WoW Classic level boost will be perfectly suitable for you. 

Why Can You Trust Our Classic TBC Level Boost Services?

Boosting market is huge nowadays. However, CakeBoost has a big list of advantages in comparison to other boosting shops. 

  • Our customer support is always ready to help you. Support team is on the line 24/7 and ready to answer any of your questions and provide you with detailed information about any leveling services;
  • Our team consists only of professional World of Warcraft players who has played the game for many years already and know everything about it;
  • We never forget about the security of your account. During level boosting members of our team never use any type of 3rd party software, cheats and bots. We also provide additional protection for your account via usage of VPN services. 
  • Cost for your services is as small as possible. For a good price you will get a guaranteed WoW Classic TBC level boost quickly and efficiently;

Through the years of working we have managed to gather around us a dedicated community of true fans of World of Warcraft. It doesn't matter if you prefer the retail version of the game or actively fight the Burning Legion in the Burning Crusade Classic, on our website you will find level boosting services for any purpose and need. 

What WoW TBC Level Boost Services Can You Buy on CakeBoost? 

In our catalog you will find various powerleveling boosting services for the Burning Crusade Classic. Most of our services are highly customizable, such a flexibility is reached thanks to the amount of different additional options. 

Custom 1-70 leveling boost - basic leveling boosting service whose name speaks for itself. Our boosters will quickly reach any desired level from any starting point you need. Additionally, you can choose the speed of execution of the service and even add a obtaining of 100+ iLvL gear for your character. 

Powerleveling 58-70 Boost - this service is perfect for players who already have a high level classic character, but want to quickly reach the level cap in order to play only endgame content of the Burning Crusade Classic. 

Ground Mount Boost - mounts in Classic WoW are prestigious rewards that are very difficult to get. Burning Crusade Classic adds new mounts to the game with an additional level of the riding skill. Our boosters will quickly reach a desired level of riding skill and get you a slow or fast ground mount. 

Flying Mount Boost - there were no flying mounts back in the original World of Warcraft. First flying creatures were added to the game with the release of the Burning Crusade expansion. Classic Burning Crusade follows this path. Now you can explore the world of the game by air if you unlock a special flying mount. Yet, it can take hours of playing before you will finally saddle your flying mount. Our professional boosters are ready to help you with that. 

Starter Leveling Package Boost - this package will provide you with everything necessary for a quick and comfortable start in Burning Crusade Classic. You will get a desired level of your character, maximum level of skill in chosen profession and a standard flying mount. This pack will help you to quickly join any high-level guild and participate in all of the endgame content. 

Medium Leveling Package Boost - simply the bigger version of the previous boosting service. Maximum level, two fully leveled up professions, dungeon gear obtained especially for your character and its class and a flying mount - all of that for a comfortable price. 

Premium Leveling Package Boost - the biggest package of leveling services we can offer. With a premium pack you will be prepared for anything. Maximum level is reached, 5 (2 main and 3 secondary) professions of your choice fully learned, full heroic dungeon gear obtained, fast flying mounts. This premium pack is a perfect way to fully prepare your character for the endgame content of TBC. 

Hire Personal Booster - with this service any of the most specific tasks can be quickly completed by a professional booster that will be assigned specially for your order. 

CakeBoost is ready to level up your character not only in Classic version of WoW, but in the retail version too: just order our WoW level boost