TBC Full Dungeon Gear Boost

100 ilvl gear
110 ilvl gear
115 ilvl gear
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There are a dozen different dungeons to complete in the Burning Crusade Classic. While being simpler than raids, they are still difficult and time-consuming, especially in comparison to the retail version of World of Warcraft. Completion of dungeons can also bring very good gear that will help you to prepare for raiding. 

The gearing process in TBC is very important, as it is the main way of significantly increasing the strength of your character. Dungeons are very helpful for gearing, as you can get full sets of 100-115 iLvL gear. Yet, the problem is that tbc dungeons are much more difficult than in the retail version. More than that, you have to find a party of players to play with all by yourself, without the help of instance finder. Sometimes this process can take hours of waiting. Buy TBC Full Dungeon Gear Boost from CakeBoost and grant yourself an unlock of a set of gear of the desired iLvl as quickly as possible. 


  • Full Blue/Epic Dungeon gear;
  • Several Dungeons' runs completed;
  • Fast start;
  • All rewards, loot, weapons and gear received during the boost.


  • 1-2 weeks

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